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Oct 8, 2007

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Jacksonville, FL

Time To End Black History Month?

No he sounds angry because he cant think of anything orginal to spew that we all havent heard from him over the past couple of years.  (Feb 14, 2009 | post #612)

Jacksonville, FL

Time To End Black History Month?

January, March, April, May, June, July, August, (September is for Hispanic Heritage), October, November, December. There you go a little history for you cletus  (Feb 14, 2009 | post #611)

Jacksonville, FL

ACLU sues Nassau schools in effort to form gay group

Its very ironic how you put guns and religion in the same sentence. I can tell that you must have grown up here. You obviously can not read or comprehend at a descent grade level either. The group isnt a gay group for just gay students but a GAY/STRAIGHT GROUP open for any student that wants to promote an end to violence and hate crimes towards groups of people. Religion is already in the school. Isnt that is why all that arent in their right minds reject the idea of such a club? And guns wow! Oh how god willing to allow children in school to form gun groups. I guess you and these other half baked religious loonies would rather have a columbine situation in Nassau county in the following of the bible than to allow a group of students better themselves in being activists in human rights and equality.  (Feb 14, 2009 | post #22)

Jacksonville, FL

Obama the murderer

LOL Scott good one.....  (Jan 27, 2009 | post #45)

Jacksonville, FL

Tebow can't ...

Tebow needs to come on out the damn closet.When I read he likes to go over to third world countries and help circumsize youths on his so call christian crusades, that alone threw up flags for me. Being that he grew up here in NE Fla he will end up like good ole boy peyton. LOL  (Jan 8, 2009 | post #19)

Jacksonville, FL

Fernandina Burger King manager charged in whopper of a caper

WTF? Damn. I live not to far from the burger king and it always look like some foul crap is always happening there.  (Jan 8, 2009 | post #4)

Jacksonville, FL

Barack Obama Wants to be Sworn in on the Koran!

Yes please. I need to see this from a very nonbias and partial source. I dont want to keep the impression that you have cat shit for brains from this ridiculous and lack of intellect posting of yours.  (Oct 22, 2008 | post #3)

Jacksonville, FL

Obama Supporters Call Sarah Palin a C**t!

The obvious is that the GOP wouldnt have had a chance if Obama and Hillary were running as a team. It was a stratigic move by the GOP to pick Gov. Palin. First thing is that this country isnt ready to have a minority(racial or gender) to be in charge of running this country. Obama knew the advantages to having hillary but their views arent on the same page. McCain's advisors saw that as a blessing when he didnt pick hillary. SO they jumped at picking Gov Palin(a minority) to pull those votes from the women who strongly supported hillary. That's the short and sweet obvious of it all.  (Oct 13, 2008 | post #5)

Jacksonville, FL

Gas Prices

Drive by shootings & stabbings? Sorry I didnt see that happen tell me about. I dont think it wouldnt be any crazier getting gas there or getting gas at gate station in which both a have a tendency to keep police around and gate stations are typically not located near a prodminately african american neighborhood. So If the gas was cheaper at a gate then it would be just as crazy as people would be lined up trying to get gas. BTW police were there not for some bogus aligation of shootings and stabbings over gas but to control the flow of traffic with their presence. Anyway, instead of spreading fear of being victimized, talking about politics, or even racial fueled arguments that I care much not for, I thought that this would benefit someone if they knew. Thanks for your contributions of fear  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #4)

Jacksonville, FL

Are you voting for or against Amendment 2 banning gay mar...

I clearly understand the grounds that you are coming from. However, I didnt completely understand your last statement/question of fighting for faith. I find that using faith as a tool to propose that amendment 2 is wrong is contridictive on such a level within itself that it makes me question the faith of the faithful. Im not trying to offend you at all. Im looking at the arguments given by those wanting saying that this is protection for the family and comparing to the rate of divorce in the U.S that are performed in sanctany of holiness. Thats why I say that there is some contridiction within that explaination and how faith is being thrown around as a tool. I'm just trying to get clarifications and understand the view of someone opposite of me on this topic.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #36)

Jacksonville, FL

Gas Prices

That area has been the cheapest I have seen in the past month or so.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #2)

Jacksonville, FL

Gas Prices

Just in case anyone cares or in the area. Last evening on my way driving home on arlington expressway, there is a mobile gas station on arlington expressway and arlington rd. that has been a hot spot for cheaper gas. It was 3.29 when I filled up there last night. I thought I would be thoughtful and share this to you all. Maybe help you save a buck or two. Cheers.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #1)

Jacksonville, FL

Are you voting for or against Amendment 2 banning gay mar...

You better believe Im voting NO. Its senseless regardless of how is sugar coated to appeal to those lacking the stupidity behind this and overall waste when there is more important things to worry about than if 2 guys or women wanting to marrying. I see these signs around town basically saying this would protect the true meaning and value of a family, what is the protection for really? Protection that would help decrease the divorce rate as people start to divorce due to coming out finally? Oh wait, do they know that some marriages that in imagry precieved as normal isnt? This whole amendment marriage protection deal is a load of monkey sh*t. If this does pass, there should be a clause stating that if you are married and/or divorced at a max rate of twice in a lifetime in any of the 50 states of country and supported this bill, you should be required to a televised broadcast from tallahassee regardless of post residence explaining how the passing of amendment 2 was ideal in protecting his or her marriage that has failed.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #29)

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville needs a reality check

I think with western movies being as much american as apple pie that it has great influence consciously and/or subconsciouly on society as one believe that current music videos does. I just think its ironic the similarities in western movie shootouts and the violence we see in our streets and schools along with the mental set of using a gun to solve your problems. Also parenting is probably the most important factor overall. You should check some of the problems that nebraska is having now with their new law in effect allowing parents to drop off their kids at hospitals and fire stations. Now that fear that people are dropping their kids off because they dont want the responsibilities anymore, think that they are a problem, or whatever selfish reason the parent(s) can come up with.  (Oct 1, 2008 | post #38)

Jacksonville, FL

richard collier paralyzed!

Total BS on how this case has been handled and the mental and physical effects to this guy. Im right there with you scott ray, stevie, helen keller, and the three blind mice could have and can see this was a set up from a hundred miles away. Most random shooting 5 shoots at the most before they scatter. But they damn near or did emptied a whole clip in this guy if you think about it. The other guy didnt get hit nor did the shooter have a partner to shoot on the passenger side. Sounds like a quick come that really didnt go as planned.  (Sep 29, 2008 | post #7)

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