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Mar 4, 2013

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Hi From ed

I have a question ?? I have an Ostomy . I have a really good body , Male , Hetero . I have so much to give a woman , I am good in bed , have no ugly scars , am quite good looking and can travel almost anywhere . My problem is - to put it bluntly !!!! I am so horny I could ????? I am well endowed , big and straight as an arrow , no STD's , clean as a whistle . I am a loving caring person , am told I'm charming , among other things ( good ) . I love women and love to make a woman feel good , in ANY way she desires , you ask -I deliver !!. I am just a very shy person . A woman does not have to have an Ostomy for me but if you are a horny ( sex crazed woman who need to get laid in a bad way , or you want to SKYPE me on the subject . The couple of times I've had sex with the Ostomy , she did not even notice it , I am just very shy about it. SO especially if you are a horny Ostomate -- contact me . Lets see what happens . Lots of love to give - nobody to give it to ?????  (Mar 4, 2013 | post #1)