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Nov 11, 2013

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Surprised! There IS a Cure for Eczema?!

Like you I was a surprise when we found a cure for my daughters chronic eczema that often turned to cellulitis. She was asked to be apart of a study for a bathwash. This wash is amazing. It clearned her eczema from 40% covering her body to after 12 weeks to 1%. after only one week we were able to abandon all steroid use. http://www.clnwash .com/  (Nov 17, 2013 | post #26)


Intro and Treatment for family of 6

Hi, I am Jessica. I am a mom to four kids who all suffer with some type of eczema. We've had different severities, causes and one common cure that changed our lives for the better! My 4 year had seen every single kind of "ist" there is out there to help with eczema and cellulitis. We had a pulmonologist because when she had a flare it always turned to croup, we had a gastro because she seemed to have reflux, we thought she had auto immune disease. ALL of her ailments were cured when she got on a study with her dermatologist. We began using a product called Cln body wash. It takes the place of the bleach baths and is used like a body wash. I know lots of doctors are recommending bleach baths for eczema patients and this is so much easier and some much gentler and it works! She went from 40% of her body covered to 2% in 12 weeks. We now only trust the Cln products with our family. My 5 year old struggles with eczema also but not as severe as my daughter. His biggest thing is falling on the playground or riding his bike and getting strawberrys or road rash Guess what? before he would have gotten staph or an infection just from those tiny wounds. NOT ANYMORE he immediately asks to go to clean his sores with Cln and they are almost healded in a day or two. My three year old is extremely allergic to insect bites and he gets spots swollen like golf balls under his skin when bitten. My pediatrician prescribed a steroid ointment to put on them. I didn't even fill the Rx I instead washed them with Cln body wash and then put their moisturizer on it and vavoom gone in a day! My older daughter is 11 and her face is starting to break out and get pimples and oily she uses Cln facial and her pimples go away within a few days I was seeing a dermatologist for cystic acne. He put me on an oral medication and an ointment. My lips swelled up and felt like the were ripping open I started using the Cln Facial and my clarisonic and the acne is gone. If I feel that I am getting another painful under the skin pimple I rub Cln on it and leave it over night they are gone SIGNIFICANTLY faster than in the past and do not leave scars. My husband suffered from folliculitis. We bought the shampoo and after about 6 weeks it was completely gone. We believe in Cln and use all of their products. Its nice we can have one brand that we trust for the whole family! Her story is the most drastic, but my other three have minor flares and with the use of Cln they are gone typically by the next day or GREATLY minimized! My husband and I also use the products and have great stories to tell as well. I am so excited to have found this board and I cannot wait to share our story and more info about how Cln has changed our life and has really helped our family. http://www.clnwash .com/ Thanks Jessica  (Nov 11, 2013 | post #1)