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Feb 2, 2013

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Summit Lake, WI

Was it unethical by Dr. Tylicki, from Aurora Summit to do...

So I ran out of a medication the night before I was supposed to see him. He tried to get me in on a cancelation last minute notice at 3 PM that night and I told the nurse I could not do that because I had to pick my daughter up from the bus. Later to find out the nurse did not relay that message to him, only that I could not make it. So from the gecko they had it out for me. So he was upset i was not willing to work with him and refused to do an early med refill. I was in severe pain. I needed help. He refused to help me. Finally after hours, I paged him, being in a contract I wanted to know what the contact allowed me to do and not do if I went to the ER. By this point I had already made an official complaint to Aurora with how he and his nursing staff took care of the matter because she was so rude to me, and he refused to help his patient in excruciating pain. Aurora agreed it was not correct the way I was being treated. But I paged him. He finally came around and stated he would call the ER and have them work with me. But he couldn't save me money and just fill my medications instead he made me spend a boat load of money and made me go to the ER for them to prescribe me meds for just a few hours till I saw him the following day. He, full well knowing I was on this medication asked, no required and insisted I drive in to see him or he would not help me, at 845am the next morning. Well, he never said do not drive on the medication, etc. I have been one to always be fine on it. So he has his nurse, who is rude as ever, in the appointment with me, due to me filing a complaint, standard protocol I assume. Then she comes back and says they can not let me drive on the medication. I had my two daughters with me. They begin to get scared. I asked her politely to leave the room to call my husband, knowing they can not hold me there but she threatens to call the police if I leave. I did nothing to these people, was fully alert, and they had nothing on me. But revenge. So then while I am talking to my husband on the phone, a care coordinator comes in, the security comes in, and Dr. Tylicki comes in. Ambushing me in this little room. In front of my little children mind you, who are now scared and hide behind the examining table to my right and are so scared. They could have at least done this in the hall. Or somewhere not in front of the children. They were still shaken up from it later. They are sensitive kids. But all these people cared about was revenge. They cornered me in the office. Said I could not leave until I had a ride. Which to me is illegal. They have no authority to keep me there. But finally because it was scaring my children, and my husband on speaker phone knew this, he left his job, and came and got me. THe security was around us in the lobby until we left. How amazingly crazy!!! Is that standard protocol for all patients? Cause I am certain they let patients drive all the time on medications. That is what they do. I guarantee it is not. I think this was unethical. What do you think?  (Feb 2, 2013 | post #1)