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Feb 7, 2008

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Austin, TX

murderer up for parole!!! (texas)

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED TAKE ACTION…and make a difference!!! In September of this year, the Parole Board will review the case of David Lopez. It was on June 26, 1979, David Lopez murdered 20-year-old Cydney Myers, daughter of Nell and Fred Myers, sister of Whitney Myers. Cydney's mother, Nell Myers, became the founder of the organization PEOPLE AGAINST VIOLENT CRIME, now it's in 25th year and fought the system single handed to enact the "Victim's Bill of Rights". In it's current capacity PAVC and this Bill gives voice to both victim's and survivors in our judicial system. Both Nell and Fred have since passed away. So it seems that only CYNDNEY'S SISTER, Whitney, remains on the contact list to be notified of the possible parole. Lopez is in very high hopes that there is strong possibility he will be released. That is unless concerned citizens come forward and protest his release. . WHAT CAN YOU DO???? Protest Against Parole Send letters, emails, or faxes protesting the parole of David Villanueva Lopez TDCJ ID# 00496442 Please send the automated e-mail below or write letters of protest against the parole of David Villanueva Lopez. THIS LETTER CAN BE COPIED AND PASTED INTO YOUR EMAIL! OR MAIL TO Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles Texas Department Criminal Justice Victims Services P.O. Box 13401 Austin, Texas 78711 E-mail to: [email protected] (Subject Line: Protest Letter) Please send copies of your written protests to us so that we can send them to the victims' family -- see contact info below. People Against Violent Crime P.O. Box 92621 Austin, Texas 78709 ***************SAM PLE PROTEST LETTER************ ****** (DATE) Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles TDCJ-Victim Services 8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 265 P.O. Box 13401, Capitol Station Austin, TX 78711 Re: David Villanueva Lopez State ID: #02822925 TDCJ ID# 00496442 Dear Board Members: As a concerned citizen, I am writing to ask that you DO NOT grant parole to inmate David Lopez TDCJ ID# 496442. June 26, 1979, David Lopez murdered 20-year-old Cydney Myers. He raped Cydney, viciously beat her with a tire rod and then strangled her with a seatbelt. After he had already murdered her, he then acted out the unthinkable; he proceeded to rape and sodomize her lifeless body again. He then left her beaten body slumped over the steering wheel of a car parked on Guadalupe Street in Austin Texas. Lopez’s walked a free man for almost nine years until a just criminal system caught up with him. There were two separate emotional trials for the victim’s family. Twenty Four citizens/jurors convicted Lopez beyond a reasonable doubt. He is serving a “Life” sentence for Murder with Deadly Weapon. The extreme violent nature of his crime should preclude any consideration for parole. The victim and society deserve to know that they are protected from this violent offender, David Villanueva Lopez. In addition, to lessen the emotional trauma the parole review process has on the victim's family, please consider the maximum set-off for any future parole reviews. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully,  (Jun 27, 2008 | post #1)

Llano, TX

Ex-Deputy Sues Llano Sheriff For Cover-Up

Well Peaches . . . I see I couldn't stop you from continuing your rampage!!! Well folks, my handle is 4Angel, my real name, Cindy Westbrook . . . . I AM THE ONE WHO STOPPED THE POSTS AND DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER Of SANDRA KOTT AT MARBLEFALLSINFO.CO M!!!!!! I AM THE ONE WHO WROTE TO THE WEBMASTER AS WELL AS DID MANY OTHERS WHO COMPLAINED PEACHES WAS OUT OF CONTROL! VERY SIMPLY . . . PEACHES CANNOT BE DIPLOMATIC NOR CIVIL! SHE TRIES TO CONVINCE YOU SHE KNOWS IT ALL!!! AND THE ONLY WAY SHE KNOWS HOW IS BY DIRTY MUDSLINGING!! SO PEACHES STOP SAYING IT WAS SANDRA HERSELF WHO PUT A STOP TO IT. . . CAUSE IT WASN'T! IT WAS ME!!! I refused to continue on the previous website as did everyone else and I will not continue with you here either! It was my close friend Bill Edwards, the current constable of PCT3 who told me you had transferred all your posts to this site. How do you even sleep at night???? Folks the truth of the matter is this Peaches lady has done alot of damage with her posts and remarks. Neither of the candidates will ever acknowledge her or her remarks. But they are suffering the damage this woman has put forth! It is simply up to you to do your OWN research and select whoever you feel is the most qualified. I myself ran for JP Pct 3 last year . . . and this is a tough game! I applaud anyone who has enough gumption to come forward and run for a public office. If elected Sandra will have 279 days (so says Bill Edwards) to obtain her TCLEOSE, that's the facts!! And frankly I think she can do it!!! My friend also told me as far as the allegations Peaches made against Sandra, they were False. She acted appropriately. The allegations against Hallmark, well sadly they are true. I'm just curious . . . where do you think Peaches will put her X?????  (Feb 7, 2008 | post #221)