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Sep 3, 2008

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Montebello, CA

Mtb Hills Condo Proposal Story

Ashod stated when he took office that his job was "not to investigate anything', and he has kept that promise. Unlike Pell, he has just rubber stamped all the financial payments of the city  (Wednesday | post #18)

Montebello, CA

A 3rd State of the City Address

Was there a program sheet at the event? Usually, donors are listed on flyers at the event or on banners. Did anyone who attended see any of this?  (Sunday Oct 8 | post #16)

Montebello, CA

Mtb Hills Condo Proposal Story

So now Crook Hill is fighting Sentinel Peak? How does that help or hurt the city to have the past proposed developer fighting the current owner?  (Sunday Oct 8 | post #7)

Montebello, CA

Jason Rivera and His Save the Hills Banner

I think of him often, especially when I drive past the spot where he passed on. I still think there is a chance that someone will come forward, especially if he/she needs to bargain for an improved sentence.  (Friday Oct 6 | post #35)

Montebello, CA

Jason Rivera and His Save the Hills Banner

We are soon coming up to the 5 year anniversary of his death. Will anyone come forward who saw what happened?  (Aug 25, 2017 | post #33)

Montebello, CA

Montebello Council Majority Breaks Their Word

Do these clowns really think hiring some fast talking consultant will make people trust this proven untrustworthy council? After the multi-million$ Minasian giveaway of public funds (that they are doing their best to keep secret), their attempt to go around the voters to sell the city's water utility, their giveaway to the newest owners of the Montebello oilfield condos when they could have gotten a better deal, the Ku giveaway, and now their going back on their word to make a number of fiscal belt tightening moves, HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE!? You will note that almost all the above were 4 - 1 votes, with Bill Molinari alone refusing to go along with all these dirty deals.  (Aug 25, 2017 | post #3)

Montebello, CA

Do not reward corruption

Another sign that Samarin-Popoff isn't a reject is that Jack is aping his signs and his platforms. In his latest door hanger, Jack claims that "Jack will advocate for a balanced budget, increase government transparency to fight corruption and create more jobs." That is an unfortunate phrasing for Jack, as by stating it in this way he is admitting that he hasn't done any of this so far! He "will" do these things in the future. Too bad he didn't listen to Samarin-Popoff in the PAST 10 YEARS that Samarin-Popoff has been trying to get ANYONE in the city council interested in these issues.  (Nov 2, 2015 | post #3)

Montebello, CA


I'm thinking Cortez, Samarin-Popoff at this time, but the Chacon flyer could upset the applecart.  (Nov 2, 2015 | post #3)

Montebello, CA

Montebello Mayor bought and Paid for

IF Cobos took a picture?????? She's on the frigging cover! And listed as a project supporter. This would be a good reason for the Chamber to have their forum on youtube, but that would imply that the chamber is interested in the well being of Montebello residents. Samarin-Popoff DID NOT say the same thing, or anything close to what Cobos said about the oilfield condo proposal. Samarin-Popoff said that he DID NOT support the condos. He said that if he was elected that he would work to make the condo proposal meet the Montebello codes and regulations in the General Plan, and NOT the Substandard Specific Plan. (That means 4 acres of parkland per thousand residents, sufficient parking for residents and visitors, proper yard size, NONE of which the current oilfield condo proposal has.) Cobos said that the council had voted, and would not state her position on the condos. She said that she would see that it was built according to the agreements the council voted on. NOT the same thing as Samarin-Popoff, and NOT what most voters will support.  (Oct 14, 2015 | post #33)

Montebello, CA

Should Mtb Redo Oilfield Condo EIR?

The numbers vary on the personnel requirements over which part of the thousands of pages of the developer's documents you are looking at. Suffice it to say that more public safety personnel and equipment would have to be bought, and the taxes from the certain sources are not enough to pay for them. The amount that would have to be made up by taxpayers would probably be about $500,000 a year in good economic times and possibly $2,000,000 in bad times. The developer's average projected price for each condo is about $720,000. In LA County, new condo developments ALWAYS result in single family homes declining in value, regardless of the prices of the condos, but lower price condos would seem to make the home value decline steeper. When the first Fiscal Impact Analysis came out, the developer estimated about 4 people per condo. In order to reduce the cost of services, the estimate is now closer to 3 people per condo. Finally, councilmembers don't represent any specific geographic in Montebello. Keep in mind that the two incumbents both voted to support the out-of-town developers and turned their backs on their constituents.  (Oct 13, 2015 | post #5)

Montebello, CA

How did the Montebello candidates Q&A for upcoming electi...

They responded with the usual pablum about more police, fire protection, tree trimming, fixingpotholes without any specifics to where the money to do these things would come from.  (Sep 24, 2015 | post #9)

Montebello, CA

How did the Montebello candidates Q&A for upcoming electi...

It was telling when some of the recently returned to Montebello candidates had trouble answering some of the questions that they didn't know much about. Vanessa, Kimberly, and Christina seem to want to spend their way out of Montebello's problems, and had little to add when asked about their ideas in balancing the budget.  (Sep 23, 2015 | post #6)

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