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May 21, 2008

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Tattoo Removal Method Called Tatt2Away at Rorschach Galle...

Are you in desperate need of a tattoo removed that you once enjoyed, but now can't stand the site of it? Maybe the tattoo was poorly done, or you regret getting your ex's name? I recently just got a new tattoo, and spoke with Alex and Brian of the Rorschach Gallery (Edison, NJ) about a new procedure called Tatt2Away. read on..... http://voices.yaho tattoo-removal-met hod-called-tatt2aw ay-12712312.html?c at=69  (Jul 1, 2014 | post #1)


Vote For Top O' The Morning Bacon Hash Lays Potato Chip

This would make one awesome chip, sounds so good, and tasty! https://www.dousaf!/my-fl avors/details?id=5 451799  (Jan 31, 2014 | post #1)


Free Super Bowl printable pool squares or grids

Super Bowl 2014 is almost here and many NFL sports fans will be searching for printable Super Bowl pool squares or grids. Why? Well duh, it's time for one of the most popular games of the year and this can mean a lot of money for some, especially people who are having parties, sports bars, and other work places. Since 1971 Doc's Sports has been in business. So this just goes to show you this site is pretty hot to check out if your planning on betting or looking for Super Bowl office pool squares for your party or just for fun. The printables are blank so you can fill in your own information. check out these websites http://voices.yaho intable-super-bowl -pool-7587728.html ?cat=15  (Jan 31, 2014 | post #1)

Edison, NJ

Rorschach is Jersey's Finest and Newest Tattoo Studio and...

Trying to find a tattoo shop in New Jersey is a difficult task, because there really isn’t too many around at this time unless you want to travel. When I first started getting tattooed I was going to a place which was located about 25 minutes from where I live, and I swore I would never leave this place or my tattoo artist Dennis Van Blarcom. Then a few months ago I received a message that Dennis left the place to go work with his 2 best friends Brian Mahovetz and Dan Ward (owners)at Rorschach Gallery located in Edison New Jersey. I was so thrilled! Not only is the gallery close to me, but to have an art gallery and tattoo place all in one this was a very intelligent and unique idea. Usually all tattoo studios are either just tattooing or with piercing. Before I tell you about this studio please read this first. Also at the end of this article is a great interview by one of Rorschach’s clients and my friend Jill Bagley. Remember this when getting a tattoo. The people that perform the art of tattooing are more than just a tattoo artist. They take the time out to discuss with you what you exactly want. Every piece that they do they take the time to draw to fit your personality. So after everything is said and done please make sure you show your generosity (tip) for the work that they do. And don’t waste their time having something drawn up and not getting the tattoo done, because that wasted time could of been spent tattooing someone else. About Rorschach Gallery Tattoo And Art Studio Brian and Dan (owners) wanted to take a different approach with this 2 floor studio by making the main floor the art gallery and the second floor the tattoo studio. The art gallery is open to the general public and is encouraged for local artists to come display artwork and make some commission off of it. The tattoo area is extremely clean, 100% disposable and these 3 guys thrive on a clean, spotless and sterile environment to make their customers feel at ease and 100% confident. read on.......awesome tattoo studio and gallery http://voices.yaho rseys-finest-tatto o-studio-art-12403 512.html?cat=8  (Nov 19, 2013 | post #1)


2013 Candy Crush Saga Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you want to be original for Halloween 2013? What about a Candy Crush Saga costume? This Facebook game is hotter than ever and taking America by storm. Once you start playing, it's so darn addicting you can't stop until you beat the darn level. You can Mr. Toffee, Tiffi, Yeti, a chocolate bomb, or even a striped candy would be cute. How cute would a baby/toddler look dressed up as a chocolate bomb? These costume ideas are great for all. Here's how you can turn these Candy Crush characters into costume ideas. check them out right now....... http://voices.yaho rush-saga-hallowee n-costume-ideas-12 187338.html?cat=46  (Jun 27, 2013 | post #1)


Purple hair combo ideas that are striking for 2013

Coloring your hair purple was a pretty strong trend last year and the year before, but in 2013 this shade is even hotter than ever since Kelly Osbourne sported a beautiful lavender shade in the January issue of Glamour magazine. Kelly’s hair looks amazing, and this can be your new look too. A purple shade can be quite elegant looking if applied right and the skin tone blends. Here are some of your hottest purple shade combos I feel would look tremendously striking. http://www.bubblew hottest-purple-hai r-combo-ideas-2013  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #1)


Rib tattoo pain factor and tattoo ideas

When it comes to rib tattoos many people have to think twice due to the pain factor and the design. However, this placement is not as bad as some people are saying. Yes, ........... http://www.bubblew rib-tattoo-pain-fa ctor-and-tattoo-id eas  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #1)


Hottest Christmas Toys for 2012 Are Already Selling Out

Hottest Christmas toys 2012 are on the rise. That’s right parents, it’s that time to start thinking and purchasing so your child can get at least one of the most popular toys this year without fighting lines or waiting on pre-orders. Will Furby be your choice or maybe the new Wii U? So many toys to choose from this year. Let’s check out your top choices this year, and hopefully this list will help you decide. Here it is....... http://voices.yaho stmas-toys-2012-al ready-selling-1182 3581.html?cat=46  (Oct 16, 2012 | post #1)


Summer Fun Loving Kool-Aid Pie Recipe

There�s nothing better in the summer than either fresh ice cold lemonade or flavored Kool-Aid. However, after drinking so many cups of this popular juice it gets quite boring, especially for the kids. Spice the Kool-Aid up and turn this drink into something magical and fun for the kids such as a pie. http://cookingsecr er-fun-loving-kool aid-pie-recipe-tur n-your-koolaid-int o-something-magica l/  (Jul 26, 2012 | post #1)


2012 Mens Hairstyles Have a Nice Sex Appeal and Edge

Mens hairstyles for 2012 are quite hip and edgy. Men are really getting into the latest trends, which is great for salons and friends. Why? Because a good head of hair equals a great conversation. Some of the styles from last year return such as the cool rockabilly, slicked back, curly mop top, and the fringe. However, this year you have some new cool looks along with some new twists on a few old looks. Check them out. http://voices.yaho irstyles-nice-sex- appeal-edge-110680 56.html?cat=69  (Mar 16, 2012 | post #1)


Snooki Polizzi is Pregnant; Get the Sunless Tanner Ready ...

Get the sunless tanner ready for a baby Oompa Loompa. That’s right folks Snooki Polizzi is pregnant according to latimes. Then why on earth did this reality star lie about being pregnant when she appeared on Good Morning America? The queen of Jersey Shore wanted to get passed the 3rd month scare. Do you blame her? Many celebrities try to keep quiet until they pass this trimester. This is normal. So the next big question many fans will be searching for is “Who’s the Daddy?” Well, according to http://voices.yaho zi-pregnant-sunles s-tanner-11033594. html?cat=9  (Mar 4, 2012 | post #1)


Dancing With The Stars Season 14 New Cast Revealed; Talk ...

Dancing With The Stars Season 14 official cast lineup has just been revealed. Another season another extremely boring cast. A former nerd, 80‘s heartthrob, and a Pip oh boy! Let’s get ready to Samba and see which star will rise to the top and win the mirrorball trophy. Read to find out.... http://reality-tv. ng-with-the-stars- season-14-new-cast -revealed-talk-abo ut-boring/  (Feb 28, 2012 | post #1)


American Idol 2012 Top 24 Revealed right here! Did Heejun...

American Idol 2012 already has the fans on the edge of their seats, so many talented singers are aboard this year. And while us fans are waiting to see if our favorites made it to the top 24, the website Wetpaint, has already leaked the possible contestants. Now this website could be wrong, or could be a huge spoiler for some. I believe this year was the hardest season by far for the judges, with so many early favorites such as Heejun Han, Reed Grimm, Colton Dixon, Haley Johnson, and Jennifer Hirsh. What will the judges do? Steven Tyler seems to know who has the “It” factor this season just by his emotions and comments, but only time will prevail if his instincts are correct. So who made the top 24? Which 12 boys will rock, and which 12 girls will rule? http://voices.yaho l-2012-top-24-quit e-impressive-this- 10983910.html?cat= 9  (Feb 22, 2012 | post #1)


Bachelor 16 Premiere Ben's Second Shot at Love: YES He F...

Good old Ben Flajnik is back once again for his second shot at love, as your new Bachelor for 2012. After pouring his heart out and falling deeply in love with Ashley to only get rejected, will Ben (The Wine man)finally choose his wife this time around? Or will his heart be shredded again? The premiere begins tonight (Monday) Jan 2. Between me and you so much drama and chaos is already beginning for Season 16. Fans are already asking, “Is Ben engaged?” or “Who is the old lady?” I never follow any forums or bloggers such as Reality Steve. I like to surprise the fans and go out on my own limb and have fun about it. Since the Bachelor and Bachelorette has begun, I have always had fun with one of my friends and her predictions. And to be perfectly honest with you, her record isn’t too shabby. Out of all the shows we basically had most of your winners, and all that juicy stuff that comes along during and after each show. I always give you the winner before each premiere airs. With that said, here’s a little scoop. m/bachelor-16-prem iere-bens-second-s hot-at-love-yes-he -finds-his-wife-th is-time-around/  (Jan 2, 2012 | post #1)


X Factor 2011 Winner Is....Melanie? Chris Rene Should Rea...

The X Factor 2011 Season 1 winner is…… Melanie? Millions of fans including Simon thinks so, but in my eyes it belongs to Chris Rene. Tonight one of the three contestants remaining will walk away with 5 Million dollars. Will it be Josh Kracjik who gave a stellar performance with his song “At Last?” Melanie Amaro who belted and wowed the judges with her version of “Listen” or The unique and suave Chris Rene who took the fans by storm with his version of “Young Homie?” Last night was the biggest night and final chance for these 3 contestants to give all they have. All 3 duets weren’t as good as I anticipated. However, the second song choices all blew me away. Simon Cowell was definitely impressed saying Rene’s song was a 5 million dollar song, and Melanie was the winner. m/x-factor-2011-wi nner-ismelanie-chr is-rene-should-rea lly-win/  (Dec 22, 2011 | post #1)

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