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Feb 24, 2008

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Winnfield, LA

Jump out boys?

drug sikes...and in town.  (Aug 9, 2013 | post #1)

Winnfield, LA

Are they really gonna get by with the murder of Phillip W...

OMG! everyone is talking of this, yet, nothing being done... EVerywhere I turn, I hear those names and what took place, and how the S.O. not doing anything.. I know they hear the word on street too, or else they are not as good as need be, heck, the good 5-0 always got them some good eyes and ears on the streets.... but, then again, alot gets covered in the big state of Winnfield.... Heck, them people are still doing what they were then, when the "accident/inc ident" took place, only a matter of time before another one BLOWS up then what? Will anyone kill themself behind the next one to keep from prison.. who and when will be next is close, you can only stay up and running so long  (May 16, 2013 | post #1)

Grayson, LA

Names say it all

Isn't if funny how the last name or your parents status in this parish keeps the worst of the worst outta trouble........ and those who are not in the limelight or "OUT THERE" tend to be the ones who catch no breaks?  (Dec 20, 2010 | post #1)

Grayson, LA

our # 1 good guy turn bad guy

Well, I was wondering how wondering figured they SENT him home.......and I was also wondering if wondering knew the whole story on the good guy gone bad as put........First off, he was and still is a good guy, just now, thanks to LLS also of Caldwell and her selfish and only thinking of self female, he has lost not only the carreer and job he loved, enjoyed, and put 15 yrs into, he lost his respect, pride, home, and dignity. The one person in the world that hated drugs with a passion that when he discovered that his now ex wife had relapsed nearly 2 years into their marriage, kicked her out several times, when she was there he drug tested her every week... and when she was not clean, she was a sorry dopehead. Then last year, after LLS and her B/F caught some charges, they begin to do the thing most every one does when time may be at hand....... well, she went overboard with slipping him his medicines to him, and had other medications too. Had him so crazy and full of embarrassment for the things she pulled over on him and then did the unthinkable.... Told a recovering alocholic, how the drug meth made her feel, begged and begged him to try it... just as she did 2 other she claimed as her friends, Sweetie, a friend would not want you to do that sort of thing that once done most likely has you bound for life. His ex once told him with the addictive behavior and family history of drug and alochol use that he would not be able to overcome it. This female cost him and stripped him of who and what he was, and left him a broken mAN............Wit h his standing in the parish, his job being performed with pride, concern and better than any one in the entire force, his family gone, no job, nothing but shame, and lots of regret for ever meeting that female........ He was not and is not the only person that has held a high position and everybody loves to fall. It is the place for the ones who remembers all he has done for our family and friends over the years to let him know that his part in taking the drugs & the dealers over the years off the streets and possibly saving their, their loved ones lives. Instead of "wondering " or "posting " shady crap about him, only causing more embarrassment, shame and a feeling of complete failure and the not giving a crap about anything or anybody anymore.. which leads to what? Addicts, alocholis? You know. TO USE TO KILL, TAKE AWAY, or FORGET for the moment of the reality of being human and making mistakes.  (Nov 13, 2010 | post #6)

Winnfield, LA

Who is really to blame for ESCAPE?

ok, LOL, you must be lol indeed, their is indeed jailers, "wit da kezzzz" Numb nuts? LOL you have no clue to just how numb my nuts are now since I got them out your mouth and lettin the "SUPER in my glue" stick to shut your silly willy ideally of a no warden freakin jail ooze thru your no doubt clouded head. you must be wanting to numb my nutz again and will if you think what I stated was not indeed true.... the Warden Daniel Alsup is not a jailer but a freaking Warden JUST AS I SAID>> now I am thru wasting my time on a dumbazz LOL so, you do what you do.... and I will too  (Aug 14, 2010 | post #10)

Winnfield, LA

Who is really to blame for ESCAPE?

LOl LMAO!!!! Talk about give a new meaning to a complete DUMBA..... THE Parish Jails do have Wardens as well... Stuck on stupid or from anotha world, but sure the jail is part of Sheriff's responsibility but HE HAS FOLKS HE FEELS ARE SMART ENOUGH TO TEND TO SUCH DETAILS AS THE TITLES THEY HOLD........ Just as it is your responsibility to raise your kids and see to their homework, etc from their school, BUT UH< is it YOUR responsibility to TEACH THEM THE subjects they take in class by qualified teachers???? HOW WOULD you feel if your child was not getting the right education, it's NOT your place to TEACH them but you are the one OVER them as Boddie is his S.O. SO, as that example in your corner, HOW do you feel to be the parent, yet you have to trust in that school system and teachers to do their jobs and educate the child.... just as BOddie with his..... ANYWAY, LOL, LMAO, why don't you call and ask for the warden, oh, his name is D. Alsup.. he must be related to you because the dumb dumb really sticks out on you two like a sore thumb thumb.... oh, by the way, Boddie's first Warden was a womAN, MRs. Tullos was her name.... talk about stuck on! LMAO  (Aug 14, 2010 | post #8)

Winnfield, LA

Who is really to blame for ESCAPE?

Everybody seems to be wanting to blame the S.O. AKA Boddie for the lack of paying attention to the "unsupervised " trustees that did what anybody facing the time and charges that they were. First off, the neither one of them had the business being trustees to begin with and ANY warden in their right mind would have NEVER let them. THEY were free to roam up and down that courthouse,access to children.... wasnt' one on a sex charge? HELLO? And the female was told 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday that she was going to be sentenced and was looking at 25-40 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'MON now, the Sheriff has a lot of things to tend to and don't know everyone's charges, that is why the WARDEN has his job. WELL< LOOKS LIKE HE BLEW THAT again and NEEDS TO RESIGN!! NOT ONly does he need to be FIRED for being stuck on stupid, D.W. was called and told of the planning of escape!!!! HE DIDN'T TAKE IT SERIOUS AND TOLD THAT PERSON THAT they wouldn't......HELL O> yep, they did... THOSE 2 INMATES SHOULD NOT CATCH A CHARGE ON THE ESCAPE DEAL BECAUSE IF COMMON SENSE AND EMPLOYEES WITH EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED. MY THOUGHTS OF NEGLECT, IRRESPONSIBILE ACTIONS ON A WARDEN BY MAKING a trustee from a male on sex charges on a minor child and female facing that much time should not go unnoticed, unattended or without some type of legal action taken.......... see, these things I say may not have even been thought of, all most see is the S.O. or the Sheriff as faulty, but it's much more than that........... Warden has this one 100% WHY did he make them trustees? What will DOC say if they really new the truth? And it will become known if not already. Seems to me that the Sheriff may be looking for a new warden soon.  (Aug 14, 2010 | post #1)

Winnfield, LA

Alsups Awful Authority

YOU are so corrrect! He has lied to me and told me that it was up to the Sheriff on this or that when it was brought to Boddie he said that it was HIS(Alsup) jail to run like he saw fit. Well, HE let's the trustees up there pretty much call the shots! WOW you say? I know the X inmate you mentioned too. Awful is an understatement, on his best day he could not compare to his parents on their worst day. He is not a people person nor knows how to talk to people. I do know that his wife was very friendly with a couple of the officers on her job and talked to people like they had sense too. That leaves the conclusion that Alsup is one miserable monster. He should really reconsider his position and try to maybe get job where you don't have to have good social skills or deal with the public.............. he thinks he has come a long way from a city jailer to Winn Warden, but trust the plus, He is an Ass and does things out of spite or power trips, it won't be long before it will bite him back.  (Feb 21, 2010 | post #2)

Winnfield, LA

Another Man gone?

Rumor has it that D. Winder has resigned from the State of Winn also, anybody know about it?  (Dec 14, 2009 | post #1)

Winnfield, LA

Winn Jailer in Jail

Speaking of Pictures, Bodie, Illegal activity.... I hear that their is a certain female that has him by the balls, she got pics of them having sexual relations, and her reward for such services is to be able to maintain her drug habit, she is allowed to have a certain amt. on her.... One of her "friends " was just braggin on how she had her shit in plain veiw when Mr. Little stopped by O girls to get a little... of some shit.. her or the drugs.. uh.......... I dont' think it was the illegal one she does that has him hooked....... shit man, if all a gurl gotta do to keep outta jail, do her shit, sell too. is to suck and fuck the big man, she better watch out, because their are a lotta lil suckers runnin around....... that want the same deal......... OH MY! Could that be another question answered about DOUBLE STANDard? Damn, I just wrapped up every issue in one reply... LMAO  (Nov 14, 2009 | post #10)

Winnfield, LA

Sheriff's Office NEWS!

Y, YOu wouldn't say? I know just the one to enlighten Ms. Idiot, did you say? Maybe she is just Ms. Don't give a Shit these days. Just what would be the "highlights " you would want shared with this very nice looking, hardworking woman?  (Nov 14, 2009 | post #49)

Winnfield, LA

5-0 all ova da place

What's up with the chopper posted at the mill in Joyce? The 5-0 up and down 499, state boys moving? They got a surprise for somebody?  (Nov 6, 2009 | post #1)

Winnfield, LA

Sheriff's Ax Falls

The chief deputy is one of the best ones on this force that has served many years and helped many folks. He has earned his title, salary and position. From where I sit, why didn't Bodie just let his Narc det. go? How many busts did he make in his time? Crap, Bodie done more in one week than he has in 2 years. A couple more I can name that should be gone, and will be. Time tells all tales....  (Nov 3, 2009 | post #71)

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