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Jul 10, 2008

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affairs of married muslim women with hindu men

True. She is just a troll. Even if all family members have affairs with Hindu men, no one will say that openly. There are Muslim married women who have affairs with Hindu men but it is not because they are not satisfied by their Muslim husband but they have affairs because their husbands are not available when they work overseas.  (Oct 17, 2010 | post #18)

why most of muslim girls turn into prostitutes?

Sorry my previous comments were in response to your post but wrogly quoted another user. Dude, your explanation for the purpose of removing misconception about Islam & false propoganda is understandable & appreciated. But guess what while doing this you have ridiculed Hindu literature & their belief. So what is the difference between those who try to malign Islam & you. You are doing the same things. Every religion served the societys needs at the time that religion came into being. So, I like the way you told about what Quaran says on any particular issue but you will get no where when you try to compare religion & try to prove something. You take any religion & if you don't have respect for their belief then you feel that religion is crap based on superficial knowledge. This is what is happening with every one. Hindu thinks that Islam is crap & Muslim thinks that Hinduism is crap.  (Jul 11, 2008 | post #25)

why most of muslim girls turn into prostitutes?

Mate. there is nothing like black & white in life. Neither Hindu or Muslim or any other religion can win argument. This is individual belief & differrent way of looking towards life. If you follow simple rule, live & let others live then all can live in harmony.  (Jul 11, 2008 | post #24)

why most of muslim girls turn into prostitutes?

I just joined this forum but look like this is very interesting forum. Some people appears to be very creative in fabricating stories & amusing imagination. How come there is no new invention either from Hindu or Muslim within last three hour? Is everything allright?  (Jul 11, 2008 | post #21)