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Aug 4, 2009

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Taylorsville, KY

Saying I'm Sorry

I haven't lived here that long but I have been coming here since my daughter was a baby and I always wanted to move here because the people were always very polite and heart warming; at least that was my opinion. Since I found this site I have been really shocked at the mean and hateful things said to and about some people that live here. I wonder if at any given point that some of you used to be very close friends or relatives. Here is a thought that my Grams used to tell me, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Do you realize that you might say something so hurtful that you don't think about what you said until it's too late. Do you realize that those of us who have kids know that our kids are like sponges and they listen and hear everything even when we don't want them to. Do you want your kids to grow up feeling that same hatred because you do or do you want them to have their own opinion about how they feel about someone on their own? Your kids are your future and the future of this town, don't you want to make it better? Put yourself in this situation; How many people have had their kids say: "I hate you and hope you die". Those are the most powerful words that could come from a childs mouth and it's like being cut with a very sharp knife. Us as adults really need to set a better example for our kids. What if those were the last words that come out of your mouth and the person you said it to was in the most horrible accident and died. How bad would you feel if you couldn't say I'm sorry I didn't really mean it, I was just venting in your direction? These hateful words are almost as bad as actually hitting someone, except the pain doesn't go away as quickly. I really hate to see such a beautiful town with potential have a bad reputation because people are being mean to each other at the moment. I know for a fact there are some really decent people in this town, because I have met them. Michael and April Keeling, Pam and Josh Hardin are just a few. I thank God for every new friend that I make here and am very happy to be living in my little dream country town. Just to let you know I am talking from experience in losing my very best friend because of something that I did and I recently sent a letter to her asking for her forgiveness. So nobody is perfect but we can all show a better example for our kids and hope that they will grow up to be great people one day and give us something to be very proud of. Saying I'm Sorry is a huge leap for mankind but I think that the people in this town have it in them to make a change for the better, all that it takes is to say those 3 little words.  (Sep 24, 2009 | post #1)

Taylorsville, KY

Meet The Stallions Day

Where is it going to be located and what time does it start and finish? Sounds like it will be some great innocent fun which seems to be well needed around here. It seems that people are getting cabin fever.  (Sep 24, 2009 | post #2)

Taylorsville, KY

Do you Know Micheal Keeling?

Are you casting the first stone? Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes I don't think you have the right to say anything about anybody. I hope you have a conscience and can't get a good nights sleep. If you had any inkling of an idea of what they have been through with their daughter being in the hospital at Christmas time thinking she might die. How dare you. They would give you the shirt off of their backs if needed. Please leave them alone and don't talk about what you don't know.  (Aug 4, 2009 | post #10)

Taylorsville, KY

Do you Know Micheal Keeling?

I don't understand how someone can say something so hurtful about the Keelings. They are very nice people and have been through enough. You should be ashamed of yourself. Karma is a Bitch and it will come back and bite you in the ass. They both have good hearts and would never do or say anything to hurt anyone.  (Aug 4, 2009 | post #9)