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Nov 20, 2011

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Oxycontin 'VS' Opana

Please stop snorting the ER Extended-Release Opana's. You will end up with silicosis because the tablets use silicated microcrystalline celluclose.. ie it basically contains SAND particles. Silica. You will develop silicosis, its just a matter of when. Read... "This is really bad, I have tried to get the topic started on some boards in the scene around the net and a nurse responded to one of the threads and indicated in some individuals with a propensity for asthma they can develop even an acute reaction. She (it seemed like a she) said she had asked her teacher in R.N. school about it and got 100% confirmation that all it would take is snorting one or two prescription bottles to put yourself at an extremely high risk for Silicosis AND Mesothelioma! I hope we can get a warning up in the form of a sticky in basic drug discussion so the kiddies can see this and don't throw their lives and lungs away in an early death in their 30s just because they enjoyed partying when they were 20. I am VERY LUCKY - I get the 40mg prescribed to me, and I tried snorting one pill, which works so good and hits so hard it breaks my heart, but after reading about the danger and feeling the congestion after one pill I will never never do it again. If you are dead you cannot live or get high or anything - life is so short - I have seen so many people go because they were careless, and this is the worst as it probably won't hit for 10 years. However trust us - IT WILL GET YOU. Those ads for ASBESTOS and MESOTHELIOMA are not on TV for nothing, ASBESTOS is a SILICATE powder almost IDENTICAL in chemical structure to what is in OPANA ER - if you snort it you will end up losing your ability to process oxygen, and you will sit in the hospital and realize your life is gone... There has to be some way to spread the word of this more.... People are doing this every day like there is no problem, and with the new OXYCONTIN not crushing I bet A LOT of people are snorting OPANA ER. This is SOOO bad. Of course it will be taken out of pills in 10 years after the media frenzy breaks but that is a long way off..... " Even pills containing cellulose.. this is plant fiber. This will lead to byssinosis.. which is brown lung disease also textile workers get by breathing in cotton fibers, etc And if you still don't believe.. this is an article about staining these particles to locate them in the lungs.. http://findarticle i_qa3725/is_201102 /ai_n57034713/ As you can see by that one, IV'ing pills is an even stupider thing to do.. even if you think you are filtering every particle out. Please don't mess with the Opana ER's by anyway other than oral consumption. I hope I have sufficiently scared a few of you away from killing yourself and worse dying a horribly painful death. Good luck and be safe.  (Nov 21, 2011 | post #547)

West Des Moines, IA

Marijuana - West Des Moines, IA

You can still get cancer from smoking weed or cannabis as the one prefers we call it. I suggest vaporizing your cannabis.. much healthier just as the e-cigarette is to smoking real cigarettes. I believe THC should be legalized to any cancer patient or chronic pain patient that it can benefit. There's no sense in allowing someone to suffer with the severe nausea/vomiting and pain when there is a treatment that will help when that person can't tolerate any other. Its mean. And get rid of this country's overly ridiculous "war on drugs".. it doesn't work, we've spent countless billions and continue to lock up people for drug abuse and how is that helping anything? Sure isn't stopping the next Oxycontin abuser from walking into a NY pharmacy and shooting 4 people in the head, of which are merely 2 customer's being in the worst place at the worst time! And what or why did that pretty little pharmacy technician or old pharmacist dude need to DIE for those stupid pills????? That's insanity! My sister is a pharmacist in the area and if she gets hit for Oxycontins, what will her 3 kids do? I tell you I'll be out for blood! Legalize everything we can and make more treatment available (such as the methadone, hydromorphone, or suboxone clinics or doctors who can prescribe them) or give easier access to the hard opiates that these people had to die for! End of Rant (Temporarily I'm sure)  (Nov 21, 2011 | post #10)