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Aug 26, 2009

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El Paso Times

Ramnath Subramanian: Common: When is a poet not a true poet?

ur farts smell like dust as u shine w/ ego. thinketh u know the best??? No. U r like the others held up to their throats, sinking while clouded in old ways, old man. Old men a many see light more so than thou. Put a cap in yo as is Punk as is, female dog. Yeah. Yup. That s u. Turner comes to mind even after u scoop out d poo. Boooooooooooo to you Booooooooooooooooo ooo. Beauty s n d eye of d boulder. Art s complete w/ d viewer and u make me sick and bad, but not bad meaning good but bad meaning bad. not sick meaning catching wreck but sick as in eye would like to vomit all over your close-minded mentality, banality, insufficient funds (eye am ranting now) c what u cause cuz of ur insanity??? Pig  (May 19, 2011 | post #4)

El Paso Times

Man's fight to clear name has lasted almost 15 years

I feel your pain, Brother. But you got it stuck real good. Right in the kisser And then some. Without several second chances Might as well go wayside, On top of the pier, Thirteen stories high, At the bottom of the bottle, Breathing in that cloud deep. You're not bitter for what could have been, Should have been better. But chances cut short, Opportunities taken and smacked hard in your face. There are others out there with fault. Made mistakes. Want the straight and narrow Kicked off track by their skeletons Over and over again. Happens one more time And I swear to not try anymore.  (Jan 4, 2011 | post #16)

El Paso Times

2010 Year in review: 11 face trial in public corruption c...

Some like to show off when they cry. More macho to let it flow than no. Try tear jerking. Trying to hold back a sob is tough enough. Open those flood gates though. Do it in front of an audience with your fist pumped, Ready to plummet those with gapping mouths, Eyes sprung in disbelief, In astonishment. A rock hard emotion Glistens the surface over time, Smooths cracks and crevices Only to create clefts and character. Completely dump it all out without reason. Howl deep and long. Let those unknowing Break in the end.  (Dec 26, 2010 | post #2)

El Paso Times

Mexican unmanned drone crashes in backyard of El Paso home

Let us pretend, Amen. Dreaming home invasions. Unmanned and unwomanned Forever and ever, Amen. So thank you my gods. Blessed is I and thou, You and me blessed we be. My word is my bond, word life. Trust I assure Upon ladders above and below. Begotten daily dispositions Unmount to forgotten slave stakes. See your infinity dealership today.  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #326)

El Paso Times

Police union to sue city on health benefits issue

I'm gay! I am so gay. Gayer than gay. I am the gayest I have ever been Ever since realizing how gay I was. Gay, Gay, Gay, Hooray!! I'm happy! I am so happy. Happier than happy. I am the happiest I have ever been Ever since realizing how gay I am. Happy, Happy, Happy, Hooray!!  (Dec 15, 2010 | post #46)

El Paso Times

4,000 Juarez doctors go on strike

They've got heart And they'll get heat. They have gotten heat, A lot of heat, So much so they've gotten hit. Hit where it hurts. They're tired of not being heard. They'd rather scream and protest here, Than in the back of a trunk, Than in the ground buried, Or with mouths taped shut. How horrible! Horribly horrifying havoc occurs More often than you can fathom, Or think, or ponder, or dream about. Where's our hero? Here's our hero, Hung again.  (Dec 14, 2010 | post #2)

El Paso Times

Socorro city reps, municipal judge among first to get pub...

Oh my gosh! Oh me. Oh my. My gods I cannot believe these, What very well seems to be, Looks, like juvenile delinquency. Crummy coincidence so cleverly convenient. Shame on these Socorro scoundrels. May are gods forbid sticky situations With smooth, gray-graveled ways. Provided are these paths, Provided for purposeful productivity. Instead, the choices made, Enhance your public criticality. Daily scrutiny hurts, cutting. Severing bleeds blood red. We will not be the only ones covered.  (Nov 30, 2010 | post #5)

El Paso Times

Black Friday: El Pasoans line up for first dibs on big deals

There is so much to be thankful for. There is a sale at hand. Two full cart loads worth. Half priced everything with my name on it. Stop that whining or I will scream, And I am not talking about that four year old. Take him to the freeway if he wants to play. This is serious business. Not for the faint of heart, But for those that really love. Show it Christmas morning And take no credit for that black bargain.  (Nov 27, 2010 | post #1)

El Paso Times

Schools in Ciudad Juarez targeted by extortionists

Graffiti is no joke for kids. It is a laughing matter as a matter of fact. Ask any prankster and they'll tell it like it is. Graffiti is serious business. Anything to get the message across, But is it art? Besides visual aesthetics, It doesn't matter much. Art is a feeble attempt to induce dramatic social change. Write on the wall that you will murder for it. Now that will get people moving, Or staying still. Completely and utterly still. Echoing still. Others catch an ear full and copy, Following others out the door. Fifty thousand or an inferno. Half hidden behind smoke and mirrors. Call their bluff, Pay their price. Nonetheless, we all lose.  (Nov 27, 2010 | post #10)

El Paso Times

El Paso named safest US city

Had to tell you I told you so. But I can't concentrate. I try to ignore these whining rants, But how can you ignore needles in your ear. Always without complete absolutes. Star lit, Star bright. The next time you bug, I swear I'm going to punch you. That's what you want, though. To fight and prove yourself. Prove us wrong. Show me you can open up And accept our greatness, Despite yours. There is enough to go around, Just drink our water and relax. Stay mellow, friend. All those people you try to trip, While crossing over. They help make us, Looking for what you hold so tightly. Greatness. Rest easy. We are on all our side.  (Nov 22, 2010 | post #9)

El Paso Times

Governor Perry supports sending troops to Mexico, if invi...

You smoke weed, Governor? You smoke crack. Your words infiltrate idiocy On the right. Attack hyper-criticality with Hopeful best sellers. Your part of the dilemma, Man. Urge to smoke home-grown, Rather than get gas tank hidden, Trailer-tractor driven, Bud. Those them are fighting words. Point your gun down and away, Cowboy. Sit back and relax. Expand your mind with some sticky green. Learn to love and be patient, Feeling like there's all the time in the world. Urge us to smoke home grown, U.S. soil breed, Taxed to Heaven. Take a cut and pinch some off For your boys.  (Nov 20, 2010 | post #6)

El Paso Times

Exhibits: East Side and Lower Valley

From the beginning You've yelped for help, As if it was your middle name, But still reaching out. You've tried and tried, Full of pride washed away, Returned filthier than ever. Forever you will be the one in need, Calling out for help. Looking for aid, for relief. It is your nature, your fortune. Destined miserably. We are not far away for you. For the sake of your name, Be it unfortunate to ignore your request. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps Is deprecating and irresponsible. Just grab my hand, If you want it. Grab my other, If you want it, But let go eventually and fall back. It is your nature, your fortune, Destined miserably, Always to be calling out.  (Nov 19, 2010 | post #4)

El Paso Times

Panel: Area near Franklin Mts not 'open space,' label to ...

Transcend the vista. The beauty lies within. It's only a matter of tastes. Only a matter of time. Transmountain transgression, Delegates frustration and angst. Not before long and since a long time ago, We still need to move on. Capture that view within. Portray it everyday, As jagged are the cliffs from above And the prickly thorns from below. Tough as rocks. Sunset soft. It is only ours momentarily, however. For Franklin will take it back.  (Nov 19, 2010 | post #1)

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