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Aug 15, 2012

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Panama City, FL

Hells Angels To Start First Chapter In Florida

Listen, I think your all ate up with the dumba$$ on here speaking about stuff you have no clue about. Those of us who actually know about the club and actually know real members, know that first of all the Angels are not trying to start a chapter in Florida. Yes there are Hells Angels living in Florida, people would be surprised to know how many live here and throughout the state, so surprised you would probably cry to your local law enforcement office. I will say if they ever did want to start a chapter here, they could do it with no problems. Remember they are "The Biggest and Baddest Club" in the world and no outlaws or there support groups could stop them. And one more thing to remember they have let the outlaws move into states that have been controlled by the Angels for years, so this isn't a sons of anarchy episode like some of you think it is. This isn't the old days people, this is a new world and new kind of biker now. This is America and Angels don't ask for permission like the other clubs, they don't have to. Don't be stupid with remarks about things you know nothing about, and don't taunt them with, there will never be a club in Florida either, cause comments like that may be the ones that cause them to go forward if they are actually even thinking of it. I personally would support a chapter here in Florida cause we need a real motorcycle club here, you know real brotherhood.  (Aug 15, 2012 | post #90)