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Oct 17, 2011

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One time at Tambourine Camp...





Local Favorites:

Gum, Butterflies, Tambourine Camp,Bacon, Bunnies , puppies, kitties, birdies, flowers.My VW van, flowers on my VW van. Birdies on my VW van..Gum..

I Belong To:

the Universe

When I'm Not on Topix:

I"m a Holistic Flower Arranger, made with love and spiritual positive energy to help guide you through your day..Namasta my friend...

Read My Forum Posts Because:

It will enlighten your spirit.

I'm Listening To:

Pink Floyd

Read This Book:

Love is in the Earth a Kolideascope of Crystals and How to build a solar home out of beer bottles and tires...

Favorite Things:

Tambourines,Flowers,Kittens Gum, ,Butterflies,Green Tea, Unicorns,Crystals,Bacon Tambourines,Flowers.Kittens,Gum... VWs...They look like lady bugs..

On My Mind:

Have you ever imagined the Universe from the outside looking in ?

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Just medatate really hard and Ill get back to you.

I Believe In:

When you're done, you're done. And then you start over.