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Jul 3, 2013

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Whats the most legit steroid provider in uk ?

I have great quality gear including JDL. ive got deca test 500 tri-test 500 winnozol-all 20ml mixes and TnT-TREN AND TEST 400, trenblone E 200 tren ace, 100 test Cypionate 300 test enanthate 300, EQUIBOL 400, dECA 300, TESTMIX 500 and sustanon and testosterone enenthate 300mg/ml. Then for the orals I had have anadrol, d-Bol, anavar, Androlic, stanzolol, and then for the PCT I have Clomid nolvadax, Aromasin, hgh, HCG. And a few more so email me if your interested. My email is [email protected] com  (Jul 6, 2013 | post #219)

morocan pollen

Hey everybody I'm back, I have has suspicion of my email account while I was gone. I had emails sent from my account that I never sent? So I decided to not take the risk of having my customers and me scammed so I have made a new email account. Please do not respond to my old email If it emails u because it won't be me. To be safe I would recomend only purchasing and talking to me on my new account [email protected] Thanks  (Jul 3, 2013 | post #375)