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53 min ago |

School Nutrition Association refutes studies that show kids like healthy foods

In an age where we are fighting highly-processed and a childhood obesity epidemic, any positive news regarding the acceptability of healthier foods should be lauded.


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4 hrs ago | NutraIngredients

Irish firm moves on omega-3, omega-6 encapsulation

Irish encapsulation specialist AnaBio has lodged a patent for encapsulation of long-chain fatty acids for use in infant formula and elsewhere.


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5 hrs ago | NutraIngredients-USA

Protein: the bridge to fitness for the rest of us

"Though protein may suggest muscle building to a bodybuilder, fullness to a weight manager, energy to office worker, or blood sugar control to a person with diabetes, the one commonality is that all these benefits are positive.


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10 hrs ago | BeverageDaily

What are the biggest contributors of added sugars to the US diet?

Added sugar from soda, energy and sports drinks accounts for a fairly modest 4.9% of total energy in the American diet While we tend to assume that fast food outlets contribute a disproportionate amount of added sugar to the US diet compared with store-bought groceries, new data shows that the reverse is actually true.


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14 hrs ago | Kansas City InfoZine

Added Sugar Needs Nutrition Facts Label Line

More than 280 scientists, physicians and public health officials are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to include a line for added sugar on the ubiquitous Nutrition Facts label.


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15 hrs ago | Illawarra Mercury

Alarm at elderly malnutrition stats in Illawarra and Shoalhaven

One-third of elderly people admitted to Illawarra and Shoalhaven hospitals are "overtly" malnourished but a novel research project aims to change that.


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16 hrs ago | Nashville Scene

Nutrisha Offers Cooking Classes Specific to Nutritional Needs

I told you a little bit about Nutrisha - Trish Mathisen's suite of services focused on eating healthy and local while maximizing nutrition - back in June with an introduction to the Periodic Table pop-up dinner .


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18 hrs ago | Wall Street Journal

What Makes a Superfood?

Many foods are being labeled "superfoods," but what does this really mean? WSJ contributor Heidi Mitchell explains on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.


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Mon Jul 28, 2014


Think Drinks plans top-tier science for 'first functional nootropic beverage'

US neurotech startup Think Drinks says it plans to conduct high-calibre peer-reviewed study to prove the benefits of what it claims is the world's 'first functional nootropic' brain beverage.


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KXAN-TV Austin

Survivors learn to fight cancer with food

"As a cancer survivor, I believe that what you put in your body can have an effect on maybe bringing your cancer back," she said.


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Food for Thought: Refreshing salads for warm days

Add some zing to your salad with these simple steps for cool and healthy meals perfect for the dog days of summer.


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Merced Sun-Star

Delaware gets $690,000 grant for nutrition

The Division of Public Health said Monday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture made the one-time grant.


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Nutrition and diet questions answered

Q: Help! I can't control myself when I start eating! How can I limit my portions? A: You're not alone.


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Some Important Nutrition Tips For Elders

As caretakers we have to make sure that our elders take a balanced diet that consists of a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains that are needed for overall health.


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Tonsillectomy for sleep apnea may trigger weight gain

Tonsillectomies are commonly done to relieve sleep apnea in children, but a new study confirms that the treatment can speed kids' weight gain -- especially if they're already overweight.


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The News Tribune

What you eat during pregnancy more important than loading up for 2

Health experts don't single out one food expectant moms should have. Instead, most recommend a well-balanced diet that draws from the five essential food groups: grains, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables.


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What You Need to Know About Natural Joint Supplements

Anyone who is under the pain of arthritis has likely thought about taking natural joint supplements, at least at one time or another.


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Even in wealthy nations, malnutrition is a serious public health problem

According to World Obesity, 19.7% of preeschool children in Greece are overweight or obese, compared to 16% in Spain, 11.6% in Belgium and 9.9% in Germany [Shutterstock] Vitamin deficiencies and inadequacies not only harm health, they contribute to high healthcare costs, reduce productivity and stifle economic growth, writes Manfred Eggersdorfer.


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NC farm owner looking for super food in camels

Against the backdrop of the Newfound Mountains, his herd of 300 majestic bison graze the rolling pastures - raised for their leaner, healthier meat.


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Sun Jul 27, 2014

Grass-fed organ meat described by some as a micronutrient powerhouse for maximum nutrition

Fruits and vegetables often take the spotlight when it comes to nutrition and health, with meat products typically being relegated to the unhealthy category.


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