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  • 20 hrs ago | via PressReleasePoint 

    Entergy's Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Unit Shut...

    Buchanan - Control room operators shut down Entergy's Indian Point unit 3 nuclear power plant this morning to begin a refueling outage that brings 1,000 additional workers and economic benefits after two years of highly reliable and safe operation. Indian Point is investing more than $50 million, including about $30 million on employee salaries, to complete the refueling and other important projects at unit 3. That investment translates to additional economic activity for the surrounding communities from dozens of vendors and hundreds of additional contract workers, many from outside the area.


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  • Yesterday | via Patch.com 

    Indian Point Begins Refueling Outage of Unit 3

    "We have brought in about 1,000 highly skilled contract workers, in addition to our 1,000 regular employees, to help perform hundreds of scheduled maintenance activities and inspections during the unit 3 outage," said Larry Coyle, site vice president and top Entergy official at Indian Point, in a press release. "In addition to conducting important work on unit 3, they are providing an economic boost to our region."


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