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  • Dec 30, 2016 | via Bring On The Cats 

    My 10 favorite stories I wrote in 2016

    As I began compiling this list, I made what I quickly realized was a colossal mistake when I stumbled upon my high school newspaper website -- no, not the current site , but an old Wordpress version we used, like, my sophomore year. There, I found some really, really bad stories I wrote, and that's a shame, because my sophomore year was easily the most exciting year for the baseball team while I was in high school.


Topeka High Schools

Highland Park High (2424 SE California Avenue)
Hope Street Academy Charter Middle (1900 SW Hope St)
Hope Street Charter Academy (1900 SW Hope Street)
Lawrence Gardner High School (1440 NW 25th Street)
Logan Junior High (1124 NW Lyman Road)