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1 hr ago | Arkansas Times

Krugman on the 'Medicare miracle'

Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times about good news on the health insurance and federal budget front.


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5 hrs ago |

Feds May Reimburse Medicare 'End-of-Life Discussions' After Mocking Palin's 'Death Panels'

Years after former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was mocked for being concerned about "death panels," the federal government may reimburse Medicare doctors for end-of-life consultations that critics say would only encourage sick patients to reject costly treatments to prolong life.


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Sun Aug 31, 2014


Mom charged in girl's death could get trust fund

A special education teacher accused of killing her severely disabled 8-year-old daughter by withholding food and medical care could inherit nearly $1 million from the girl's trust fund - even if she's convicted.


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Analysis: Strife emerges in LSU privatization deal

We have re-imagined our design in a bold new way. Before we roll it out for everyone, we are giving select readers an opportunity to try out the new design.


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Health Law Factors into Governor's, Senate Races in Arkansas

Democrats Mark Pryor and Mike Ross took different positions on the president's federal health overhaul plan when it came before Congress four years ago.


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Crooks and Liars

Another 'Red' State Admits They Were WRONG About Obamacare, Quietly Accepts Medicaid Expansion

Remember earlier this year, around the time news of the ACA roll-out's success were starting to trickle in, when Republicans finally started revealing their true fears about it? Rand Paul summed it up nicely: "People get assumed and accustomed to receiving things, particularly things that they get for free."


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Sat Aug 30, 2014


Obamacare Fine Print: Beware the Medicaid and Medi-Cal Clawbacks and Liens

Obamacare greatly expanded Medicaid coverage, but there is a hidden gotcha that may come back and haunt your heirs for benefits you receive from age 55-64.


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Crooks and Liars

The Meaning Of The Koch Brothers Tapes: "I Don't Know Where We'd Be Without You"

One of the classic strategies for politicians caught saying embarrassing things is to use the old "there's nothing to see here, keep moving" ploy.


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Michigan Radio

Michigan small businesses get help navigating health care law changes

He says the intent of the new marketplace is to help small businesses and insurance agents deal with an increasingly complex health insurance landscape under the Affordable Care Act.


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Despite health care law's requirements, insurers still can discourage sick from enrolling

Insurers can no longer reject customers with expensive medical conditions thanks to the health care overhaul.


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Crooks and Liars

Federal Cybersecurity Czar Found Guilty On Kiddie Porn Charges

Timothy DeFoggi was once the acting chief of cybersecurity for the Department of Health and Human Services.


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KLTV Tyler

Former hospital employee pleads guilty to criminal charges

U.S. Attorney John M. Bales said Friday that a former employee of an East Texas hospital has pleaded guilty to criminal HIPAA charges in the Eastern District of Texas.


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Brandon Sun

Those with health coverage through Obama's law may face a challenge in getting tax-return form

If you got health coverage through President Barack Obama's law this year, you'll need a new form from your insurance exchange before you can file your tax return next spring.


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Fri Aug 29, 2014


Lawsuit against Planned Parenthood may proceed

A federal appeals court says a former Planned Parenthood clinic director may go forward with a lawsuit against the organization, reinstating portions of the case dismissed in 2012 by a judge.


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Utah's alternative to Medicaid expansion stalled

We have re-imagined our design in a bold new way. Before we roll it out for everyone, we are giving select readers an opportunity to try out the new design.


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Final arguments unfold at ex-governor's trial

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife took bribes and used their political muscle to promote a sketchy nutritional supplement because they were in deeply in debt and couldn't refuse the more than $165,000 in loans and gifts, including designer dresses and a Rolex watch, prosecutors said Friday.


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Former employee of an East Texas hospital pleads guilty to criminal HIPAA charges

When all other Seminole students were headed to their first day of school on Monday, one little boy was sent home because his hair was too long.


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JD Supra

New Data Disposal Law in Delaware Requires Action by Impacted Businesses

While the federal government continues its inaction on data security bills pending in Congress, some U.S. states have been busy at work on this issue over the summer.


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Washington Times

Judge to hear health advocacy groups' lawsuit

A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments in a lawsuit accusing the state of failing to provide certain services required by the federal health care law.


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Thu Aug 28, 2014


Human Trial of Experimental Ebola Vaccine to Begin

Human trials of an experimental Ebola vaccine will begin next week at the National Institutes of Health.


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