I feel so very bad for the family of this young man ,this is just a heart wrenching story..My question is ,not trying to be disrespectful AT ALL..but if this were to have happened to a young white boy would it even make front page news,let alone nationwide?? Would anyone stand up for him and how he was wronged like they have for this young man?? Probably NOT..Just wanted to ask why the race card has to be played everytime anything happens..It is just beyond me..and deeply saddens me ! If a white or mexican or any other race were to get on tv a publicly announce that a person was killed in a black neighborhood because he was of another race, that would not be acceptable,they would automatically be accuse you of racism. Just clueless as to how one race can get away with certain things and others would be shamed forever for making an accusation ?? I love people of all colors and am tired of all the discrimination amongst us all!