Romney-Ryan Debate - Hazard, KY

Discuss the national Romney-Ryan debate in Hazard, KY.

Are you happy that Romney picked Paul Ryan as his VP?

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#25 Sep 15, 2012
now wrote:
<quoted text>the world fall.and the sky catches afire and falls and the end of man kind is gone,and if you don't elect a will all elect a repub,and all it takes for this not to happen is just give ever thing to them ,o please save the world..

""" HUH """!!!!!
Max L

Pikeville, KY

#26 Sep 15, 2012
BuggsBunny wrote:
<quoted text>
The only stupid or crazy one's are the one's who vote for Obama he is destroying this country ...
Obama is the lesser of two evils. He has at least done some good for this country. The only thing Romney has shown is that he can't be trusted, because of his flip flopping, and that he will go to even greater extremes than Obama to kiss a**; like making pledges to a hate group and speaking at another hate group's convention, via video.

Osage City, KS

#27 Sep 15, 2012
{ think} when the republican talks about cutting progams who does that hurt republicans rich or the poor.
Obama Hater

Somerset, KY

#28 Sep 15, 2012
What has Obama done good for country?I can tell you nothing he don't even help his on kind.Michelle has done more then he has.The only thing they do the same is spend the peoples tax money.He spends it playing golf or going to ball games and all those planes use fuel that cost a hell of lot of money.If it is not that he is giving our tax money to some other country just to kiss their ass.And Michelle likes to spend it on all those high dollar dresses and she also likes that jet fuel.Then Obama ask for three hundred billion dollars for wall street.So you tell me what he has done that is so special.And it is not health care that is a f''king joke just like him, A F'ing joke.If you believe in Obama your a joke and you don't even need to vote,because your not very smart.And even if you decide to vote you better learn all you can about Obama before Nov..Start looking at the unemployment rate a cross the U.S..And you need to read the BILL OF RIGHTS.Something that we're not going to have if that S.O.B. wins again.And don't blame it on Bush,because he has had four years to fix things.He said he could do it.And a Christian does not drink beer.Right or wrong.Right!! And he think Michelle is CUTE.What a joke dog ugly.Mrs. Palin would have made a better President then him.And he even thinks he is a comic that is another F'ing joke.So if you get the point you really need to vote for Mr. Romney,Because he may help you and not cut our military in half like Obama said he is going to.You think hard and have a very great day.
Obama Hater

Somerset, KY

#29 Sep 15, 2012
Sorry ,but the Obama Hater is to "dome".

London, KY

#30 Sep 16, 2012
Well you think big Romney is going to save us!!!

London, KY

#31 Sep 16, 2012
I ask, what's big Romney going to do???. He sure aint going to help the coal business I tell you!!!. See, I wrote The Enviromental Defence Fund a real good convincing letter on why they should embrace Fracking for Natural gas. I told them that Fracking is a hundred times as clean as coal mining and they bought my argument!. The enviromental group fully supports Fracking for Natural gas now HAHA!!!. Boy I tell you!!!. Do you know why I did such a thing?. Well about 13 years ago, my brother in law wanted a job at Perry county coal and the stupid person He knew would not hire me. This person told my brother in law one day that two people quit, and that fink still would not hire Him, seems to me if two people quit Perry county coal needed someone!. My brother in law had mining experience. This Perry county coal employer is a spoilt-brat low-life who loves to see people go without!!!. But I got the Enviromentalist to support Natural gas HAHAHAHAHA!!!, that Perry county coal boss can stick that one in his pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!

London, KY

#32 Sep 16, 2012
Geek Hillbilly wrote:
Ryan is a perfect match to Romney.Both are pathological liars
how stupid can you be

London, KY

#33 Sep 16, 2012

London, KY

#34 Sep 20, 2012
They all are Hey, ALL POLICICANS LIE!!!. Now that's a fact of life.

Wooton, KY

#35 Sep 20, 2012
Kimm wrote:
They all are Hey, ALL POLICICANS LIE!!!. Now that's a fact of life.
just Romney and couldn't hold them down beat the truth out them..
Obama Hater

London, KY

#36 Sep 20, 2012
Ryan can talk and make sense.Old Joe is a complete idiot.So Ryan is a great pick compared to Obama's Biden.One side of Ryan's brain is smarter than Obama & Biden's brain put together. Vote Romney-Ryan in November.

Somerset, KY

#37 Sep 20, 2012
Big Romney ain't going to save the coal business if that's what you think!!!. Because Natural Gas is King now!!!.

Wooton, KY

#38 Sep 21, 2012
people we might be republican or democrat or ind.but we are all Americans.let me ask all you people something have you all noticed lately how that the 2 parties are being divided against one another.has it ever struck your mind that their could be a reason for that other than voting?their are something big coming down i am a ind.i see big trouble ahead something not right people.i think we are coming up on a world collapse.and a one world system attempt to be put into place.are we close to the beginning of Armageddon?is prophecy in rev.getting close.just on our door steps.things are not adding up.what do you think? come lets hear you and be for real.

Somerset, KY

#39 Sep 21, 2012
Jesus Christ Himself said that a house divided against itself shall not stand, Matthew 12 v 25!. That goes for America too!!!. We're divided, right down the middle so how can we stand?. The Democrat is divided against the Republican. The Republican against the Democrat!. The Rich against the Poor. Poor against the Rich!. Woman against the Man. Man against the Woman!. White against the Black. Black against the White!. Etc. Yelp good old America is hopelessly divided!!!

East Bernstadt, KY

#40 Sep 25, 2012
Ron Paul is my president
willie stidham

London, KY

#41 Sep 27, 2012
he to me is more involved and seems to know how to fix things

Wooton, KY

#42 Sep 27, 2012
Rp4prez wrote:
Ron Paul is my president
Ron Paul. cant do nothing more than i can which is not nothing.

Somerset, KY

#43 Sep 28, 2012

London, KY

#44 Sep 30, 2012
because they are both very smart men!

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