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Ben Grimm

Richmond, VA

#186 Oct 4, 2012
lorna doone wrote:
Not only is Constitutionalism smaller government, it is state government. According to the Constitution, the defence of this country and defence negotiations with foreign powers is federal. Everything else is state mandated. Last year, Republican governor of South Carolina made a business trip to Europe, trying to make business deals between the Europeans and the state of South Carolina. The Democrats and media went off on her, accusing her of all sorts of things. When Bev Perdue, governor of North Carolina, done the same for North Carolina, not much said about it. The difference being Bev Perdue has a D behind her name while Nikki Haley has an R behind her name. What's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander in the D party.
That is your view of Constitutionalism but that is not what really stands for. I guess you could misinterpret it that way but it does not mean smaller government just a controlled government through a set of rules or laws. That in no means it has to be a smaller government just one that is controlled. You could say it is easier to control a smaller government of course. As for the attack like you describe I see that from both sides so not try to say it is just the dems doing that the repubs are just as guilt.
reality checker

Washington, DC

#187 Oct 8, 2012
republican=fool democrat=fool there is no difference between the two.they both are man made entities developed to divide our society the government keeps us fighting among ourselves thru race religion and politics.think people thats my job making you think,is things ever ran different ,no, the same now as under bush as was under clinton as it was under reagon.when are you stupid bastards gonna realize its not about a vote or a candidate anymore,there just jacking us around and when they get elected its all the same if either gets elected were all screwed anyway

Gaffney, SC

#188 Oct 8, 2012
Shortie1688 wrote:
<quoted text>
Listen to what you just said, that is the craziest thing I ever heard. Look people that think like this just want hand outs and life handed to them. Where is the freedom in being forced to pay for health care when most hard class working Americans can even pay rent. Think before you post
Health care should be your decision if you want it work for and pay for it if you don't want it then sit on your butt and complain because u don't these will be the people that vote for Obama not the people that have to work and pay for what they have
Grundy Native

Pueblo, CO

#189 Oct 10, 2012
Obummer and his muslim faith.

Grundy, VA

#190 Oct 10, 2012
In rivers and bad government the lighter things float to the top!
lorna doone

Greensboro, NC

#191 Oct 12, 2012
I am meaning smaller government concerning the FEDERAL. It doesn't matter, small or big. What matters is state or federal. Americans have just as huge a monstrous beast in DC as the Russians have in the Kremlin, and the Chinese in the Golden Palace. American voters have created a huge unsatiable beast on the banks of the potomac. Buchanan County should be governed by Grundy and Richmond, defended by DC. That in a nutshell is American Constitutional government. I have stated over and over, it is not Republican versus Democrat but American Constitutionalism versus socialism. That is really hard to understand, isn't it?
lorna doone

Greensboro, NC

#194 Oct 13, 2012
How about a Chinese furniture manufacturing plant opening and hiring 300 people in the Danville Virginia area along with headlines in todays Greensboro News and Record, China can make furniture cheaper in the US than making and shipping from China. It seems to me I recall a white socialist named Bill Clinton signing NAFTA which Ross Perot said caused a huge sucking sound of the American jobs going to Mexico. white socialist Clinton, Black socialist Obama but if we vote against the black socialist, that's racist.
Grundy Native

Pueblo, CO

#196 Oct 13, 2012
Ohio Miners fight back aganist Obama.

Where oh Where are the Virginia and Buchanan County Miners?
Grundy Native

Pueblo, CO

#198 Oct 13, 2012
no jobs und mitt wrote:
ohio miners were made to stand behine mitt also never got paid for it. the umwa does not want romney or obama.
but obama is better of the two evils
You obviously did not listen to the video and are parroting what your lord and master Obama is telling you to say. The miners disput the claims you and Obama are making.. But then again Obama is a liar. Just ask the families of the dead American" bumps in the road" from Libia.
lorna doone

Greensboro, NC

#199 Oct 15, 2012
I have been around coal miners all my life, in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio, have met them from Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania and I have never met any miner who was made to do anything. I'm sure there are some who will do whatever they are told. A miner will stand up for what they believe, including against machine guns ala Logan County wars.

Melbourne Beach, FL

#201 Oct 21, 2012
out with Obama

Batesburg, SC

#202 Oct 21, 2012
Grundy Native wrote:
<quoted text>
You obviously did not listen to the video and are parroting what your lord and master Obama is telling you to say. The miners disput the claims you and Obama are making.. But then again Obama is a liar. Just ask the families of the dead American" bumps in the road" from Libia.
You could not have said this any better ir clearer hope people get it GO ROMNEY RYAN Obama is a LIAR
here it is

Grundy, VA

#203 Oct 28, 2012
here it is

Grundy, VA

#204 Oct 28, 2012
ROMNEY is a liar,cheat and why do you want to vote for a so call spoiled brat of a man that has never worked a day in his life,his father gave him money and he puts it in overseas banks,he dont trust our usa banks,hes to good to live like we do and he is not for coal, if he was he would of showed up for the coal miners, but he didnt, so we dont need another free loader a spnognd not paying taxes like we do,oh yeah free foodn charlie daniels band evbery1 ewill show up for that, not to listen to romneys son, lmao how stupid can he get,oh ya hes a retard like bush i forgot

Grundy, VA

#205 Oct 28, 2012
We are screwed if "Romoney" gets elected. He is a liar, cheat and a money bag. Whenever hes giving a speech he says whatever they want him to say. Meaning, he has no policy to back it up. Go ahead you 47% and vote for Romoney, May God help the USA if hes elected. Rich get Richer Poor get Poorer

Grundy, VA

#206 Oct 28, 2012
he has what it takes to help Romney lead this country
lorna doone

Greensboro, NC

#207 Oct 29, 2012
May God help the USA if the muzzie loving, communist hugging socialist gets reelected. All rich are republicans, correct. Is that worldwide or just the US? Those rich republicans, Kennedys, Kerry-Heinzs, Clintons, Roosevelts, trying to pass themselves off as democrats. There aren't any rich democrats. How about your muzzie loving, communist hugging British East African socialist president. rich republican or poor democrat? Velcome to the USSA.

United States

#209 Nov 10, 2012
sure there a lot of rich democrats. Only difference is they believe in paying their fair share. rich republicans like Romney want to hide his in other countries so he does not have to pay his fair share. why do you think Donald Trump was so eager for Romney to win-because Romney was gonna take care of all his wealthy friends.
Grundy Native

Colorado Springs, CO

#210 Nov 10, 2012
Tuesday night and Wednesday I was in mourning for my country, now I am over it and getting ready for battle.

As a matter of fact I was very very happy yesterday when I began to hear of the large number of layoffs being attributed to Obamacare, the war on coal, and the multitude of other regulations that are now being imposed. Now do not get me wrong, as I hurt and feel sorry for those who did not, and have never supported Obama and his democratic senators and congressmen.

My joy and excitement comes from those who supported Obama and are now finding themselves unemployed or under employed. This gives me the greatest joy of all as they are getting WHAT THEY VOTED FOR. I look forward to these people losing their homes and cars. Great buying opportunities for those looking for homes and a good second vehicle.

Yesterday a former liberal student of mine thought she would gloat to me about Obama winning. I told her of my happiness about those losing their jobs, as they were getting what they voted for. She asked if I hated her for voting for Obama. I told her no. However; if she gets her hours cut back, or laid off I will be so happy for her as she get what SHE VOTED FOR. The look of horror on her face was priceless as I explained my pending glee for her economic demise. I think she realized at that moment she just might have boarded a life raft with no oars, food, or water and it had a big hole in the bottom.

This is one way that I am going to do battle for my country and FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. I intend to connect the dots for everyone who loses a job due to Obamacare, increased regulations, and taxes. EDUCATE THE IDIOTS. I will let them know about my joy for them as they get WHAT THEY VOTED FOR.

If I recall correctly Stalin referred to these people as USEFUL IDIOTS!

I look forward to the battle.
Buchanan County Native

Stanton, KY

#211 Nov 11, 2012
Grundy Native--Maybe the look of horror on your former studen't face was because she realized what a vindictive person you are. Do you think people voted for Obama just to piss you off? The world does not revolve around you. Your former student did what every other voter did. She exercised her right to vote, and did so to the best of her ability. And for that, you would be happy to see hard times fall upon her? I did not vote for Romney; but, had he won, I would not feel the animosity toward his supporters that you obviously have for Obama supporters. I would not gleefully anticipate the suffering of anyone just because they voted differently than myself.
I wish the best for our President and for the people of our country, whether they be Democrats or Republicans.

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