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Phoenix, AZ

#22 Sep 24, 2012
eddymunster wrote:
As far as helping West Virgina if I were President and 42% of this state voted for a convicted felon serving a 16 year sentence in Texas I would try to have you removed from the country.
How very Hugo Chavez of you.

Clarksburg, WV

#23 Sep 24, 2012
Jessica wrote:
<quoted text>
How very Hugo Chavez of you.
And how ignorant of the people of this state to vote for a person they know nothing about. That's the problem with low information voters they will vote against there own interest based on misinformation.

“.May the odds be ever with you”

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Since: Jul 12

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#24 Sep 25, 2012
One thing for sure if Obama wins and the next four years is like the last 4 with all the infighting and all the bills being pushed thru without even being read (health care) we are all going to be worse off.
Back to the Basics

United States

#25 Sep 29, 2012
Marshall Grad wrote:
If they win it will take us back to peasants and royalty.
True capitalism is the only way to keep us from going back to peasants and royalty. Let me give you an example. Why do you think the nation's and especially Buckhannon's schools are suffering? For one, our nation's school system is not based on merit. No matter how bad a teacher or administrator is, he or she gets a pay raise every year just for existing in the system! Being in the system, I can tell you that bad teachers are rewarded by that pay raise...even to the extent that they actually think that the number of years experience they have has somehow made them a better teacher....even though they haven't changed thier strategies since their early years of teaching! How would you like to have a doctor operate on you with the same techniques and equipment from the 70's?

Obama's plan wants to base our whole economy on a similar system....socialism/communism/ wealth redistribuition....title it what you will. History tells the truth.... wealth redistribution does not work! Capitalism works because it creates an innate desire to achieve and succeed. Years of working in public schools tells me that capitalism is God-given, just as our Constitution is.

Let's get back to the basics - our Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and what this country's economy was founded upon...true, unadulterated capitalism! I'm frustrated and concerned with the high prices, weakening military, loss of values,..... I'm tired of Obama! PLEASE VOTE ROMNEY!
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#26 Sep 29, 2012
eddymunster wrote:
<quoted text>
And how ignorant of the people of this state to vote for a person they know nothing about. That's the problem with low information voters they will vote against there own interest based on misinformation.
Be careful what one assumes.... I would like to think those people were voting for anything but Obama. I'm not a Democrat, but if I were one, and if I were voting in the Primary, and EVEN IF I would have known that the guy opposing Obama was in prison, I still would have voted for the prisoner over Obama. For one, at that point, it wouldn't have made a difference, and, most importantly, I would be making a statement....GET OBAMA OUT!
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#27 Sep 29, 2012
Concerned Hobbs Citizen wrote:
Romney and his goons recently made a stop here. He charged $1,000 per plate at his little party in my town, effectively excluding pretty much everyone.
Did he also have the $25,000 VIP package available for those with more dedication and deeper pockets? It appears that your hero likes to purposely exclude common working folk from his little ass-kissing parties.
The sad thing is that Obama did the exact same thing a few weeks before. Were they maybe afraid of what we might say?
And yes, I'm a former Buckhannon resident who has moved on to bigger and better things.
Former resident, if you have moved on, why are you reading about this litle town on Topix?(Oops, I just reverted to your tactics of snarling remarks. I apologize! Truly!)

I just wanted to point out that those "little parties" for the "goons" are fundraisers. Yes, it's sad money is needed to advertise and run a campaign, but how else can a candidate try to talk to many million people are in the US!
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#28 Sep 29, 2012
katniss 641 wrote:
Both parties look at WV as a State not needed to win. What is really bad is we now have one Senator who agrees with Obama concerning the Coal industry.Now is when we really are going to miss Senator Byrd. Democrats and Republicans both respected him and he had enough years to get a lot of things for WV. If we lose our coal workers we are really going to be in trouble. Not saying who to vote for just saying check out what is being said about the economics in WV.
Vote Romney.... He understands that we are to be wise stewards with all God has given us, and that "wise steward" means to "use it" wisely, not stop it!
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United States

#29 Sep 29, 2012
rockcavedude wrote:
Yeah right, if Romney gets elected and he shuts down social security + medicare/medicaid it will be civil war 2.0 and I'll be the god damn general.
Wow! Please, please, start watching more news channels. Whoever and whatever you're listening to is horribly misleading you! Please compare channels, try Fox News. I try to keep informed and not be milead by making sure that I listen to BOTH conservative and liberal stations. We cannot allow ourselves to be led from the truth.
Wise ole owl

Clarksburg, WV

#30 Sep 29, 2012
Fox News is NOT a news channel. Its a propaganda channel designed to use any means needed to obtain backing for their political agenda. Each story they report should begin with "Once upon a time".
Coal miner -_

Buckhannon, WV

#31 Oct 3, 2012
Ryan will make a good back bone for Romney.A way better than what Oboma has.
bookem danno

Buckhannon, WV

#32 Oct 5, 2012
Wise ole owl wrote:
Romney's welfare IS the top 1%. People who have made their money off the backs and sweat of others and now after paying less taxes than I do, they now want to pay less. Their reasoning is that they are the "job creaters". Where are the jobs they have created? His "business sense is what its always been. What's best for his bank account is what's best.
you are half right. the rich are the "job creators" and many pay less taxes and receive hugh salaries. don't be a hater. jobs created are a result of the rich and those in power. would you rather the country depend on your democratic beliefs of entitlements and the only jobs being created are those within the government. by the way, you are paying for these jobs that are non productive and leading to the way to the demise of the middle class. as far as romney leading the country, he in fact has a proven record as a business man unlike your infamous obama who has offered nothing to this country except a gift of oration.(AKA "bullshitter")one only needs to look back to this past weeks presidential debate to solidify this title. the shellacking obama took in this debate should serve as a wake up call to all the sheeple out there who vote on misinformed ideology rather than informed analytical logic. by the way, i am a 30 year registered independent who practices what i preach and vote based on the lesser of two evils who presents a greater likelihood to at least fulfill some of their political promises.

Buckhannon, WV

#33 Oct 5, 2012
If your for Romney, you are officially a retard..

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#34 Oct 7, 2012
gobble wrote:
If your for Romney, you are officially a retard..
you must be part of the 47%
money talks

Buckhannon, WV

#35 Oct 9, 2012
sunnybucker wrote:
<quoted text>
you must be part of the 47%
your right, knob gobbler is definitely in the 47% group

Winnie, TX

#36 Oct 23, 2012
gobble wrote:
If your for Romney, you are officially a retard..
If you vote for Obama, you're probably mislead by all the FB statuses where you get your information.

Ripley, MS

#37 Oct 23, 2012
sunnybucker wrote:
<quoted text>
you must be part of the 47%
If Obama is re-elected look at the mess he will inherit!haha

United States

#38 Oct 29, 2012
Romney never wears tyedie hoodies.
Al Byno

Clarksburg, WV

#39 Oct 29, 2012
Ryan is a financial whizkid.
It will take a financial genius
to get America out of the mess
that that stinking commie rat has
gotten us into.

Chicago, IL

#40 Oct 29, 2012
Voting for Obama.
Coal miner -_

Buckhannon, WV

#41 Nov 1, 2012
The only thing I've got to say about the election is my only hope and prayer is that America can come out of their deep sleep and realize that they have been shown a false reperesntation of a LEADER in Obama.In the book of Revelations it speaks of a false Mesia,which is Oboma and a small country from the middle east to rise up o a superior power.Do the math and see what the outcome will be.Remember that 12/21/12 is this year.

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