Offshore Drilling Debate - Abingdon, VA

Discuss the national Offshore Drilling debate in Abingdon, VA.

Do you support continued offshore drilling?

Abingdon opposes

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Knoxville, TN

#1 Jun 13, 2010
it be fine if the dumb asses had a fail safe. thanks broken pipe oil company for screwing up my favorite place to visit...

Nashville, TN

#2 Jun 13, 2010
dont need anymore drilling..look whats going on now....
Still Partying

Knoxville, TN

#3 Jun 13, 2010

sometimes I am ashamed to be human.
old timer

Charlottesville, VA

#4 Jun 14, 2010
drill or support the arabs

Chicago, IL

#5 Jun 14, 2010
angel wrote:
dont need anymore drilling..look whats going on now....
And you will just walk everywhere?

Summerfield, NC

#6 Jun 14, 2010
They would rather support the arabs and the arab cause than drill for our own. Just the oil from ANWAR and eastern Montana would last us for decades. One of the three companies from which I buy gas is Murphy because they get the gas from Arkansas oil. The other two sources of my gas are BP and Amoco.
Crashed Down in Oz

Fairfax, VA

#7 Jun 14, 2010
Brian wrote:
<quoted text>And you will just walk everywhere?
Give it a few years, the oil thing is pretty much solving itself anyway. USA peaked in '70 or '71, world peaked in '05 or '06 depending on whose numbers you trust more. Shame we don't have a longer term view of things, mostly.
Still Partying

Knoxville, TN

#8 Jun 14, 2010
I would rather nobody drill. There are alternatives. But I don't have the things against 'arabs' as you people seem to.
yes-coal nobama

Dayton, VA

#9 Jun 15, 2010
The biggest thing I have against middle eastern oil tycoons is after they take all of Americas capital they would like to see us Dead.
oil depletion allowance

Knoxville, TN

#10 Jun 15, 2010
yes-coal nobama wrote:
The biggest thing I have against middle eastern oil tycoons is after they take all of Americas capital they would like to see us Dead.
Don't worry so much. In 20 or 30 years their reserves will be used up, we will leave and won't care what they do after that, so things will go back to the way they were there around 1890 or so.

Summerfield, NC

#11 Jun 16, 2010
Some think the Middle Easterners would leave us alone after the depletion of their oil supply. How much oil were we using during the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe? Do you not know about the ongoing war with the Barbary Coast pirates who incidentally were Moslems in the country of Algiers, known as Algeria today. It took the French occupying the Barbary Coast to stop the marauders attacking French, British and American ships. Have you ever heard of Jan Sobieski? He's the Polish king who stopped the Moslem armies near the gates of Vienna in the 17th century. Have you ever heard of Charles Martel? He's the King of the Franks who stopped the Moslem armies at Tours, France south of Paris and drove them back across the Pyrenees into the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century. The Moslems will never stop attacking the West and doing their best to destroy the Western Powers, oil or no oil.

Summerfield, NC

#12 Jun 16, 2010
You should read about Moslem occupation of the Iberian Peninsula for 700 hundred years. For those who do not know, the Iberian Peninsula is known today as Spain and Portugal. The majority of these Hispanics illegally invading the United States have Moslem ancestors, thus Moslem blood in their veins. Rathering interesting, wouldn't you agree? Moslems from North Africa attacking Europe to the North and Hispanics with Moslem ancestors invading the United States to the North. And history does not repeat itself. Yeah, right.

Knoxville, TN

#13 Jun 18, 2010
well we need to depend on ourselves and not another country for oil,but they have to have something in place to make sure this never happens again,the president should be helping stop the leak instead of coming down on BP, let's fix the problem!
Still Partying

Knoxville, TN

#14 Jun 18, 2010

Paducah, KY

#15 Jun 27, 2010
we need to get off the oil teet!
Abingdon Hillbilly

Charlottesville, VA

#16 Jun 27, 2010
We have been talking about alternative energy sources since at least the Nixon administration, every darn president has talked about alternative energy, but no one did a thing about it for all those years. Now we have people screaming that wind energy, solar energy, and electric cars are the answer. All of which we have had for the same amount of time as these politicians have been acting like they want to do something about the energy crisis, and global warming. If wind, solar, and electric cars were the answer and feasible for taking care of our energy needs some corporation would have already found a way to make money off of them. The truth is none of them have even bothered until now. They are just band-aid solutions to a energy crisis, and this mad rush to try to become dependent on these antiquated solutions only leads to more problems in the future.

The first stone were the compact florescent light bulbs which they said would save energy, thus allowing us to go green. When you really start thinking about the way that humans have handled waste disposal in the past you realize that these mercury injected glass fixtures are for the most part going to end up in the regular trash, put into landfills, and eventually seep into the water supply. Thus causing a worse problem for the future generations. Thatís the problem with rushing forward with half conceived ideas, while being driven by fear of global warming. We have to keep a level head and come up with new solutions, not just rehashing the same old ones in favor of haste.

That unfortunately will take time, and the oil drilling buys us that time, President Obama sees this clearly, and has stated as much, but really canít show it now due to public reaction to the BP oil spill. At some point our very existence disturbs the life on this planet; however, the only solution would be to exterminate the whole species, are you willing to die in order to save the environment? Or are you willing to accept that there is going to be a certain impact on the planet due to our industrial desires and needs?
Still Partying

Knoxville, TN

#17 Jun 27, 2010
If there's not easy money to be made it's obviously not worth doing. Thus is the failure of capitalism.
Abingdon Hillbilly

Charlottesville, VA

#18 Jun 29, 2010
Uh, the Soviet Union had Communism for how many years and how exactly have they come up with any new ways to produce energy that doesn't involve fossil fuels? Looks like Capitalism isn't the only system that failed to bring about an energy revolution. Pretty sure Socialism isn't doing much better in that respect either.

Maybe we can start an eco-fascist government in this country so we can get better results. Bright green uniforms for the secret police who will lock away the meat eaters in concentration camps, and we all can work to destroy our infrastructure and cities so that nature can take the country back over and we can live in trees and eat berries. Then of course we can start the final solution where we kill ourselves, because the earth would be a lot better if we hadn't existed right? I kid! I Kid!

Seriously, I don't see a future for these technologies, and most likely no one else did either, no one without a financial interest anyway. Wind power has been around for hundreds of years with the use of windmills, controlled Solar power has been around for fifty years or so, if they were truly feasible as a power source approaching the energy demands of modern society, without causing even more ecological problems, then the socialist and communist societies would have seen to it that it was implemented.

We should have been working on this for forty years, but we haven't, and that's just pathetic. As for Capitalism being a failure, it seems that a lot of countries are slowly giving up their communistic ways to return to a Capitalist society lately. Guess the government controlling the people idea just wasn't what it was cracked up to be, government should fear it's people not the other way round. Otherwise we get a system that only benefits the politicians and while their people starve.
Still Partying

Knoxville, TN

#19 Jun 30, 2010
Hah, I didn't suggest anything that you have said wasn't true. The soviet union was concerned with industrialization, and they accomplished it in a single generation. Now that they are dissolved they are back into the 'second world' as it were.

But when you're talking about the soviet union you're talking about dictatorial communism, not socialism (subtle distinction, i know, but)... no structure that has a dictator can truly be labeled socialist. In the case of the USSR it was basically a PR stunt...people liked the idea of socialism, so if you call something that people are more likely to like it. Our country spun it the opposite way.

R&D is important with technology. At that time it wasn't feasible to do things like that because the technology was lacking. But I don't have the false idea that any economic system necessarily has the goal of producing 'cleaner' energy. Capitalism simply doesn't even have incentives toward it.

And I'm not sure if you've been keeping up, but most of central and south america is under a major transformation toward a free, democratic, socialized society. We don't like that very fact we have worked very hard to undermine it, but now it is happening not just in individual countries, but in many countries at the same time. And in these countries, Bolivia for a specific example, alternative energy *is* something that is being invested in.

Bristol, VA

#20 Feb 25, 2012
we need it

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