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Discuss the national Occupy Wall St debate in Macon, GA.

Do you identify with the Occupy Wall Street movement?

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Kenneth Morrison

Fort Valley, GA

#1 Nov 6, 2011
looking for some equity between the 1% and 99%

Milledgeville, GA

#2 Nov 12, 2011
Someone has to bring attention to the fact that nothing has changed much since the Wall Street debacle, including the mortgage mess, except that the rich are richer and eveyone else is having a really rough time.

London, KY

#3 Nov 28, 2011
Might as well give it up occupiers!, You can't go up against the Almighty Dollar!, Even god himself dare do that, See, People worship and serve Money with a passion thus making it a Power house!!!, People hardly worship the god of the Bible unless they want something from him thus making him weaker, So, MONEY IS GOD, MONEY RULES THE UNIVERSE, MONEY TALKS, MONEY IS HOLY AND TRUE, MONEY IS KING OF KINGS NOT YOU JESUS!!!
Gloria Shaffer

Bangkok, Thailand

#4 Nov 30, 2011
Really tired of GREED!

Evarts, KY

#5 Aug 14, 2012
Well it's about time us little people have a voice. Rich ass scermys have gotten a little too big for their britches lately!. Rich ass people will sell out their own parents much more their country. Rich ass scermys are rotten, greedy, callous bunch of spoilt-brat, stinking PIGS who can't get enough!. They're SCERMYS, stupid people who won't help you out even if they knew it would help theirselves out. Rich ass scermys will never do aneything for this country or you, never lift a hand for you. Like it was with me, I am a disabled person who tried my best to get a job at that scermy place Walmart but they would not hire me. I wanted a job and a chance in order to prove myself and a chance to give a little back but the rich ass scermys at Walmart wouldn't give it to me!!!. Walmart makes hundreds of billions of Dollars a year yet they acted like they couldn't afford to pay me a measly $4.25 an hour (What the wages were when I tried to get a job there) for my work. Acted like they couldn't afford to give me and America a chance!. I thought you got a big tax break when you hired a disabled person. Apparently scermy ass Walmart didn't need a tax break since they probably don't pay aney taxes Aneyway. You know, I bet scermy ass Walmart depreciates their store buildings when they file their taxes they don't pay. Modern buildings built with concrete and steel should go up in value, not down!, since they cost more and more to build every year and concrete and steel never wears out or deteriorates.(i will note this one to the IRS) Perhaps the IRS needs to re-evaluate how they assess buildings. Aneyway, people have a lot to learn about rich ass people, they love to push us little people arround, they get a big kick out of that type of thing!. No wonder we have poverty in this country, rich ass scermys love it!. They want us to be poor. Rich ass people love it when we suffer and do without. RICH ASS SCERMYS PUT US DOWN AND KEEP US DOWN!!!. Little wonder we have so many people on welfare!!!. I tried, I tried to get a job, God Almighty knows I did!.I went all the way through school for nothing!. RICH ASS PEOPLE WON'T GIVE YOU A JOB EVEN IF THEY DID NEED SOMEONE!!!. People accuse us of beeing lazy when it's the rich ass scum they need to blame and some people say Walmart didn't have to hire me, OF COURSE, RICH ASS PEOPLE DON'T HAVE TO DO ANEYTHING!!!. But God Almighty has the last say-so in the matter. God is going to get those rich ass scermys real good, just you wait and see!!!. Rich ass people are going to pay dearly at Gods hands. God Almighty ruler and sustainer of the entire universe will hear my cries for justice!. Rich ass peoples judgement for their perverseness can't come soon enough, But their day is coming!. First off, rich ass scermys are going straight to Hell when they die and burn red hot forever, HAHAHAHAHA!!!. But this is not all they're going to get, not by a long shot!. See, God is going to send the Great Tribulation propheised in the Bible to this sin sick world in a few years. I keep a keen eye on the news and I know full well it is near and that things are falling apart, I particularly pay attention to events in Europe, Syria etc. And I conclude that this world is finished!!!. When the Great Tribulation finally does come and I expect to see it!, that will put a lot of rich ass scermys scooting, it might just straighten a lot of them out, that is if they can be straightened out!. I can't wait for the Great Tribulation to get here, when it does I am going to scream to the top of my lungs in pure joy, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!. I know I will suffer in it but the rich ass scermys who would not hire will suffer a lot more, it will be far, far worth it, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! !. GOLD AND SILVER WILL BE WORTHLESS THEN, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA!!!!!!!!!.
You Know

Perry, GA

#6 Aug 15, 2012
Dats rite
You Know

Perry, GA

#7 Aug 15, 2012
dat is rite
du du

Perry, GA

#8 Aug 16, 2012
dat shore is rite
You Know

Perry, GA

#9 Aug 16, 2012
who is this
You Know

Perry, GA

#10 Aug 17, 2012
what is street wall
You Know

Fitzgerald, GA

#11 Aug 20, 2012
Dats Rite

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#12 Feb 3, 2014
Not only do I agree with them, I wanted too like be a part of that. I mean I kinda was, on the Internet and stuff, but I mean like you know, on the front lines and stuff...

I had been wanting too do something like that all my life! From as long ago as I can remember. Like be a part of a 60s-style protest. I just always thought that would be totally awesome!

Of course I wouldn't do it if they weren't, you know right, about the like politics and stuff. I mean I could be apart of the like Veganism Movement or some of that BS, but I'm not...

(In a nutshell, although I'm a very ardent supporter of Animal Welfare, I personally think veganism or so-called "Animal Rights" is stupid. However, that is just my opinion. I respect anyone's rights too believe in whatever they believe in. The only thing (about that) I oppose are LAWS requiring everyone live like vegans. You damn right I actively oppose that! But their's nothing wrong with you (whomever) choosing too not eat or use animal products if you choose.)

Anyway I totally wanted too participate in this, but I just had to much problems in my life at that time. Every kind of problem you could imagine, including the death of a relative (and another went into the hospital right after that).

I mean yeah, I just had my on problems at that time, you know...

So I pretty much told them, hey sorry I can't do it with you but if yall need anything whatsoever let me know and I'll try.

Oh and one other thing, notice the results of this, and all these polls (every issue, every town). Long-story-short, most polls on Topix are (and have been for years) being rigged by right-wing types, such as Stormfront people. I presume most people know that by now, I was just pointing it out. In a nutshell, that's another reason I don't use Topix that much. Although I have been lately, well I have been today, lol, I might not tomorrow, I dunno... I'll probably end up doing another "tour of duty" on Topix. We'll see...

Miami, FL

#13 Feb 9, 2014

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