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GOP train wreck

New York, NY

#1 Feb 11, 2012
The GOP got us into two expensive wars and balied out in business in America.. See Big Bush Oil and Cheney-Halliburton for the greatest betrayal of Americans since Benedict Arnold.
Georgias Facts vs Obama

Glendale, AZ

#2 Feb 11, 2012

Georgia court reveals that Barack Hussein Obama is a FRAUD on multiple charges spanning his entire life!!!

Current evidence admitted into court before a judge:
1. Obama is NOT a natural born citizen because only one of his parents was a US citizen. To hold political office, both parents must be US citizens! Obama fails on this issue and must be impeached for this because he violated the law and US Supreme Court decisions! Obama's father was NEVER a citizen of America!

2. Social security expert testified that the SS number that Obama has used since 1977 was FRAUDULENT. It had been issued to someone who had been born in 1890. Obama used the SS number under fraudulent conditions.

3. Document expert took the witness stand and testified that the "birth certificate" released by Obama is a FRAUD with multiple layerings from several documents. It is NOT an original document. Instead, it is a FORGERY just like forging any other government document such as a drivers license or identification card! Obama is a FORGER!

4. Another social security expert testified that the SS number of Obama is rejected by E Verify as FRAUDULENT. E Verify is a government documentation program designed to detect fraudulent identification!!!

5. Another document expert testified that the Obama birth certificate posted online shows white lines around all typefaces, which indicates FRAUD by using "unsharp mask" in Photoshop and multiple layering of material on the document which is obvious FRAUD. Also that the stamps would be in various places on an original document, because they were stamped on by hand, whereas the Obama document shows the stamps in the very same place on all documents, indicating even more FRAUD.

5. Serial number on the birth certificate of Obama is not in sequence with records found in the Hawaiian hospital. This indicates FRAUD. Also certification is different than the others marked at that time, another indication of FRAUD.

Is it possible that we have a total FRAUD in the White House? Someone who FORGED documents and STOLE someone elses social security number in order to gain POLITICAL POWER?

If so, then the FBI needs to TAKE ACTION NOW to arrest the FRAUD before he can issue FRAUDULENT executive orders to turn America into a DICTATORSHIP under his FRAUDULENT MILITARY RULERSHIP!!!
Reality only

New York, NY

#3 Apr 17, 2012
See retail sales and S&P 500 since the GOP train wreck Mar 2009
Nugent Follower

Mountain Home, AR

#5 Apr 17, 2012
Ted Nugent for president!!!!!!!!!!
El Macho

Waco, TX

#6 Apr 18, 2012
Remember when the Dixie Chicks said they were ashamed of their president because he lied our way into a disastrous, expensive war that cost the lives of over four thousand of Americansoldiers, about 35,00 American casualties, along with thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths and casualties and almost two million displaced? "Patriots" excoriated them for their comparatively mild statements, saying we have a duty to support our president, to respect the office, but when this cretin in a leather diaper makes threatening comments, all you hear from those same people are cheers and Constitutionally suspect claims that it's his first amendment right to threaten the man who has been struggling against "conservative" obstructionism to clean up the mess they created. Hypocrisy - and utter stupidity - doesn't get much bigger than that.
El Macho

Waco, TX

#7 Apr 18, 2012
Georgia...you are a joke.
Independent voter

New York, NY

#8 Apr 18, 2012
American coming home from two illegal GOP wars, we aren't investing taxpayer money in propping up Europe or the Middle East. Obama is making good on his campaign promises
Just the facts

New York, NY

#9 Apr 18, 2012
Because reality trumps propaganda.

S&P 500 bullish since Mar 2009
Record retail sales in america and job growth.

GI's coming home and investiong in america instead of Cheneys Dubai city in the middle east.
Cartoon City

Sun Valley, NV

#10 Apr 19, 2012
Don't fool yourself. look all around you - it's not too hard to see that it's worse. Are you kidding me - how in any way is it better?
market advocate

Sparks, NV

#11 Apr 20, 2012
Fuel prices and failed Keynesian policies have inflated the cost of living for everyone. Obama is a total failure.
market advocate

Sparks, NV

#12 Apr 20, 2012
Illegal wars? Really? You cowards are too scared to avenge the deaths of 3,000 Americans. DISGRACEFUL!

New York, NY

#13 Apr 21, 2012
See name
Investigate 911

New York, NY

#14 Apr 21, 2012
market advocate wrote:
Illegal wars? Really? You cowards are too scared to avenge the deaths of 3,000 Americans. DISGRACEFUL!
I'm your Huckleberry

http://video.google.com/videoplay... #

Sparks, NV

#15 Mar 7, 2013
Well, the way I see it is..... by the end of his 8 years, the deficit will be over 20 trillion!! When he took office he "promised" to reduce the deficit OR he would be a one term president. I'm no math wizard, but by more than doubling the deficit, raising taxes on EVERYONE, refusing to cut spending, Obamacare, and nearly killing small businesses....I would have to say that our economy has gone down the crapper! Why is the cost of food so high? Why do we have to pay $900,000.00 for Obama to go on a Golfing vacation, or pay for Michelle's collection of wigs? WHY.. did he stop tours to the Whitehouse.... THE PEOPLE'S WHITEHOUSE when the tours are generally done by volunteers? Why is gas twice as expensive as when he took office? Unless you are a poor minority, Obama is NOT looking out for you. Maybe we should all kick back and collect welfare and let him figure out where he will get more tax revenue. We will all just be poor, dependent on the government, and let the Whitehouse tell us what we can and cant do, because after all...... HE/THEY seem to know what is best for us.

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