Obama-Economy Debate - Manchester, KY

Discuss the national Obama-Economy debate in Manchester, KY.

Has Obama made the economy better or worse?

Manchester says Obama's hurt the economy

Vote now in Manchester:

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home dog

Somerset, KY

#1 Feb 12, 2012
because hs suck and
Interested person

Richmond, KY

#2 Aug 25, 2012
He has destroyed the main industry that keep our region going. Obama's EPA refuses to give mining companies any permits and that has resulted in thousands of miners being thrown out of work. If he thinks he is going to get the votes in Kentucky and West Virginia then I suggest that he is deluding himself.
i bet

London, KY

#3 Aug 25, 2012
he has no idea how to run a footrace let alone runing this country. He is a socialist nothing more and to many low life sorry azz people just like him want everything give to them. He the worest president this country ever had or ever will have, if people had any morals or ethitics he would have never got elected. His color has not one thing to do with his failure its his upbring and beleifs they are nothing but a disaster.

Grand Island, NE

#4 Aug 28, 2012
3/7/08 From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
Thus says The Lord to the United States: Obama shall lead you. And by him shall My will and judgment against your nation be fulfilled, for all its forsaking of Me and My Israel...
And so I have brought from among your enemy even one from Ishmael, to rule over you for a time and a season, foreordained, until that foretold is accomplished and the king of fierce countenance rules. Then, by that deception conceived of by your enemy and this transgressor, him being full of lofty and elevated words, lies and dark speeches sold as hope, will it return against him ten-fold of the same, by him called Perdition.
Yet remember this: Nothing exists outside of Me, says The Lord, neither does anything continue outside My will; for even the evil of this present world is set within the confines of My will. For evil acts and brings forth of its own, yet is unaware that nothing is hidden before Me; neither has anything come to pass, nor will be, that I have not already beheld... And this, O arrogant and deceived generation, is why I said,“All was written and completed, even before the foundation of the world.”

For I am God! THE GOD!...

The God of Abraham,
The God of Isaac, 
The God of Jacob!....

The God of all!... 

Even of all that is known and unknown,
The Creator of all things...
The Everlasting, who is from everlasting to everlasting...



London, KY

#5 Sep 1, 2012
We're $15,000,000,000,000 in debt!!!
firstofthemonthe r

Somerset, KY

#6 Sep 21, 2012
How do you explain all of these Lies, the truth is getting very hard to find, has politics always been this bad, like I said I am a Repulican but I will never vote R again, it is time for a third or fourth party, It is really sad the damage that the Rs have done to Religion, the frist thing in the Bible is free will, the problem with relegion and the Constition is that Man can make it say whatever they want it to say, it is subject to interpertation, it wasnt that long ago these same people where burning people at the stake in the name of God!!!
firstofthemonthe r

Somerset, KY

#7 Sep 21, 2012
FREEDOM is a Hell of a thing, Im not sure that people really know the meaning! as far as KY politics I go to bed every nite with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that Mitch,Hal and Rand have my back, what a Joke! People need to watch their Senators in action on Cspan, the truth is South Eastern KY is a Republican stronghold, yet we are one of thr poorest areas in the Nation, I cant understand that, talk about people not voting their own interest! I wish someone would let me in on the secret, how they think Republican Party represent them!
firstofthemonthe r

Somerset, KY

#8 Sep 21, 2012
Obama Care!!
firstofthemonthe r

Somerset, KY

#9 Sep 21, 2012
Just like this current election Obama has not hurt Coal, Natural Gas and a very warm winter, they have thousands of Tons of Coal on the Pads and no market for it, and u want me to beleve that permits have caused it. I know how important Coal is to this area, but if Natural Gas is going to B as plentful, because of Fraking, Coal is in trouble. The truth is coming out, it is sad to see Coal Miners in that Republican Ad, knowing now that they had to, and that other Ad, with that Fake Coal Miner, the Rs will say or do anything to get Ur vote, knowing that most people in this area are in that 47% Romney was talking about, he wouldnt Piss in ur ass if ur guts where on fire, this is the most important election in my lifetime, I think most people learned a lot about Democracy the last 4 yrs and how important the Senate is, u only need one R to represent the whole R party they all votr in Locked step, against things that they used to B 4, the country going to hell, but w2hen U take a closer Look the people they truly represent are making record Profits

London, KY

#10 Sep 22, 2012
He is the foodstamp president, has no idea how to run a footrace much less this country. He is a socialist even if that hurts peoples feeling, socialist beleive taking from those who have from hardwork and giving to those who want work. He beleives government should make all our decisions that we are not smart enough to take care of our selfs. Get his book read it and learn the man then you will no his actions.

London, KY

#11 Sep 22, 2012
Oh man another democrat hack, when will you fools learn people know you. You going from social site to social site changing your name but souting out same old crap, i ama republican and obama is our savior, i want ever vote republican again. You such a fool pretending to be country, mistyping words, to all you reading firstofmonthe r post they( can not say if its male or female or a crossdresser) really making fun of you with there so called spelling and word placement. What they are is a democrat hack(and they will be more using different names) come in here pretending to either be republicans, women minorities or heck even aliens from mars if they can get you people to beleive it to try build up this foodstamp president and the democrats. You know its a shame democrats used to be a good party, for the working man, strong defense and had morals but todays democrats have learned get people dependant on the government and use fear and they will vote for yu. Its sad ow democrats have took the dignity and respect from so many who would work if jobs were there. When you have a political party who whole platform is to take from working people and give to others instead of helping the ones down to stand up with pride and dignity then you are getting ever so close to a communist nation. I know they be lot of you say thats crazy, but let me ask you hiese things, do you want to eat what you like, smoke if you want, be able to won your own home, raise your kids with your values, go to what ever octor you want, get treatmen when you are considered old and worship and see the symobls of religion out in public. Well how many of those things have under this foodstamp president have they tried to control. Did any of you see when obama told the lady in ohio when she was talking about her mom who was i think 70 yrs. old needing heart surgery and he told her just give her pills, operation to costly and she had allready pasted the age of being a meaningful contributor to society, now thats what you people voted for.

Middlesboro, KY

#12 Sep 24, 2012
he is taking away coal mining jobs, which is hurting the county, and not only do the miners lose jobs, but also, truck drivers and machine operators. obama needs to go!!! and take the epa with him!
Yankee Noodle

Somerset, KY

#13 Sep 27, 2012
Yes, he is a socialist and desires to weaken this country because of influence from his anti-colonial father (Dreams of My Father), his communist and socialist mentors during his formative years. More importantly, he is a vote buyer of the worst kind, taking away people's pride, what little some still have, offering food stamps, free phones, no work requirement, welfare, useless jobs and wasteful stimulus in exchange for a vote. Most of this at the expense of real jobs, real industry, national defense and reasonable taxes for productive people. Also, he fails to confront the real time international problems our country, allies and foes currently face, choosing to appear on "pop culture" T.V. shows and meeting with "rap" stars rather than meeting with world leaders even as they gather in our own country for talks which may well determine how the world proceeds from this critical time forward. We have been weakened and insulted by his failure to lead this country in our 226 year tradition of promoting success, productivity, advancement and national security. His actions have promoted growth of government dependency at the expense of personal initiative and a decrease in our national defense capability in an attempt to promote "green" technologies whose time has not yet come. Four more years might be more than this republic can survive but I'm afraid we might be outnumbered.

London, KY

#14 Sep 29, 2012
4 million jobs,stock market going back up lot better

London, KY

#15 Sep 29, 2012
we was loseing 750,000 jobs a month. now obama has made over 4 million jobs.the stock market up,obama care or romney care what ever you would like to call it has help millions of people.now its time to raise taxes on the rich like clinton did in the 90s and then you will see the economy turn around even better.
Magic Brownies

Dallas, TX

#16 Sep 29, 2012
coalminer wrote:
He is the foodstamp president
Actually the food stamp President would be Roosevelt. FDR created most of today's public assistance programs during the great depression. Several Presidents have occupied the White House since the 1940's yet it's all Obama's fault.
Magic Brownies

Dallas, TX

#17 Sep 29, 2012
coalminer wrote:
He beleives government should make all our decisions that we are not smart enough to take care of our selfs.
but women are not smart enough to decide about abortions? Gays can't decide for themselves if they would like to enter into a committed, monogamous relationship? For those you want laws, right?

London, KY

#18 Sep 30, 2012
Man how many it makes libs mad to talk about there herob obama. Obama not created one job , all he created is an entilement society that depends on government for there food, clothing, medical and even there birth control preventions. Hey willie weres those jobs i know around her about a 1000 or more that could use jobs and proably about another 5000 that need to be made to work and get off there butts collecting a check. Yea stock market going up if you had any sense you know why has nothing to do with obama but the feds printing money like crazy and keeping interest rates low. Man i lve all these smart libs, if not for their gps devices they not find there way to a bathroom. As for little magic you just the typical lib always bring up abortion and gays, if womans wants to kill a baby then she will have to pay the price on judgement day, as for gays if they think 2 men or 2 women can make a baby let them go for it soon they be like the dinosaurs extinct. Yea magic he is the foodstamp president more people drawing them then anytime in history wonder why if like old wet willie said obama created 4 million jobs why they not got one of those good jobs. You libertals always use same old crap every election, republicans want to starve kids, kill old people, keep women from birth control, looks like after all these years you all learn some new lines, its boring hearing same old crap. Yea that lousy republicans just like democrats but any honest hardworking person man or woman are sick og the all giving to the low lifes that would not wipe there rear ends if the crap did not make there butts itch, the smell ok just having to scratch is to much like work.

Sheridan, AR

#20 Oct 1, 2012
Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts promising more Jobs,decreased debt,and smaller goverment.here's what the got in Massachusetts.
Jobs-47 out of 50 states in job creation.
Taxes and fees-Increased by $750 million per year.
Long-term debt-Increased more than 2.6 Billion.
The Washington post reports that as CEO,Mitt Romney advised companies that were ''Pioneers''in outsourcing jobs overseas.As governor,Romney drew from the same playbook and outsourced state jobs.and today,Romney has proposed eliminating all taxes on companies foreign profits-which would actually encourage companies to send jobs overseas. WE REALLY NEED MITT ROMNEY

Clinchco, VA

#21 Oct 1, 2012
He is killing the fossil fuel industry, both coal & O&G

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