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Houston, TX

#23 Jun 27, 2012
If Obama gets in office again this country is gonna be in trouble they can't even support the troops fighting for our freedom everyday instead they let them come home to foreclosed homes and to lose everything they got but I can bet the damn food stamps and shit like that won't stop he can't stop helping his ppl i work in the oilfield and I'm so tired of paying $1500 in taxes to see ppl drinking and selling drugs and making baby's jus so they can get more food stamps so they can sell them for cash it's fucking ridiculous if y'all gonna be stupid and put him back in office y'all don't see what is going on because y'all are simple minded are voting for him just cause his color but color is not gonna get us out of the trouble this country is in

Houston, TX

#24 Jun 27, 2012
And the only reason gas is going down is because election time is coming up and they are draining the oil reserve that we have I guarantee you has will go back up after election probably higher than its ever been and on top of that we won't have any more oil reserve
Thanks to our stupid fucking president . Y'all need to research this shot before y'all vote this great president y'all talk about ain't so great

Sunset, LA

#25 Jun 27, 2012

Obama had no direct effect on the price of gas going UP nor DOWN.

Because of the Global Economy Downturn - the emerging markets'(China and India) demand on oil has gone down along with reduced demands in the US (more fuel efficient cars on the road) and production is UP. Obama can take credit in part for the last two. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

Obama stopped the maddness and has turned the economy around (NO THANKS TO THE REPUBS IN CONGRESS).(The huge attention paid to Fast and Furious right now is so you don't think about the two wars W. got us into. Are you that simple minded?) Doesn't anyone remember all the weapons the US sent to Osama bin Laden/Afghanistan to fight the Russians (starting in the 70's and Reagan reved it up in the 80's)? Well those weapons killed thousands of Americans in the current war. There is a WAR ON DRUGS going on in Mexico!

We need to support small businesses. We have a President that is 100% in support of small business. Join him. This is where you will find your retirement job! Expand Medicare so you will have some kind of coverage!

Just look at Mitt R.'s path to becoming a BILLIONAIRE - sent good middle class jobs overseas and outsourcing American jobs in the US (using third party staffing services to offer low wage without benefits jobs - HUGE PROFIT MARGINS - 1% got richer). Corporations moving their paperwork overseas to avoid paying taxes. Now we are looking at expanding WORK VISAs. God help us!

This is why Medicare is in trouble. This is why America was on the wrong path. Obama has worked, with a good deal of success, to get America back on the right track. No, we will not have the same # of millionairs, but we will not have an ever growing # of people at or below the poverty level!
Loop T Loop

Welsh, LA

#26 Jun 27, 2012
He is a joke!!!

Sunset, LA

#27 Jun 27, 2012
Loop T Loop wrote:
He is a joke!!!
I agree, Mitt Romney is a "joke". I just knew you would come around when you saw the light. WELCOME to the "LIGHT"!

Houston, TX

#28 Jun 27, 2012
I can promise you one thing he is not gonna make it back in office next term the country is going to shit don't try to say it was W fault it was fucked up web he got in there to he showed other countries that if u mess with us we r coming for u full force so stop trying to blame it on him and sucking obamas dick he is not a good president and enjoy him while u can because he is not gonna be there much longer

Sunset, LA

#29 Jun 27, 2012
LXR wrote:
I can promise you one thing he is not gonna make it back in office next term the country is going to shit don't try to say it was W fault it was fucked up web he got in there to he showed other countries that if u mess with us we r coming for u full force so stop trying to blame it on him and sucking obamas dick he is not a good president and enjoy him while u can because he is not gonna be there much longer
Wake up - W. screwed up big time!

All he did was give lots of taxpayer money to the 1% through the Senior Rx program, two wars and the mortgage meltdown. Even he will NOT deny this.

As far as other countires, W. made alot of people in other countries angry at the US. Most pretend to be our ally so they can get money and aid, but cut them off and they will come together against the BIG BULLY - the US.

Obama has tried to settle down some of this anger at the US - talk first and then lead from behind. It was time other countries paid their FAIR share - or are you still willing to give the 1% your tax money for wasteful Defense spending? We keep spending so much money to protect Global Corporations (who don't pay the US taxes), WHY?

Sunset, LA

#30 Jun 27, 2012
If Obama were a 'white man" the 99% would be united.

Everyone would be in favor of taking "Profit" out of basic healthcare/insurance. Pay profits for boobs and penis enlargements.

Everyone would be in favor of supporting small business. Mitt R. would be sent to look for his billions around the world.

Everyone would be supporting social services: teachers, police and firefighters would not be losing their jobs in record numbers so the FOR PROFIT can take control and charge the taxpayers more these services without accountability.

Everyone would be united to save Medicare and Social Security.

In other words, do you value being racist more than securing your future?

Mobile, AL

#31 Jun 28, 2012
Everyone thinks white ppl hate him cause he is black thats not y it's because the white ppl see what's happening and the black ppl jus see one of there own in office so they vote for him

Sunset, LA

#32 Jun 28, 2012
Obama, although not perfect, has done amazing things for the American people: healthcare reform, turning around the economy, and helping small business get back on track!

If you don't believe me, turn off Fox News and research what is REALLY going on.

Don't be a 1% flunkie. Mitt R. is counting on the fact that you don't read and that you eat "CHEEZY GRITS".

Keep in mind, Mitt R. was a bully in school - cut someone's hair (while the victim was being held down). When asked about it, didn't apologize, rather, says he doesn't remember. Is it he doesn't care or he did it so many times, he can't remember faces? What a LIAR!!!

This man flip/flops so much, I don't think he knows if he is coming or going! Why turn the country back over to the 1%. They are the reason the economy has taken so long to recover!
ForProfitCollege s

Sunset, LA

#33 Jul 3, 2012
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/02/for-... Read entire article

Future Of For-Profit College Regulations Now In Obama Administration's Hands

"The department was attempting to rein in abuses by for-profit colleges, which were taking in disproportionate amounts of federal student aid dollars while their students defaulted on loans at much higher rates than in other higher education sectors. It issued the so-called gainful employment regulations in 2011 to gauge whether for-profit schools and other vocational programs were setting up students with careers that allowed them to repay student loans. The for-profit college industry countered with a lobbying battle in Washington aimed at blocking any new rules.

When the department issued the rules in June 2011, the industry's trade group filed a lawsuit a month later seeking to undo the regulations. U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras on Saturday struck down several key provisions, ruling that the department "failed to provide a reasoned explanation" for creating a rule mandating that at least 35 percent of students are repaying loans."

Is this what you want for elementary, middle and high schools? I didn't think so!

A vote for Mitt R. is a vote for FOR PROFIT (1%) and against you and your kids' futures.
WallStreet Watcher Speaks

Basile, LA

#34 Jul 3, 2012
Heard today that businesses have lots and lots of money in the banks.

They are afraid to spend/expand their businesses because not all the new Wallstreet Regs. are in place yet. Just look at what happened to JP Morgan and Barclays (banks did not learn a lesson and don't self regulate). What if they spend the money they have in reserve and another 2007-2008 Wallstreet meltdown happens again. Where will they go for operating money? After the meltdown, the banks took the bailout money for bonuses and did not lend until a great deal of pressure was placed on them. This hurt several businesses.

Some in Congress would have you believe the businesses are holding back because the Bush era tax cuts would expire. Had good jobs with benefits been created, tax breaks would be extended again.

Are you starting to smell a dirty dirty rat yet? Wallstreet needs regs. Let's get them in place now! Why are they not trying to limit compensation on Wallstreet?

Sunset, LA

#35 Jul 4, 2012
open your eyes
WallStreet Watcher Speaks

Basile, LA

#36 Jul 4, 2012
cajunfreak wrote:
open your eyes
You are right.

People need to turn Fox News off and look/listen to what is REALLY going on.

The CEO of Barclays said that he as told by the Bank of England to hold down the Libor interest rate which affected retirement plans in the US. Lawsuits have already been filed.

I have a feeling alot more of this interest rate fixing will come to light.

This is exactly why we SHOULD HAVE REGS ON WALLSTREET. They cannot and will not self regulate. They got too used to doing what they wanted in the dark to make themselves richer.

JP Morgan fiasco started at a loss of $2Billion now up to $9Billion and J. Dimon got a raise in the middle of this mess. What the hell?

All I can say is keep an eye on your 401k and good luck.

Opelousas, LA

#37 Jul 23, 2012

Sorry, Mitt: Businesses Aren't Built on Their Own

After reading this article you will see how important it is for The American Gov't (taxpayers) to work in partnership with businesses (small businesses).

This is why the "jobs bill" is SO important and I just don't understand why the Repubs in Congress don't pass it. Keep in mind, for years their campaign donors (corporations) have benefited from building/maintaining the infrastructure - was the foundation of their success!

The jobs bill is good for small business and great for the economy!

Opelousas, LA

#38 Aug 1, 2012
If the tax rate is hot raised, then the debt will not be paid down.

Corporations act as a separate entity from its owners; protects them from liability issues.

If, as Mitt Romney says, Corporations are people too, WHY NOT TAX THEM AS PEOPLE?

Getting rid of the corporate tax WILL NOT make poor people rich; just servants to the 1%. If cutting the tax rate DID NOT create a bunch of new GOOD jobs; why would no tax rate do it?

They are lying to you (kinda like that little red devil on your left shoulder - GREED). Are you going to listen?

Obama's administration has been working for the Middle Class and Working poor to lift them up.

Mitt R. wants to cut out the corporate tax and lower the investment tax. That is where most of his campaign money is coming from.
Mitt Romney did not get so rich by creating good American jobs, but by sending jobs overseas and NOT paying enough US taxes! That is his experience. He took advantage of every loophole his party put in place. Want more?

Opelousas, LA

#39 Aug 1, 2012
I noticed that people posting blame Obama for the increase number on welfare.

He did not create the rules for welfare and because of what W.'s Admin. did (GREED), more people are on welfare.

He has worked to get them off of welfare and in good jobs.

It didn't then and not now make sense to give people food stamps and Medicaid when they could be working on the US infrastructure.

Why was John Boehner against the jobs bill? Kinda sounds like they are painting you into a corner. At some point you will accept whatever crumbs they want to give you. Your choice!
EconomyPredictio ns

Opelousas, LA

#40 Aug 17, 2012
Read Entire Article

12 Worst Predictions About The U.S. Economy

So much hype and little to no substance. Very interesting slideshow. Worth the read.

Elton, LA

#41 Aug 19, 2012
LowerGasPrices wrote:
Great NEWS!
Gas prices contiune to fall. Savings! Savings! Savings!
Thank you Pres. Obama! I knew you could do it!
This has to be the dumbest thing Ive ever heard! Please, please tell me you weren't serious! If you were, it's scary to believe people like you have voting rights.

Opelousas, LA

#42 Aug 19, 2012
Nobama wrote:
<quoted text>
This has to be the dumbest thing Ive ever heard! Please, please tell me you weren't serious! If you were, it's scary to believe people like you have voting rights.
Did you get too tired to read the other posts - reading/learning gives you a headache?

It you would have continued, you would see that Obama has NOTHING to do with the prices going nor down.

Mitt R./Paul R.'s 1% friends on WallStreet do.

How would you propose we fix that situation?

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