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Discuss the national Obama-Economy debate in Church Point, LA.

Has Obama made the economy better or worse?

Church Point says Obama's hurt the economy

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#1 Feb 8, 2012
First Social Security Raise in 3 years, and only now to ensure more votes on election day! Health care is still crap! What is being done about finding the truth about the Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Death of a Beloved American President. MAKE THE RECORDS, all of them, PUBLIC and bring justice to those deserving and vindication to those who have fought hard for the truth to be know, especially Judyth Avery Baker and her fellow supporters!

Breaux Bridge, LA

#2 Feb 9, 2012
You need to give credit to W.(and tax breaks to the rich - 1%) for the mess we are in with SS and Medicare. Keep in mind, most of their income does NOT contribute to these programs (investment income). Ronald Reagan should be turning over in his grave! In the 80's the Republicans used a Democrat to do their dirty work.

Healthcare: 1. You can keep your children on until they turn 26 (alot still live at home) 2. Ins. Cos. cannot deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition. 3. Poor people will have help with health ins. coverage (reminder: Reagan said that corporate America would take of this and they sent good jobs w/benefits overseas). Why do you think Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan as so against the Healthcare Reform? It goes against the Corporations/industry that pays for their campaigns rather than being for the taxpayers who sent them to Washington. I would not be at all surprised if they become lobbyist for that industry; which is why we need to prohibit Congress people from becomming Lobbyist after they leave office.(Bill Tauzin is an example of this - was a Democrat, became a Republican and then a Lobbyist for healthcare industry).

We need to leave the death of Pres. Kennedy in the history books. Anything coming out now would be for profit (books/videos)and probably not true. This man did good work, but was VERY human!

This President has done more for the American (100%) people than W. did!

Welsh, LA

#3 Feb 11, 2012
hes a self serving short sighted puppet

Breaux Bridge, LA

#4 Feb 11, 2012
joe wrote:
hes a self serving short sighted puppet
He has done more in his first 3 years than W. did in 8 while keeping us out of wars. The most important thing is he has done good for the country and W. almost destroyed it while making his rich friends richer.

The country is finally recovering from W.'s time in office. We should give credit where credit is due, current administration.

If you disagree, then you need to be specific and source your comments. Thanks!
Job Growth

Elton, LA

#5 May 8, 2012

Job Creation Under Democratic Presidents Roughly Double That Of GOP: Report

Democrats sure know how to create jobs, if recent history is any indication.

Since John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1961, job growth under Democratic presidents has outnumbered that under Republicans by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis. During that period, non-government payrolls grew by almost 42 million jobs under Democratic presidents, compared to 24 million when a Republican party member was in power.

The pattern seems to be holding true under President Obama. During the first three years and two months of his presidency, the country hasn't lost nearly as many jobs as during that same first period of his predecessor, according to an analysis from left-leaning and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. In April, the total number of private sector jobs finally surpassed that which existed when Obama took office in January 2009, according to the Bloomberg Government report.

(read entire article)
Economy Baloney

Opelousas, LA

#6 May 9, 2012
Tell that to everyone who is and has lost everything they own. Never has this country been in the pitiful, sorry shape it is in. Obama sucks out loud and so do his supporters!
Job Growth

Elton, LA

#7 May 9, 2012
This is the second time the country has been in trouble; first being the GREAT DEPRESSION.

Obama's administration did not cause this situation, but kept the country from going back into a GREAT DEPRESSION. Proof is there for the taking.

It seems to me like people want to believe along party lines. I generally look for the facts.(Also, notice I don't have hate in my heart.)

The economy is coming back, slow and steady. I don't want to see us go back to a "live for today" lifestyle on credit. You have to save for a rainy day.

WallStreet NEEDS regs! They seem to be the only ones that came out OK. They did NOT do the right thing when given chances. They live in their own little bubble. If you want to place the blame for people losing their jobs/homes; try W's administration, Wallstreet and GREED!

Repubs in Congress want taxpayer money to go to international defense. How about taking care of the American people here at home for once? The Global Corporations should be footing the bill for defending their interest overseas!

If you don't learn the lesson, you will experience the same downturn in the economy! Clean out Congress!

Elton, LA

#8 May 10, 2012
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Paul Ryan Budget: House Passes Bill To Spare Defense, Cut Food Aid, Health Care

WASHINGTON -- The House on Thursday passed its plan to spare the military's growing budget from mandatory cuts, instead slashing Medicaid, benefits for federal workers and programs to help feed hungry Americans.

The House drew up the "reconciliation budget" in hopes of heading off automatic cuts mandated in last summer's deal to raise the nation's debt limit. Under that deal,$1.2 trillion must be "sequestered" -- that is, cut -- from the budget over the next 10 years, with about half coming from the military. Such reductions would still allow the defense budget to grow by 20 percent.

The House GOP plan passed 218 to 199, with 16 Republicans and all Democrats voting no. It replaces about $100 billion in the mandatory cuts next year and more than $300 billion over the next decade.

Rather than decrease military spending, the plan reduces projected outlays elsewhere. The proposal, which emerged from the House Budget Committee chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Monday, would cut $83 billion in federal retirement benefits (equivalent to about a 5 percent pay cut), save $49 billion by capping medical malpractice lawsuits, slash about $48 billion from Medicaid programs and cut food aid by more than $36 billion.

CUT American programs to keep money for overseas defense of 1% interests (where the middle class jobs went). Want more proof about what they plan to do the the US economy? I am WORRIED!

Clean out Congress NOW!
Want A Raise Then Move

Kinder, LA

#9 May 12, 2012
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/11/wors... Read entire article

Nine Worst States To Get A Raise: 24/7 Wall St.

Yes, Louisiana is #6, shocked?

I think all states are Republican states. Got the message yet?

Sunset, LA

#10 May 13, 2012
just open your eyes
Want A Raise Then Move

Kinder, LA

#11 May 13, 2012
Yes, open your eyes:

Small businesses is the way to go. We need to regulate Corporations so that we control the economy at the end of the day. Not become slaves to corporate will. Small businesses are manageable; corporations are NOT. This is proved every day at the expense of hard working Americans!

Mitt R.'s company, Bain Capital, took middle class jobs (good pay with benefits and retirement), and sent them overseas - where less than living wages are being paid with no beneifts. Good Christians would not want this for anyone! Like the cutting the high school students hair to make his friends and girlfriend (now wife) happy; he will most likely not care/remember you!

Ever heard the old saying: What goes around comes around. Well if we put Mitt in the WH, the American people will pay the come around price.

I am betting that he will "evolve" on his stance on gay marriage before the November election. Mark my words. He is a man of words and promises not action!!!!
Rich Dont create jobs

Welsh, LA

#12 May 17, 2012
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/17/nick... Read entire article

Nick Hanauer's TED Talk On Income Inequality Deemed Too 'Political' For Site

Multi-millionaire Nick Hanauer has an important message for those who think the rich are America's job creators. Problem is, he can't seem to get it out.

"For thousands of years people were sure that earth was at the center of the universe. It's not, and an astronomer who still believed that it was, would do some lousy astronomy," Hanauer said at a March 1 speech, according to the Atlantic. "In the same way, a policy maker who believed that the rich and businesses are 'job creators' and therefore should not be taxed, would make equally bad policy."

(Read the entire speech at The Atlantic)

Hanauer, one of the first nonfamily investors in Amazon.com , shared this argument as part of a talk he gave at the TED University conference. Now, the organizers of TED -- a movement aimed at bringing attention to "ideas worth spreading" -- is refusing to share Hanauer's talk on the internet, calling it too "political," according to the National Journal.

In his talk, Hanauer argued that the rich, people like him in other words, aren't responsible for the bulk of America’s job creation and therefore shouldn’t receive tax breaks to help them create jobs. Instead, he noted that middle-class consumers are more likely to create jobs by spending and spurring businesses to hire. Brandishing a chart comparing millionaires’ effective tax rates to the unemployment rate over time, Hanauer noted that a drop in the tax rates of the super rich hasn't meant a drop in the unemployment rate (h/t Business Insider).

His article seems to hilite what a lot of people have been saying "tax cuts are NOT creating good jobs w/beneifts; just making the 1% richer". If they will not create good jobs w/benefits, tax them. They are getting rich on the back of poor people. They need to pay their share.
SEC Probing Chipotle

Welsh, LA

#13 May 20, 2012
Read entire article

SEC Probing Chipotle Over Claims The Burrito Chain Hired Undocumented Workers

Homeland Security and the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney's office for Washington, D.C., already are conducting probes into the company's compliance with immigration laws.

The SEC subpoena requested "information regarding our compliance with employee work authorization requirements, our related public statements and other disclosures, and related information," Chipotle said in a filing.

Michael Wildes, an immigration attorney and a former federal prosecutor who is not involved in the case, said it is "not common at all" for the SEC to get involved in immigration matters.

"It's often a ping-pong between the Justice Department and immigration authorities" with the Department of Labor at times stepping in, said Wildes.

Chipotle attorney Robert Luskin said in an email "it is not at all unusual for the SEC to join an investigation under these circumstances to determine whether the company has been forthcoming in its public statements."

Luskin, a top Washington lawyer, said he is "very confident that the SEC will find that the company fulfilled all of its obligations."

A spokeswoman for the SEC declined comment.

The popular chain is the highest profile U.S. company to come under the scrutiny of ICE since it shifted enforcement to employers rather than workers in 2009.

Unlike many rivals, Chipotle owns and operates its more than 1,000 U.S. restaurants and is ultimately responsible for hiring.

The company is known for its ability to control costs, particularly labor related expenses, while expanding rapidly.
People Please

Welsh, LA

#15 May 21, 2012
Read the article and found that 500 people were fired when the investigation started.

Maybe there were illegals hired. If so, just not right.

As someone else posted, cannot achieve HUGE PROFITS if you are paying living wages with benefits.

If they hired illegals, SHAME ON THEM! GREED is the work of the devil!

Iowa, LA

#16 May 25, 2012
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Facebook post on target about Obama's spending

On May 22, 2012, Rex Nutting, the international commentary editor for the financial website MarketWatch, published a column titled, "Obama spending binge never happened." Nutting’s column explored data on federal spending patterns during recent presidencies, concluding that -- contrary to the tax-and-spend stereotype of Democrats -- President Barack Obama has actually presided over the smallest increases in federal spending of any recent president.

The column went viral. Within hours, people who liked the column were posting a graphic on Facebook -- which appears to have originated with the liberal blog Groobiecat Call -- that paired a line from Nutting’s column with a quote from Mitt Romney’s campaign website. And by day’s end, roughly a dozen readers had asked us to check the claim.

The Facebook post said that Romney is wrong to claim that spending under Obama has "accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history," because it's actually risen "slower than at any time in nearly 60 years."

We found that Obama has indeed presided over the slowest growth in spending of any president using raw dollars, and the growth on his watch was the second-slowest if you adjust for inflation. The math simultaneously backs up Nutting’s calculations and demolishes Romney’s contention. The only significant shortcoming of the graphic was that it failed to note that some of the restraint in spending was fueled by demands from congressional Republicans. On balance, we rated the claim Mostly True.

Iowa, LA

#17 May 26, 2012
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American CEOs hauled in record pay in 2011

NEW YORK — Profits at big U.S. companies broke records last year, and so did pay for CEOs.

The head of a typical public company made $9.6 million in 2011, according to an analysis by The Associated Press using data from Equilar, an executive pay research firm.

That was up more than 6 percent from the previous year, and is the second year in a row of increases. The figure is also the highest since the AP began tracking executive compensation in 2006.

Companies trimmed cash bonuses but handed out more in stock awards. For shareholder activists who have long decried CEO pay as exorbitant, that was a victory of sorts.

THINGS are changing, but we need to clean out Congress if we are going to make a lasting change for the kids and their future. Too many of the Middle and Poor Class hard working people have done with low wages, hiring freezes, hiring overseas (illegal work visas) and no raises for too long for the top Mgmt. to get HUGE pay raises for doing WHAT? CHEAT AND LIE? Is this the new definition of "BEING A GOD FEARING CHRISTIAN"? HELL NO!!!!

Take back Washington first! Then we can worry about reducing Gov't. We need Big Bro to keep an eye on Global Corporations? Or don't you care about the future?

Keep in mind, most think if you don't have a college education or MBA YOU ARE STUPID. Are you?
Definition Of Sm Business

Arnaudville, LA

#19 Jun 15, 2012

Austan Goolsbee: Eric Cantor Misrepresenting Obama's Economic Policies

Wealthy Americans that are "small businesses" under Republican Congressmen's definition include hedge fund managers and corporate law firm partners, since they earn "small business income," according to the White House. "Small businesses" under Republican Congressmen's definition also include rich Americans that receive income passively through investments and that get income from renting out property like a vacation home, according to the White House.

The government also classifies millions of people in the U.S. as "firms." As of 2007, there were 21.7 million "nonemployer firms" -- that is, people working for themselves -- in the country, constituting 78 percent of all businesses in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

WHAT DO YOU consider "small business", businesses with employees or investment property for the rich?
Shouldn't tax credits go to "small businesses" that hire people to create tax revenue or just give more money to the 1%?

Egan, LA

#20 Jun 16, 2012
Great paying jobs replaced by teenaged burger flipping jobs...
Ronald ReaganFacts

Sunset, LA

#21 Jun 25, 2012
Ronald Reagan "raised taxes in 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987."

I remember the oilfield business was dismal and yet taxes were raised and it got better for a while (until corporate America sent Middle Class jobs overseas).

Why is it such a foreign concept now. Need to raise revenue to put people back to work. If Corporate America (1%) had done a better job in the last 2 years, we would NOT be having this discussion.

Sunset, LA

#22 Jun 27, 2012
Great NEWS!

Gas prices contiune to fall. Savings! Savings! Savings!

Thank you Pres. Obama! I knew you could do it!

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