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Discuss the national Obama-Marriage debate in Wayne, WV.

Are you with President Obama in supporting gay marriage?

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Saint Albans, WV

#1 May 12, 2012
My personal feelings have no bearing on the civil liberties and rights of others. The institution of marriage its talking about is the legal institution, nor religous. This is why you go to a courthouse to do the paper work, and can get married without seeing hearing or having anything to do with anything religous. The religous institution of marriage is up to you personally and what you make of it. If it was only a religous institution government would have to right to have any say or give rights or benefits to married couples, and it would also I assume mean that atheists or agnostics could not marry. I have my own personal beliefs just like everybody, but if personal beliefs had the power to take rights away from others we would find quickly we would have no rights. There are alot of things that the government might say is right or say nothing at all about, but at the end of the day its my personal choices that make me who I am and who i want to be
yea yea na na

Rupert, WV

#2 May 12, 2012
Obama is for them to be allowed to marry, and Romney is for them to adopt children... Gag at a gnat and swollow a camel...take your pick!!!

Hurricane, WV

#3 May 12, 2012
discrimination issue

Hurricane, WV

#4 May 13, 2012
i say lets get him out of the office people who suppourts gay people to get married discrimination lol yea whatever wayne has alot of gays to but i sure dont suppourt it for sure
Slick Ricky Bobby

Hurricane, WV

#5 May 14, 2012
Marriage is Holy. When you get married, you take vows, which are from the Bible, and in the Bible it says homosexuals won't enter into the Kingdom of God. So I don't understand the principal of it. If you're not religious, then you shouldn't get married, and if youre gay you shouldnt want to either, because youre whole relationship is against the vows youre committing to. It's hypocritical. Sure everyone has rights, but its really a slap in the face to people who believe in the Bible and actually ignorant for the homosexuals whom want to get married. It's all so they can get benefits if you ask me. Nothing holy about it, like marriage should be.

Hurricane, WV

#6 May 16, 2012
The Bible also says you should love God more than your own flesh-and-blood children, and should stone them to death in the name of God if they misbehave. Is that another of those "holy" bible philosophies you'd follow to the t?

Not to mention that the concept of marriage is older than the Bible and Christianity itself. Christians have no right to claim ownership of something that was never theirs' to begin with.

Hurricane, WV

#7 May 16, 2012
if two ppl really love each other, they deserve to get married if they want.... <3 (:
Slick Ricky Bobby

Hurricane, WV

#8 May 16, 2012
Actually rotgut, if you read into the passage God was speaking to the Israelites as an entire people, telling them that if they didn't discipline their children, and their children became evil or sinners, it was better to stone them to death rather than face the wrath of God as an entire nation. If you are a true Christian, then yes you love God more than youre own flesh and blood. Because you are exactly that, just flesh and bone. God is eternal.
As for marriage outdating the Bible, youre correct. Civil unions were found by scientists before the Bible. But, if you believe the bible, or believe it is a historical reference, then the first marriage was between Adam and Eve(Genesis 2:20-2:24) the first humans on earth. Marriage vows are took from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer commissioned by King James, whom also had the hebrew bible translated into the King James version bible most all christians follow today, and was a deep believer in Christianity. That was my point to begin with. Sorry i didnt clarify.

Hurricane, WV

#9 May 17, 2012
Fair point, but the thing is, Slick, the stuff about Adam and Eve, God creating marriage etc...As you say, that's only something a certain demographic believes, not all of America. Gay marriage is a HUGE civil rights issue in America right now, and concerns many people of different cultures and religions and sexualities.

The US govt. has a duty to do what is best for the country as a whole and listen to her citizens' concerns and criticisms. If the majority of Americans want and vote for gay marriage to be legal, it should be made legal, regardless if certain parts of the Christian demographic (which is growing only smaller in America) disagree.

Corrupt nutcase fanatics like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh and the idiots on Fox News certainly aren't doing a good job of making the side of the debate against gay marriage look better, certainly not to America's younger generations.
Slick Ricky Bobby

Hurricane, WV

#10 May 17, 2012
Well, I won't argue with you. I believe in a different America than you. Everyone is entitled to opinions and that is a rightI have fought for overseas and millions of men before me have died for. I've been all over this earth, and I've lived in two of the most liberal places in America, one where gay marriage is recognized and they are not places i care to ever see again. I've seen what it does to society, and it tears it down rather than creates acceptance. And i do not believe gay marriage is a civil right. My wife is African American, and to say that being gay is the same as being black or any other color or race is detestible. Being gay is a choice people act upon. Being a certain color or people is something people do not choose.

Hurricane, WV

#11 May 17, 2012
Not a civil rights issue? Are you blind? Children have been bullied to the point of committing suicide merely because they were gay.

Gay couples who have a partner in the hospital are often denied visitation rights because they are not recognized as an official married couple, because they are not allowed to be married.

Underage kids have been disowned and kicked out of their parents' home because they thought they could trust them and came out to their parents about their homosexuality. Only to be spat on and kicked out like disease-ridden dogs by ones who once claimed to love them. Just because they were gay.

Gay acceptance is most definitely a civil rights issue, and if you can't recognize that then you are a blind idiot. And no, one doesn't choose to be gay, that is a part of one's genetics when they form in the womb, they can't do anything about it. And that is NOT an opinion, it is a fact proven by medical research.
Slick Ricky Bobby

Hurricane, WV

#12 May 17, 2012
its not a proven fact at all nimrod, and if youre going to call names I can too. Obviously youre sensitive on the issue, and probably have a family member who is gay or friend, or maybe youre gay . Whatever the case, just because i give my opinion doesn't give you the right to get sensitive and start calling names. It' is NOT a proven medical fact, though. You should do your research before you go attempting to prove a fact or state a "proven fact by medical research. If it was a proven medical fact then it would be a different story, but its not. And as far as civil rights, i wont argue with you about that. You don't have the slightest idea about civil rights. Being gay is a disease. Of the mind.

Hurricane, WV

#13 May 17, 2012
I'm not calling you an idiot because I'm sensitive. I'm calling you an idiot because, well, you're an idiot, and I make no apologies for it. You refuse to educate yourself about homosexuality and its place in today's civil rights and how its effecting younger generations. If someone is intent on being willfully ignorant, then I will treat them as such.

Look, I don't really care if you're against gay rights, I don't know you personally. But at least be open-minded and try to see both sides clearly instead of thumping the Bible and declaring homosexuals to be disease-ridden sinners who tear down society and are unworthy of human rights.

You can have the last word if you want it. I've said my two cents on the topic and am done. Continue on with your close-minded bigotry and consumption of Fox News propaganda.
Slick Ricky Bobby

Hurricane, WV

#14 May 18, 2012
Don't cry yourself to sleep Mr. Sensitive. Your name fits you well rotgut, because youre full of crap. I've contributed more to society in the past four years than you will your entire life. Have a good one buddy.

Ironton, OH

#15 May 22, 2012
Well lets just be honest here fellas! lol The truth is that there is an epidemic going on, that of the bible. I'm really not sure how it all happened but it is amazing to me how so many people have been fooled to believe that this book is Gods word and how you should live. It actually pretty simple but the bible makes it so complicated. God made each and every one of us. No matter what color, race, sexuality or whatever. It doesn't matter who you marry as long as you are happy. I mean really, take away the bible and all this nonsense that most people get upset about would go. All that really matters is that we are good to each other, treat others as you would like to be treated. Stop being so selfish and do something for someone else for a change.

Hewett, WV

#16 May 25, 2012
My question is, How does it effect you personally if Tom and Bob get married or Sue and Sara ??!?!?!
THe answer is, it doesn't.
Plain and Simple.
The only people it effects are the ones who are not allowed to marry because churches say so, even thought state and church are supposed to be separated.
You people act like its so holy and special to you to get married but there is no way these other sub human life forms can feel that way because they like the same sex and that is a pathetic way to think.
No one is better than gays and gays are better not better than anyone else. Its called Equality.
That lovely Christian attitude that because I worship God and can quote a bible I'm better is pathetic and disgusting.
The bible was manipulated by man to control and poor and ignorant... Kudos to that man cause he has been brainwashing the masses for centuries lmao
What a grand plan and idea he had!!!
Power and control, its what everyone seeks, especially way back in the day.

Madison, WV

#17 May 25, 2012
Yes because it doesnt matter what other people do. It doesnt effect any ones day to day life except the ones being told No .....

Saint Albans, WV

#18 May 25, 2012
If you dont believe people are born gay due to genetics, search it on Google for the facts that prove it.

Why would someone choose to be gay and get harrassed, abused and bullied?

Charleston, WV

#19 May 29, 2012
I'm going to say one thing and that's it on the matter, even animals don't engage in that manner of acts, you would think we would be smarter than them. Just sayin

Saint Albans, WV

#20 Jun 2, 2012
Animals can indeed display homosexual preferences. The albatross a type of bird in oahu is known to have partners of the same sex for years.

There are many animal species that have sex with opposite sex partners just to breed, but then partner up with a same sex partner to raise and nurture the young.

And then you have the animals that will have sex with anything just because its in their nature to mate.

Research it, its interesting.

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