Obama-Marriage Debate - Sedan, KS

Discuss the national Obama-Marriage debate in Sedan, KS.

Are you with President Obama in supporting gay marriage?

Sedan is with Obama on gay marriage.
Yes, all the way
Not at all
I'm on the fence

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Edmond, OK

#1 May 12, 2012
Everyone should have the same rights, no matter what their sexual orientation is.

Tulsa, OK

#2 May 14, 2012
No the religious right ..who aren't really religious will try an impose their religious beliefs on Caesar's business,and many on the right will get nasty,ugly and downright dispeciable with name calling calling over this issue as they do all the time with political issues anyway.Always showing their inhumanity.BTW didn't Jesus say to forgive and love one another or did he qualify that and add except for gays. Why everybody in such a uproar over this issue only about 3-4% of our population is gay so that's like a BB in a boxcar.

Augusta, KS

#3 May 15, 2012
A Christian marriage is between man and woman, not sexual deviates. Obama, not being a Christian, would allow it.
Fake Cristian Post

Burden, KS

#4 May 21, 2012
wow wrote:
A Christian marriage is between man and woman, not sexual deviates. Obama, not being a Christian, would allow it.
Wow your so right! O I mean your wrong! A christian marriage is between a man and several hundred women, or a man and the Girl he raped, or the man and his dead brothers wife, or a man and his wife and his concubines (yes the bible allow cheating) So all you REAL christians (by that I mean ignorant selfrightous morons) can go straight to HELL. The sooner the better!

God Bless

Tulsa, OK

#5 Jun 4, 2012
gay marriage is a civil right separate from religion which is different matter.
Good Point

Seattle, WA

#6 Aug 24, 2012
The Christians dont want their spouses running away with the same sex..How degrading would that be to wow...LMAO

Wichita, KS

#7 Sep 5, 2012
It is certainly true that the contention over marriage is about civil law. Marriage law has long been a state matter, and in the United States that has meant, literally, a state rather than a federal matter. In any case, the law has until now taken for granted that marriage is an institutional bond between a man and a woman. Moreover, marriage is something people of all faiths and no faith engage in. Churches, synagogues, and mosques may bless marriages but they do not create the institution. In that sense the question of marriage is not first of all a religious matter in the sense in which most people use the word "religion."

However, to insist that the question of marriage is a matter of civil law and not first of all a religious matter does not take us very far. After all, the argument is about what government ought to do about keeping or changing the legal definition of marriage. The debate is not between husbands and wives within the bond of traditional marriageólike a court case over divorce and child custody. No, this debate is about whether the law that now defines marriage is itself good or bad, right or wrong. And to join that debate one must appeal, by moral argument, to grounds that transcend the law as it now exists. In that regard, the question of marriage is not about a civil right at all. It is about the nature of reality and interpretations of reality that precede the law.

Those who now argue that same-sex couples should be included, as a matter of civil right, within the legal definition of marriage are appealing to the constitutional principles of equal protection and equal treatment. But this is entirely inappropriate for making the case for same-sex "marriage." To argue that the Constitution guarantees equal treatment to all citizens, both men and women, does not say anything about what constitutes marriage, or a family, or a business enterprise, or a university, or a friendship. An appeal for equal treatment would certainly not lead a court to require that a small business enterprise be called a marriage just because two business partners prefer to think of their business that way. Nor would equal treatment of citizens before the law require a court to conclude that those of us who pray before the start of auto races should be allowed to redefine our auto clubs as churches.

The simple fact is that the civil right of equal treatment cannot constitute social reality by declaration. Civil rights protections function simply to assure every citizen equal treatment under the law depending on what the material dispute in law is all about. Law that is just must begin by properly recognizing and distinguishing identities and differences in reality in order to be able to give each its legal due.

One kind of social relationship that government recognizes, for example, is a free contract by which two or more parties agree to carry out a transaction or engage in some kind of activity. Let's say you contract with me to paint your house. The law of contract does not define ahead of time what might be contracted; it simply clarifies the legal obligations of the contracting parties and the conseque
Smell The socialist crap

Wichita, KS

#8 Oct 3, 2012
Crap here

All the socialist crap here.
What lines of BS.

A socialist Muslim running things in this country and all the socialist/ communist pigs who want to stir hate and discontent.

Lawyers bleeding the country dry and democrats wanting a socialist agenda believing that everyone owes them something for nothing and want you to believe the word capitalism is a nasty word.

The USA the most powerful nation in the world because of capitalism and freedom not oppression and socialism.
You to dang lazy to go to work or grow your own food go hungry.
Time to stop the leaches on socialism.
Take a look at all the people pushing it. Federal, State or county run anything including schools, law enforcement, public safety to mention a few. In part to protect their own jobs.

Ask your self these things if supposedly capitalism was so bad why are there so many people here illegally? If palopsy, reid, biden and king idiot were for America why are they destroying it and taking everything from you and giving it to illegalís. Ahh Votes for them to do more damage.
How many illegalís and socialist creeps that post on here are really illegalís or communist.

If our law enforcement is a power hungry device just look up their ties to the un and homeland security. Take a look at the winning law enforcement that wants you to always feel sorry for them by being out manned, out gunned, out resourced and so on. You are a gullible idiot to believe them.
Example off of the feds own statistic polls of 2011

61Law enforcement persons killed do to guns suppose to make you feel sad for them.

1. I do not feel sad for anyone who knows the service they are signing to if you do not like the statistics do not sign up. Otherwise shut up.

2. always manipulating numbers to scare the populous
Deaths are as follows
Car accidents per year 33,310
Airplane crashes 828
Drug not alcohol deaths 150,000
Alcohol 75,000 and know a lot of the cops at the bars drinking
Teen suicide 10,000
Farm related accident 476
Drug related murders 5,814
Killed by knifes 50,000
1,000 unarmed people died in 2011 by police officers
Just for a few examples
Law enforcement killed by guns 61 Would you guys please shut up about how bad gun control Is needed

The only country in the world that its citizens are allowed to carry guns and still free to some extent
Take your socialist communist crap and leave this county.
Remember you are free to do so.

Wichita, KS

#9 Oct 3, 2012
As a side note isn't this "Redmen" the same one that calls people names and says horrible things about anyone who disagrees with them.
Lets just get people out to vote and put this socialist out of office and give everyone else a job with him the only unemployed person----oh yes his Hollywood buddies maybe they will give him a job in fantasy land-------perfect for all !!!!

Peru, KS

#10 Oct 5, 2012

United States

#11 Oct 9, 2012
Equal rights to ALL !

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