Obama-Marriage Debate - Oklahoma City, OK

Discuss the national Obama-Marriage debate in Oklahoma City, OK.

Are you with President Obama in supporting gay marriage?

Oklahoma City is with Obama on gay marriage.
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Seminole, OK

#874 Feb 21, 2013
"redefine morality"....good one box. I didn't realize you even knew what morality was.

Oklahoma City, OK

#877 Feb 22, 2013
Not allowed

“Put the X Back in X-Mas.”

Since: Feb 08

Norman, Oklahoma

#882 Feb 26, 2013
antiatheist wrote:
oh please no not michael allred.
You're just annoyed that I keep reminding you that you've never been able to actually provide evidence for anything you've tried to push.

“Put the X Back in X-Mas.”

Since: Feb 08

Norman, Oklahoma

#883 Feb 26, 2013
Pollster wrote:
Well there's you're mistake.

You should stop basing your positions on the actions of a fictional character.

“Put the X Back in X-Mas.”

Since: Feb 08

Norman, Oklahoma

#884 Feb 26, 2013
So, from what I can see, the last remnants of the opposition to the next step in equality is basing their objections on a poorly written book.

Seminole, OK

#885 Feb 26, 2013
michael why do you spend 99% of your time attacking God and Christians? If its all a fairytale then why bother? It consumes you which tells me you know there is a God. Everyone knows it.......only fools deny it.

Bristolville, OH

#886 Feb 27, 2013
Before we move on I felt that I should give you a little information concerning the book of Romans. And the homosexual content covered in the book of Romans.

Have you ever thought about why Romans is very important to our study of the homosexual?

What is special about the book of Romans and the homosexual information contained in Romans.

We know that the homosexual and Gods condemnation of the lifestyle is recorded thru out the entire bible.

But why is Romans special, why is Romans different?

The answer is very simple!

God had seven church Epistles written to the born-again believers.

An Epistle is another word for letter.

An Church Epistle contains information directly from God to man.

God gave Paul the revelation-spiritual inspiration concerning how the believers were to function.

But we have still not answered the question, why is Romans so special?

The answer is really very simple.

The book of Romans was the very {FIRST} Epistle-letter of instruction, God had written to and for the individuals that got born-again on the day of Pentecost.

Romans is what is referred to as an Doctrinal Epistle.

So, What is a Doctrinal Epistle?

A Doctrinal Epistle gives information concerning how to believe rightly.

It shows the believer how to live righteously. It shows the believer what to avoid.

It can never be overstated how important Romans is. And the weight it carries.

Why? Because its the first Epistle addressed to the believers!

Now, With this understanding in mind we all must ask ourselves a question?

What is the very first thing that God brings up in this very first Epistle?


Could God speak any louder concerning his condemnation of HOMOSEXUALITY-LESBIANISM?


Out of all the sins, out of all the sexual maladies. What does God bring up first, HOMOSEXUALITY-LESBIANISM!

Do you know that there is more recorded concerning the sin of homosexuality then all the other sins and maladies?


Because the sin of homosexuality is so deep that it literally guts any individual that participates in the lifestyle on every level of morality.

Homosexuality is like a piece of wood that has been stained.

The negative effects literally permeate the very inner soul of those that involve themselves with this lifestyle.

So, How does the homosexual function and appear normal?

The answer is really very simple.

Scripture says that the homosexual has had their mind seared with a hot iron.

What does that mean?

It means that, the part of the brain were sexual morals and sexual morality is reasoned, is shut down!

Much the same way an alcoholic shuts down.

Now you will understand to a much deeper degree why God said they have a reprobate mind!

They couldn't make a sound moral decision if they wanted to.

Why? Because that part of the brain where sexual decisions and sexual morality is made is shut down.

Yes, All this corruption takes place in the arena of the mind!

And this is why God brings up homosexuality first!

There is no deeper sin then homosexuality.

Because homosexuality poisons all the other moral nuances!

God brought up homosexuality first because he did not want any misunderstanding concerning this very vile and degrading life choice.

Homosexuality is actually a crime against humanity as far as God is concerned!

Homosexuality dirties all of the beauty and simplicity that God built into the fabric of life!

Homosexuality degrades man, cheapens man, cheapens life in all of its wonder and beauty!

Everything the homosexual touches is dirtied and degraded.

Homosexuality is a mockery of God, marriage, children!

God considers it the vilest of the vile! And rightfully so!

Make no mistake about it, it is no accident that God confronts and condemns homosexuality first! In his first admonitions to the believers.

Again, I have not written to be critical, but people have a right to know the real truth concerning homosexuality and Gods disgust of it!

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#888 Mar 6, 2013
Pollster wrote:
<quoted text>
It would be impossible to consider the negative impact the ideology of homosexuality has had upon American values and the American family without considering the special and unique attributes that God specifically built into the father and mother of a child, for the nurture and normal development of the child! Even a individual with a very limited interest and understanding of the bible becomes aware of the fact that, there are no scripture that pertains to homosexuals/lesbians ever being considered suitable for child rearing and or marriage! They also become aware of the fact that there are no scripture that address how a homosexual/lesbian relationship is to function! It is clear from scripture that the only instruction that God gave the homosexual/lesbian was to completely refrain from any such lifestyle! The casual reader of the bible will also become cognizant of the fact that, the bible contains hundreds of scripture showing God instructing the husband-wife-children concerning how they are to function and interact with one another! God has given clear instruction from Genesis too Revelations directing the specific responsibilities each are expected to carry out as God oversee and blesses the family he has designed it to function! The husband and wife are clearly instructed to love and respect one another, with a further view of utilizing their unique qualities as husband and wife to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of God! With the husband being specifically instructed in Ephesians 6:4 Not to provoke his children to wrath, Which means the fathers primary responsibility before God, too his children is to lead by example, the father is not to teach his children to be wrathful, or to encourage them to be hell raisers! But he is to bring them up in the nurture and admonitions of the Lord! He is to tenderize their hearts towards God by his example of love and tenderness towards his children and wife! There is a record in Proverbs that says a child left to himself brings his mother to shame! But the father is not mentioned in that record, I may handle that section at a later time! Clearly no homosexual/lesbian relationship is ever mentioned as being suitable for marriage or child rearing! Children deserve the best, and God has shown the best way to give them that! Father know best! Even with all its faults, brought about by mans unwillingness too adhere to the standards God has set for marriage and child rearing, the heterosexual couple still provide the best soil to produce the best children for future generations of Americans! Because it is built upon unchanging truths!
Isaiah 54:13 All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children!
You show great emotion. It is not everyday I can log in and actually know how someone feels by their typing. It is refreshing.

The sad thing about being able to see your emotion is that there is rage, hatred and despise in the tone of your writing. Yet, your statement is against this in raising children. So I am going to ask this, "Is this how you raise your children? Or going to raise your children?"
GOD says " Love Thy Neighbor." I do not see anything close to love in your statements. I do see rage, I do see hate, I do see despise.
It is one thing not to like other's choices in sexual preference, but your tone suggests you hate that person as well.

Moline, IL

#889 Mar 6, 2013
so how does all that biblical explanation have one least tiny little bit to do with public secular laws in the united states?

here's a quick answer : it doesn't.

people in america are free to think feel and believe as they wish or see fit. no one can or will change that.

get back on topic regarding the subject of same sex marriage. SCOTUS is set to hear those cases this month with decisions out sometime this summer. however, keep in mind, SCOTUS will not consider biblical passages as evidence.

Seminole, OK

#890 Mar 6, 2013
heart claims to be a Christian.

Moline, IL

#891 Mar 7, 2013
antiatheist wrote:
heart claims to be a Christian.
a person's choice in faith don't come into play when it comes to public secular laws or civil rights of American citizens.

Seminole, OK

#892 Mar 7, 2013
the ONLY reason you are holding to your secular laws bs is because you wanna marry your gay lover. Period.

Moline, IL

#893 Mar 8, 2013
antiatheist wrote:
the ONLY reason you are holding to your secular laws bs is because you wanna marry your gay lover. Period.
a person's personal opinion doesn't come into play with public secular laws, either.

the only reason you're against same sex marriage is based upon something that cannot be dictated to anyone else that chooses not to attend the same denomination or church that you do.

you can think feel or believe anything you want. that will never change. the laws, however, are a different matter.

Seminole, OK

#894 Mar 8, 2013
any idiot knows homosexuality isn't a good thing for society regardless of religious belief. Its a destructive lifestyle choice and shouldn't be condoned.

Grapevine, TX

#895 Mar 8, 2013
Pollster wrote:
An Church Epistle contains information directly from God to man.

The book of Romans was the very {FIRST} Epistle-letter of instruction,
Dear Obviously Self-Taught Bible Scholar,

Romans is not the first letter written.
Everyone except the Okie Oral Robert types agree
that Thessalonians was the first book/letter written.

An awful lot of ' directly from God ' material in the
New Testament is hog-wash. Put away your stones.

Too bad you can't see the light for all the smoke
directed at your ass.

Moline, IL

#896 Mar 11, 2013
antiatheist wrote:
any idiot knows homosexuality isn't a good thing for society regardless of religious belief. Its a destructive lifestyle choice and shouldn't be condoned.
1. how about some hard facts or studies proving your assertion?

2. most american medical & psychological professional groups profoundly disagree with your unproven & unfounded statement. many studies conducted ove the past 30+ yrs also prove your statements as wrong.

Seminole, OK

#897 Mar 11, 2013
you are SO full of crap.
Jay Wallace

Quezon City, Philippines

#898 Mar 12, 2013
marriage is between a man and a woman
Jay Wallace

Quezon City, Philippines

#899 Mar 12, 2013
Vanesa wrote:
<quoted text>
nobody wants to be with you either.
i think you should be able to marry a monkey, how about you

Moline, IL

#900 Mar 12, 2013
Jay Wallace wrote:
<quoted text> i think you should be able to marry a monkey, how about you
well, jay, animals don't have the capacity to enter into a contract. adult humans do.

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