I didn't like the elections. I don't like Republicans. They are for the rich. The middle class and the lower class will be forgotten. Sarah Palin put Republicans in office. The Republicans were the ones that put the deficit at the current level. They brought about two wars that spent trillions of dollars. in over 200years the defict was less than 1 billion dollars. In the 1940"s to 1980 the deficit stayed constant. In that time we had 5 democratic presidents and three republican presidents. From 1980 to current we had 3 republican presidents and 2 democratic presidents. Reagan had his trickle down economics which sent companies over seas. Bush Senior had a war and W had a war which contributed to the deficit. When Clinton was president the republicans controlled the Congress. Sarah Palin get real. You are nothing but a nut case trying to get elected president. I am going to keep an eye on you republicans.