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Since: Aug 10

Woodbury, NJ

#1 Aug 28, 2010
Smoking Marajuana is a lot safer than drinking alchohol and thats legal. I watched my father drink himself to death. Ive never heard of anyone dying from too much THC.

Willingboro, NJ

#2 Aug 30, 2010
klly wrote:
Smoking Marajuana is a lot safer than drinking alchohol and thats legal. I watched my father drink himself to death. Ive never heard of anyone dying from too much THC.
I died from too much THC that my ex-girlfriend used.

Unknowingly to me, she drank a lot...smoked plenty of marijuana (more than I was led to believe)...said that she was "raised" on marijuana and wouldn't give it up for anybody....and is harming herself with those chemicals, ones from cigarettes, and psychiatric drugs for schizoaffective disorder. I didn't walk away from her and wanted to assist, even though she wasn't honest since the beginning.

We lost our forthcoming marriage and my chance at being a good husband/person in ther life. I was extremely emotionally damaged.
Drugs chosen over something meaningful.

Who cares if the substance doesn't physically kill you; it does alter the brain in an unnatural way, just like psychatric drugs. The purpose is to change your behaviour in a way that it supposedly beneficial. It's all fake and the elusive 'chemicals' in the brain are organized in different ways and cause effects.

No need for weed to be available easily.

Since: Aug 10

Willingboro, NJ

#3 Aug 30, 2010
it affects the brain, making many as you shouldn't be; that "releases inhibitions' crap is would allow me to act stupid to impress strangers and be 'cool'; it can make women horny and result in unwanted pregnancies or abuse by men who take advantage of her; I can be cool & clear-headed without it and not paranoid; if it's presently against the laws of the land, that's enough to not do it; I don't care about supporters saying it can't kill you; that doesn't meant it's good for you; and it kills friendships and relationships; my soon-to-be wife chose to abandon all we had for it since she was "raised" on it; wouldn't let me help; some people treat it like it's their job to smoke; I'm no fan of any substance that works to change my being; I strive to be real; I see only benefits in glaucoma patients and it's addictive and unnecessary; fake feelings caused by something ingested seem useless; many people might have a so-called 'crutch', but this isn't necessary
Pot Head

Paulsboro, NJ

#4 Sep 9, 2010
I believe in personal choice. I think that if dangerous addictive substances such a alcohol are legal then little old harmless herb should not be. I'm actually smoking as I write this. Marijuana is not addictive at all. I have been in quite a few predicaments where I had to quit smoking and it was not a problem. I didn't go crazy and go buy a bag of heroin, I was not physically ill, irritable, or any smarter. I am able to wake up at 1 AM smoke go to work come home smoke again wash the dishes, clean my house that I pay for because I have a well paying job take a shower and still move on with my day with a few smoke breaks in between. Did I mention I attend college and have excellent grades. At 20 I was a hospice caregiver to my cancer ridden sister in law and 2 weeks before my 21st birthday she passed and I took care of her kids for a couple months because nobody else wanted that "burden" that I loved so much. I quite smoking the day that she passed and it had no effect on me at all. When the kids moved in with their money hungry grandmother I started again because I was once again responsible for only myself.It all depends on what you do with it.It actually helps me think deeper and think more about what I am doing. I am more creative and am able to envision more possibilities. I function very well. I like to smoke and feel a buzz. Sometimes from lifting heavy boxes at work all night my back hurts and that makes me feel better. God says to use all herbs, and I intend to do so. It is not psychically altered like heroin or cocaine or pills. It grows from the dirt and I am just showing appreciation for all the beautiful natural things God has offered to us. Thanks big guy. I respect your opinion, but if you don't understand you don't know.I don't know how sushi tastes because I never ate it before, so I couldn't tell you anything about it, whether its good or bad. I'm just saying.

Mantua, NJ

#5 Sep 12, 2011
If it's the only thing you do it is your choice. This is America! Stop telling me what I should or shouldn't do with my own life. If you don't like it stay out of my life. Every time you hear a "bad" story about someone smoking pot there is ALWAYS something else going on. i.e. drinking ( which is more harmful and legal), mental issues or other drugs. Get over yourself people. It's an amazing medical drug for those it helps. Please stop trying to make uneducated judgement of others. Instead worry about improving your own life, leave my life to me...

Woodbury, NJ

#6 Oct 21, 2011
Prohibition didn't work on alcohol either. Besides, mj could save this country. Decriminalize it!

Bellingham, WA

#7 Nov 19, 2011
NO drugs should be legal.

Bridgeton, NJ

#8 Jan 20, 2012
Marijuana is a lot safer than most legal substances. It should be used in moderation, like any other substance. But, the legality of it will lessen the desire to try it in rebellion.
PotSmokinSoccerM om

Ocean City, NJ

#9 Mar 12, 2012
It's not a drug. It's an herb, there are plenty of other natural herbs that can help you achieve the same effect. I wish people would actually educate themselves on a subject before they try to push THEIR ignorant beliefs on others. Educate yourselves on ALL the PROVEN facts on ANY topic you feel you need to make an opinion on them and enforce that on others. To the guy above your girlfriend/fiance' didn't leave you because of pot. She probably left you because you are so closed minded. If she wouldn't quit then you would look down on her, because YOU don't think it's right. Who would want to live like that? You 2 just had different beliefs and it's better it ended before you had to pay for a divorce. But, DON'T blame it on the pot!


Since: Jul 07

Franklinville, NJ

#10 Oct 5, 2012
i smoke...
gary mcilvaine

Woodbury, NJ

#11 Nov 6, 2012
why not
marihuana is an addictive

Tel Aviv, Israel

#12 Nov 7, 2012
i am 63 years old and had used Hashish and Merihuana for manny years once a month or so. it was very nice and fun when having sex.
but and it is a big BUT , all around my nieghbourhood during my years of using it , i found out that manny young people become addictive heavily to Merihuana and than went to mental ilnnes and i know personally a guy who comeet suicide at age 25 and used Merihuana until the lst moment of his life.
me personally hapened that 5 years ago i become so addictive that i used to take every one hour a shut of Hashish with a Bang.
to my luck i was strong enough to give it up.
Jodi extrada

Woodbury, NJ

#13 Jan 3, 2013
If someone wants to smoke weed leave them it's their choice. Besides it has many very effective medicinal uses
Mr. E

Woodbury, NJ

#14 Jul 28, 2013
Thats all there is to do in this shit town
Mr E

Woodbury, NJ

#15 Jul 28, 2013
there is nothing to do in this garbage ass town hence all of your kids turning to smoking weed. Stop putting in crown fried chickens and liquor stores and maybe start putting in decent shopping and eating and maybe things would be a little different. People are going to smoke weed no matter what though. It grows on the ground. any of u who made a comment about weed killing or causing major health problems made that up for attention because thats bull. No scientific studies show anything close to that. Do some research before you bash something you know nothing about or try it. But on a serious note, this town sucks and I worry more about the perc heads crack heads and dope heads more than pot smokers. Pills and narcotics are the problem in this town, not weed. Stop taking and defending prescription meds over something harmless. To reiterate, this town sucks ass and the politicians in it ruin it. that is all.
Matias D'Ambrosio

Woodbury, NJ

#16 Aug 2, 2013
What I choose to do with my body is my own business. Making the substance criminal just creates the opportunity for a black market to exist. People will do their drug of choice (marijuana in this case) regardless if it's illegal or not. When it's illegal, that action becomes an action that could harm others (via a criminal network).

I would want the option to do my drug of choice without supporting such a network, but that option does not exist at the moment.
The Flower

United States

#17 Aug 3, 2013
Freedom vs. Prohibition

&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player
Steve Eubanks

Woodbury, NJ

#18 Oct 6, 2013
Not Dangerous, health alternative to Alcohol
Ann marie

Philadelphia, PA

#19 Oct 15, 2013
it makes people slow down and hungry, Its good for people with no appetite helps them eat and sleep better, much better then any prescribed pills and its naturally grown not produced. Makes people happy not violent like pills or alcohol
Stray Thought

Vincentown, NJ

#20 Nov 23, 2013
a few things. 1st, too much of anything is no good whether its weed, booze, food, oxygen, or water. it all comes down to personal responsibility. 2nd, u cant prohibit something just b/c u personally don't like it. 3rd, I agree with matias that we are only enriching criminal organizations when we could be taxing and profiting from something people will do regardless. 3rd we'll save $ from prosecuting And jailing nonviolent drug offenders. 4th, we wouldn't need to interfere so much with foreign "narco states". Less drug dealers on the streets = less criminals to follow. 5th, we may actually be able to help addicts better themselves. Tax an inevitable problem and not only can u control it better but u can fund the control w/ those taxes. Outlaw it and u give control to those who work outside the law. You help fund them and put the financial and social burdens entirely on hardworking taxpayers. I personally don't even like weed. it makes me weird around ppl and I feel like im gonna have a heart attack sometimes but the fact that this is still an issue is ridiculous. There are much better ways to deal with this problem.

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