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Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

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b cooper

United States

#1 Aug 25, 2010
if it helps someone that is sick i do
pastor D

Tucson, AZ

#3 Aug 31, 2010
What would be next? Opium? I cannot beleive this is a discussion!

Since: Aug 10

United States

#4 Aug 31, 2010
Here are some historical facts
reason why industrial hemp -- and not just marijuana -- has been illegal in our country since 1937.

The hemp seed is one of the highest sources of protein and the number-one source of essential fatty acids. It is still a major food staple for many people in the eastern world. Hemp seed was the world's most used birdseed right up until its prohibition. Birds will pick the hemp seeds out of a pile of mixed seed and eat them first. Hemp seed oil was the main base for the planetís paints and varnishes and was the world's most consumed lighting oil for thousands of years. It was also used as lubricating oil, even as recently as World War II on U.S. war ships.

The fiber from the cannabis hemp plant is the strongest natural fiber in the world. From it man has produced everything from the finest linens to the strongest ropes, sails, and tents for thousands of years. Even the first American flags were made out of hemp. The fiber is also a chemical-free source of paper, and was used worldwide since 600 A.D., for everything from books to money and documents, including both drafts of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin used hemp in Americaís first paper mill. Hempís cellulose fibers were also used in the manufacture of dynamite and TNT.

The study of the hemp fiber by the U.S.'s largest powder company, Du Pont, led to the development of the first synthetic fiber, Rayon. Hempís cellulose observation was also the basis of our plastics,(Celluloid, Acetate, etc.) and the duplication of these fibers produced Nylon, the worldís strongest synthetic fiber. This company also produced the chemicals that make up synthetic varnishes and paints, and the chemicals used in the wood-paper process.

"The chemist has aided in conserving nature by developing synthetic products to supplement or wholly replace natural products," said Lammont Du Pont, company president.

In 1937, the entire hemp industry was illegalized through the lie that marijuana was the most violent drug known to man. In this same year, Du Pont patented Nylon and the chemical process of making paper from wood

Since: Aug 10

Condon, OR

#8 Aug 31, 2010
I want the state of SD to recognize the economic potential of marijuana and actually research the possibility of getting involved in a

growing business I do not want people to only focus on the smoking it aspect and research and realize how much money it could generate

for this area and all the many jobs it can create this artcle is from the Charleston Gazette by reporter Emily Gould the title is

PRO:Legalizing Marijuana can beefit the Nation.

An issue has arisen in our country that has caused much debate and discontent: the legalization of marijuana.

Now I am by no means an expert on the subject, but through meticulous research (not field studies, mind you), I have come to the

conclusion that legalizing marijuana being is as sensible as it is controversial. Many countries have already made the leap in the right

direction on this issue and have legalized the drug's usage.

Let's start with some basics about the plant itself. Marijuana is a dried conglomerate of the flowers, stems, leaves and seeds of the

hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It can be used in a variety of ways, though I won't list them here so as not to give you any ideas.

It can produce many effects, most of which are very pleasurable and relaxing. One of these is that the user gets a feeling often

described as "the munchies." This would be beneficial to people who are nauseated by chemotherapy or those that are overcoming an eating

disorder like anorexia.

Pot could also be used for treating insomnia, as it produces a lethargic effect. People who are constantly anxious or stressed out would

really benefit from using ganja, too, as it can make the user's life problems seem to melt away, even to the point of euphoria. It is

almost like a direct portal to "cloud nine," some users would say.

There are many false myths surrounding marijuana usage.

People say that marijuana is addictive, but whoever says this is misinformed. Marijuana is no more addictive than the caffeine that is

present in most sodas and coffee. Marijuana causes no physical dependence, unlike tobacco. So by this reasoning, tobacco is worse than

marijuana, yet our government continues to allow the nationwide use of tobacco while demonizing marijuana as equivalent to smoking crack.

Another misconception is that marijuana is a dangerous "gateway drug." Again, this is not based on fact, but on preconceived bias.

According to government statistics, less than 25 percent of marijuana users move on to "heavier" drugs like cocaine or heroin.

Any discussion of marijuana should begin with the fact that there have been numerous official reports and studies, every one of which has

concluded that marijuana poses no great risk to society and should not be criminalized. These include:
the National Academy of Sciences Analysis of Marijuana Policy (1982);
the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (the Shafer Report)(1973);
the Canadian Government's Commission of Inquiry (Le Dain Report)(1970);
the British Advisory Committee on Drug Dependency (Wooton Report)(1968);
the La Guardia Report (1944);
the Panama Canal Zone Military Investigations (1916-29);
and Britain's monumental Indian Hemp Drugs Commission (1893-4).
It is sometimes claimed that there is ``new evidence'' showing marijuana is more harmful than was thought in the sixties. In fact, the

most recent studies have tended to confirm marijuana's safety, refuting claims that it causes birth defects, brain damag e, reduced

testosterone, or increased drug abuse problems.
The current consensus is well stated in the 20th annual report of the California Research Advisory Panel (1990), which recommended that

personal use and cultivation of marijuana be legalized: "An objective consideration of marijuana shows that it is respo nsible for less

damage to society and the individuthan are alcohol and cigarettes."

Mitchell, SD

#9 Sep 4, 2010
pastor D wrote:
What would be next? Opium? I cannot beleive this is a discussion!
The best way to lose an argument is to overstate it. First off, there has never been an overdose from cannabis alone in human history. You can't say the same for opium. Also from your name I'm assuming your religious convictions make you opposed to this. There are several references to alcohol in the bible, and that causes more damage to the body than cannabis does. Why should a cancer patient be deprived of a medicine that has been proven to alleviate nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, not to mention pain and loss of appetite? There are a myriad of illnesses that cannabis can be used to alleviate or eliminate symptoms. This is not a moral issue, rather it is an issue of the rights of doctors, patients, and the state to govern itself regarding issues such as this.

Watertown, SD

#10 Sep 23, 2010
there will be to many abusing it!

Kirkland, WA

#11 Jan 25, 2011
speaking as a traveler" who has lived everywhere on the west coast the best thing you can do is look at what disasterous results have come from this (if california had not begged mexico to take their state and provided them with free health care,voting rights,paid to have babies and expanding drug cartel area to the whole west coast -a drug is a drug and just like prozac,ritalin etc. it will be abused and will just be another excuse and reason to escape !! weed is a sacred plant and marketing it will only lead to the same problems amsterdam is currently having creating another junkie,pimps and hos enviroment riddled with crime-same goes for oaksterdam in california!!and as americans delve deeper into the escapsim aspects look at who has tried in the past and how it has worked or not worked!

Seattle, WA

#13 Jan 26, 2011
and that is why half the southwest is fleeing their states to trash anywhere else who will listen to their failed agenda and rhetoric!because guaranteed everywhere californians go will turn into a trash infested,gang ridden,crime plagued police state just like the one they're fleeing now

Seattle, WA

#14 Jan 26, 2011
yes indeed REDUNDANT-theres nothing wrong with weed or hemp ,however as usual, noone notices when you do good ,but will be there to jump all over ya when you mess up, and that is what screws everyone else who wants to make a good cause for pot!!of course its not for everybody,colorado is doing a good job regulating so far,but the goverment will have to be so deep in regulation so people arent robbing and killing each other over self regulation -that would be like saying the public would be better off or could regulate themselves without police or goverment control!sad but true

Seattle, WA

#15 Jan 27, 2011
it seem sd and nd are the only states that havent been poisoned yet!be glad you still have fresh clean air and can walk down the street at night,and drink the water!even tho lake kampeska is lookin pretty brown lately almost like galveston,tx (chocolate milk)

Seattle, WA

#16 Jan 28, 2011
ooops spoke too soon!

Seattle, WA

#17 Feb 2, 2011
NICE JOB WITH THE MANDATORY GUN POLICY!! SCARY THING IS N.D AND S.D ARE THE ONLY SAFE PLACES LEFT SO ITS NOT TO FAR OFF THE MARK-and thats a friendly warning nomatter how the bill was supposed to be interpreted-mexico is flying over weapons and drugs everyday to the southwest which is already part of the mexican expansion!! a place where whites are the minority!

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#18 Feb 7, 2011
yeah cuz excess pot smoking causes raised estrogen levels in men,mooobs(man boobs)and temporary amnesia about that dude you ran over on the street! ooops like sorry! dude?

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#19 Feb 7, 2011
JAB-hmm a s.d. forum and only one local opinion! i don't recall having a problems with bud there-since the nastiness hasent quite infested so deep in n.d. and s.d yet ! the last thing to go is the "heart-land"

Sioux Falls, SD

#20 Mar 23, 2011
Whether people believe it or not Marijuana impairs one's judgement!! It slows down the thinking process. I understand for medical reasons but people will find a way to abuse that too!

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#21 Mar 23, 2011
LINDA-trust me the whole west coast is already poisoned by their new scapegoat-and its not the pot that causes the problems just like guns!makes people delusional like paying mexico to expand their murderous,cartel corrupted disaster to the whole west coast then rewarding them with rights,freedoms and free health care to rob,steal and rape freely!what didn't work for mexico has been financed to the whole west coast causing a massive recession and fleeing of soutnwesterners!

Watertown, SD

#22 Mar 27, 2011
smoke weed everyday

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#23 Mar 28, 2011
GREEN-yes since your a big fish in a little pond you have no idea whats going on around you at all!and you will be the last to know!smoke away!
it helps the cronic pain

Storm Lake, IA

#24 May 31, 2011
it helps the conic pain
Kim Holzwarth

Chaska, MN

#25 Jun 1, 2011
It will make it much more accesable those who abuse it.

It doesn't help that Watertown had this guy move here to our town. This is not what we want for our community. When one comes others will follow especially if we choose to legalize this crap

On November 15, Kevin Elliot Strong, 27, of Watertown was charged with felony fifth degree controlled substance.

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