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#1 Aug 24, 2010
Marijuana was only criminalized within the last century. Prior to that time marijuana had been used in all manner of home remedies, as a common anesthetic, in candy especially produced for women to deal with menstrual problems and the list goes on. It has never been found to do any real harm to anyone, and the excuse of it's leading to more harmful drugs has always been noting more than an excuse. Marijuana has been illegal for a long time now and has made a lot of money for organized crime, for crooked politicians and police on the take. Judges have used it as their bread and butter and less than equitable members of the bar and the judiciary have used the mythology of the marijuana menace to build lucrative careers. It's time to put the money marijuana could make to good use and pay off a lot of bills. Expanding the uses of marijuana would do wonders for the medical profession and the revenue which could be made from industrial hemp would be astronomical. In this day and age to keep marijuana illegal isn't only inpractical but it's purely insane.
Robert Bailey

Vancouver, WA

#2 Aug 25, 2010
I say make it all legal or all illegal, speaking of alcohol and drugs, why is alcohol legal when it can be far more detrimental to ones life and wellbeing if abused.
Cahri Citron

Vancouver, WA

#3 Aug 27, 2010
I think if everyone in the world could smoke weed we would all be a lot happier. People wouldn't be all stressed out about little stuff that is insignificant and really not that big of deal. There wouldn't be such a need for people to be on pain medicine either. And it is a lot healthier than stuffing a bunch of chemicals down your throat that is toxic and harmful to your body. Because when those toxins harm your body then you need more toxins to correct the damage that the 1st toxins caused. Right now the US's medical is so out of whack and so are the insurance companies. It seems that they, insurance companies and our government is more concerned about population control and making money that the people pay the ultimate price for it not only with money but with our souls as well. I am saying this because insurance companies won't cover anything Natural you have to pay all of that out of pocket. So If a person decides they want to see a natural Pathologist instead of an MD you are on your own for it all, Doctor visits and any natural meds you wanted to take o cure what ever ails you. I think that sucks we pay into the insurance we should be able to choose MD over NP just like Natural meds over chemical should be our choice. I would prefer Natural where natural can help and when I have exhausted natural then I would like Science to step in but I would like to have a choice.

Vancouver, WA

#4 Aug 28, 2010
My mother smokes it :( Someday I will call the right people
craig hartlieb

Vancouver, WA

#5 Aug 30, 2010
medicinal marijuana is a matter of choice and if a woman can choose weither or not to abort a pregnancy then all americans should be able to choose weither or not what helps them with their individual illnesses.

Vancouver, WA

#6 Sep 4, 2010
Jim S.

Vancouver, WA

#7 Sep 6, 2010
we need to grow up america....cigerettes kill on a daily basis.....LEGAL all I ever here about anymore is going green no pun intended, there are thousands of things that can be made from hemp. its proven to be used for medicinal purposes which the synthetic drug lobby hates. the prison system is full of people on stupid marijauna related offences. legalize it and watch this country get out of debt....FAST!!
zachary / vancouver washington

Vancouver, WA

#8 Sep 14, 2010
i just moved from cali to washington state and i have adhd/add and anxiety and i have a dr's recomendation and its not good in washington/ canabis isnt a drrug its 100 % natural never killed nobody unlike alchol and tobacco and its not addicting
Cole Peterson

Vancouver, WA

#9 Jul 28, 2011
Cigs and alchohol are far more dangerous and easily ruin more lives, lunges, and liver than any other substance sold freely. Its time that we, as a race, stop clinging to concepts and ideals that prohibit our species from moving forward. It is clear that the current form of control is not working and its time for something new.

Vancouver, WA

#10 Aug 1, 2011
ain't you dopers dumb enough illegally?
Nevermind,look who I'm asking.
1st Janitor

Minneapolis, MN

#11 Aug 7, 2011
yes, the imaginary war on drugs has been going on long enough. The wealthy dealers can buy off any police who might otherwise do something to stop their selling drugs and the dealers would love to keep pot illegal since they can make much more money that way. The federal government would prefer it too since they get plenty of money from the tax payers to carry on their silly phony war.

Why not let people keep that share of their taxes, legalize pot and tax it and let people grow up legally since it's the biggest cash crop in the country anyway. I feel the same way about it as I do growing industrial hemp. It would be a fantastic source of revenue and we could certainly use it in the current state of financial chaos we have going in the this country today.
1st Janitor

Minneapolis, MN

#12 Aug 7, 2011
whadat wrote:
ain't you dopers dumb enough illegally?
Nevermind,look who I'm asking.
Never mind is two words. For someone who is trying to make others appear to be ignorant, you're only succeeding with yourself.
us citizen

Wilsonville, OR

#14 Aug 17, 2011
marijuana is the only medication that wont kill you or damage the human body to the point of no repair we shold be trying to make vicodin illeagal

Vancouver, WA

#15 Sep 23, 2011
us citizen wrote:
marijuana is the only medication that wont kill you or damage the human body to the point of no repair we shold be trying to make vicodin illeagal
yup,you're a primo example of a non-affected doper, an amazing display of a perfectly medicated dude. Roll another dude!

Perryopolis, PA

#16 Sep 27, 2011
Not only harmless but billions leaving our country wake up people. No I don't smoke but think the wrong people are getting rich on this proabition. We spend more on irradicating than in our school system.

Portland, OR

#17 Oct 4, 2011
From my experience, marijuana not only makes you more aware of your surroundings, but is an aid towards gaining insight into ones body, mind, and soul. It helps you listen to your whole being and learn what is needed to keep it in balance. If you don't use it to just goof off and munch on junk, it is about the best thing in the world for you. To many people it is like a religious sacrament and should be allowed for at least that reason.
Michelle Mitchell

Portland, OR

#18 Oct 6, 2011
I support medical marijuanna for people in chroinic pain who do not want to become addicted to narcotic drugs
Steven A. Goad

The Dalles, OR

#19 Oct 13, 2011
regulate it,tax it, make some money and at the same time the drug will be less attractive to young people than before because thats what happens.

“Squad 420”

Since: Nov 11

Utsjoki Gimlib

#20 Nov 6, 2011
Love the stuff, love to eat CAKE after puffin for a while. Gives me the munchies!

Conway, SC

#21 Nov 7, 2011

Alcohol is very legal in most places, but marijuana is not legal since early in the 20th Century.

Did you know that one of the most powerful lobbies regarding federal legalization of marijuana is the liquor lobby in Washington?!

How come I wonder?

Alcohol is classified as a depressant drug, and people sometimes become very violent when they are drunk.

Marijuana is a very mild hallucinogen, and people don’t get violent when “stoned”; in fact, the get “mellow”!

Alcohol usually makes someone feel terrible when they wake up in the morning – often with a severe headache – when smoking “dope,” however, one feels fine the next morning.

When driving a car when drunk, one often exceeds the speed limit and drives carelessly; when one is “stoned,” however, one tends to drive much slower and is very, very – sometimes overly – careful.

The nations spends BILLIONS and BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars valiantly trying to enforce our foolish federal enforcement laws regarding marijuana, but often “turns the other cheek” when alcohol is sold to minors.

Isn’t it time that the United States stopped this NONSENSE?!

Dr. James E. Dunn

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