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Spartanburg, SC

#42 Apr 23, 2011
If it medical helps you enough for a doctor to prescribe then yes legalize it...if it helps you use it if you dont like it just dont use it!! But i dont believe you should be able to drive while high...can you test for that? LOl
Me and I

United States

#43 Apr 25, 2011
hoot wrote:
brain damage
The Only way It could cause brain damage Is If It was treated with chemicals. Organic pot is not dangerous, it is dangerous when behind a car wheel, as in anything else.

Murrieta, CA

#44 Jul 13, 2011
At the very least the laws for marijuana were brought about based on lies, who really knows what negative affects marijuana may have because the government has spent a lot of time and money to keep it under the table.
Grandpa Stumpy

Cabool, MO

#45 Jul 17, 2011
it's good for my arthritis
Cheryl Jeter

Faith, NC

#46 Jul 18, 2011
Have u ever heard of marijuana killing anyone? It is something that is grown. It is not man made like crack powder Meth things that will kill u. Marijuana is not a drug it is a plant that God created.
The Dude

Spartanburg, SC

#47 Jul 20, 2011
It is the safest "illegal" drug. Thousands are in prison for personal use that harms no other person - there business. Plus this needs to be legal. Has proven medical efficacy. the war of drugs has harmed only US citizens and over half of all prisoners are in because of THIS. Billions saved and billions of taxes will be paid if this is legalized.
J. Batchler

Columbus, OH

#48 Jul 20, 2011
It costs more to taxpayers trying to keep it out and it is much less harmful than alcohol.
Quit Smoking

Lakemont, GA

#49 Jul 23, 2011
Smoking at any form is the leading cause of heart desease and cancer. That is fact. I should know, I am surviving from open heart surgery from smoking. Cancer is the painful ugly death.
buzz lightyear of star command

Decatur, GA

#50 Aug 22, 2012
Not really much to say other than I would like to smoke my shit freely and not be put iiin cuffs or fined for it. At least decriminalize it here. I'm the kinda stoner that gets high and don't bother nobody I put in a funny movie and laugh my ass off.

United States

#51 Aug 24, 2012
I don't smoke it.but i think that if its the only thing they do an its at home.let them smoke

Spartanburg, SC

#52 Aug 29, 2012
its a drug. not something for fun. already gun is a problem. alcohol is a problem now marijuana. this country is corrupting itself!

Spartanburg, SC

#53 Sep 7, 2012
surfrgirl wrote:
<quoted text>
You must be a user, missing many brain cells is "Brain Damage"
goggle brain damage and marijuana you will see much danger and brain damage

Spartanburg, SC

#54 Sep 7, 2012
goggle marijuana and brain damage and get some relief from your ignorance

Bethel Park, PA

#55 Dec 10, 2012
It is some much better than having a drink, it's a fact
that smoking pot it is not additive to harder drug fact.
would smoke it rather having a beer or having a drink.
Clay Turner

Spartanburg, SC

#56 Jan 15, 2013
AllWillPayWhoDisagreeWithMe wrote:
Prohibition was a huge failure in the 20's and only created more opportunities for many other crimes in the "Speak-Easies" and such! The same holds true for criminalizing marijuana, and it's costing our country fortunes that we don't have to imprison vast numbers of non-violent people for it! Plus it's cost many lives in Mexico and near our border because of the lucrative business of drug smuggling! There are many good uses for marijuana besides just smoking it for a "buzz", such as with the plant's oil, strong fiber, and compassionate very realistic medicinal uses! I say tax it and wipe out our national debt!!! Big Pharma doesn't like that idea because they can't patent it! GOP doesn't like it because they won't get the huge corprate donations from it and it would create "More Gov't Regulations, besides being too strong of a good solution for larger problems and so forth! The crime rate in Amsterdam where it's legal is quite enviable! This should be so obvious and simple!Uncle Sam makes his own fortunes in fines and backroom Judicial System deals, but not enough to cover the costs they create along the way.
I strongly agree with what you have stated here.

Moore, SC

#57 Jan 15, 2013
Those for legalization also support progressivism!
Make it legal!

Moore, SC

#58 Jan 15, 2013
James McDirk wrote:
Pot is a drug. Drugs are for LOSERS. Of course it should be illegal.
Of course we expect brainwashed sheep like you.
Go smoke a bowl and then judge. We cannot simply decide what is good for a country with people who have no experience in the matter. That is like hiring a defense attorney who was a interior design major and has never taken law before. That makes a whole load of sense. Keep it up, bud
Wag of the finger to you!
erik riker

Duncan, SC

#59 Jan 19, 2013
i believe mariguana to be better for recreation than alcohol

United States

#60 Apr 10, 2013
marihuana is one of the best cash crops. Sc needs some revenue and this is a way to do it. Marijuana in my view has more benefits for people than any other drug. I don't think marijuana should be "legalized" I think it should be equalized with alcohol. Compared to alcohol marijuana is going to win Everytime. It's safer and the "buzz" is less intense. People have a misconception about the drug and I think that people are actually realizing that it isn't that harmful. the government is wasting so much money on busting people for pot. I almost want to laugh at how it is a schedual 1 drug. I think pot has advanced tremendously through out the years. With different strains for different purposes. marijuana is herbal like tea. I hope someone of importance actually reads this and realizes how stupid the "war on drugs" is. The government wants to tax the shit out of everything else why not pot?? Think about it. It's just a plant. Get with the other 18 states that have it legal for medicinal purposes. Pot can change a persons life. It is a legit medicine for people, and who is the government to neglect someone's medicine.

United States

#61 Apr 10, 2013
James McDirk wrote:
Pot is a drug. Drugs are for LOSERS. Of course it should be illegal.
You are a narrow minded clown. Open your ignorant eyes and you might be able to see what this country really needs. You know what else is a drug? Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol. And they are legal. So I guess anyone who does those things are "loosers" also? Think about it next time your drinking your coffee.

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