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Columbus, GA

#1 Aug 26, 2010
we have enough drunks now driving

“Way down, in Columbus Georgia”

Since: Mar 10

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#2 Aug 29, 2010
Good ole potheads, dumb as dirt and don't even know it.
delewis king

Phenix City, AL

#3 Sep 7, 2010
it comes from the earth
Mr Snyder

Concord, GA

#4 Sep 16, 2010
no no wrote:
we have enough drunks now driving
Exactly...Outlaw Alcohol as well!

Columbus, GA

#5 Oct 12, 2010
non violent. Go after real criminals. And get meth off the street. Switch to pot

Since: Aug 10

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#6 Oct 12, 2010
the only reason the us goverment wont leagalize it is because it would replace most prescription meds such as anti anxiety pills,sleeping pills,pain killers and anti deppressants,because the plant grows naturally and cant be patented like the meds,which means the big drug companies loose 90 percent of their biz,and unlike those pills ive mentioned,marijuanna is not pysicly addictive and you cant overdose,and you do not build up a tolerance,all three problems come with using those you take those facts and tell me with all honesty that your country is better off sticking with these soul destroying,evil meds,or giving a plant a chance thats has been used for centurys by many different cultures to effectivly ease the suffering of so many people.

Phenix City, AL

#7 Jan 11, 2011
yeahh !

Valley, AL

#8 Jan 11, 2011
For the same reason the 18th Amendment was Repealed. Making somethhing largely innocuous illegal just creates a whole class of criminals who otherwise wouldn't be, and most certainly shouldn't be.

Valley, AL

#9 Jan 22, 2011
it would greatly help the economy, create jobs

United States

#10 Jan 24, 2011
why in the hell would you want someone to pass that?? Its stupid really.... we already have problem with people drinking and driving and now they want to get weed in here?? what has the world come too?? Its already stupid for even trying to pass them. Yes everyone has there own oppinion and this is mine but really we have enough to worry about this is just stupid to add in. We got better things to worry about than this. so i oppose it. people who do it are stupid and they have no life. now for the people who have the medicial problem and have to use it i understand but to just ba able to use it whenever. its like letting all the murders and rapist out. ITS STUPID RIGHT! why would you have your kids grow up around that. you want the best for your kids to have a future well passing this law you can kiss that goodbye. Its stupid and i think it was a waste to even try to pass it. But once again this is only my oppinion. but this is what i think.

United States

#11 Jan 24, 2011
STUPIDDDD we got bigger things to worry about than passing a drug.... its retard!!!!!!!

Valley, AL

#12 Jan 24, 2011
Jenny ...that was pretty stupid, actually ... are you by any chance ....high?

United States

#13 Jan 25, 2011
Woodcutterron, your the one that is stupid and you are high.
Why do you think we should pass it hmmm?????????
Because i would LOVE to here what you have to say about it.

Valley, AL

#14 Jan 25, 2011
Well, since you asked ...

Yes, we already have people drinking and driving. Not a real good analogy on your part, Jenny, because it's comparing apples to oranges, as the two differnt substances (alcohol versus Marijuana) have completely different psychoactive properties, but hey, I'll play along for a second.

I assume by your analogy, you are just as short-sighted as Mr. Snyder, and feel that because since you don't drink it, it should be banned. Folks with that mindset are the ones that worried our forefathers even more than the British:
"Tunnel-visioned morons who would vote THEMSELVES into an oppressive government inside of a generation"

Drinking and driving is wrong. There are punishments for it too. But simply because some folks break the law doesn't mean the folks who drink responsibly should should suffer. Punish the lawbreakers, but don't punish the folks who use it responsibly.

And make no mistake, Marijuana can be used responsibly, and at much less cost to society than alcohol.

Actually, marijuana being illegal is costing society much more, RIGHT NOW than it would if legal. Much fewer deaths relative to "trafficking"

Much fewer lives ruined including peripheral family members lives, if folks weren't being sent to jail for something that isn't inherently criminal in the first place. By this, I mean "Murder is illegal, right? Yes, because it is an actual wrong. It would be wrong, even if legal. Smoking a joint? It's "wrong" is only in the reality that some guys somewhere arbitrarily decide it was. No inherent wrong, as in murder restricting anothers right to live, but virtually NO actual harm is caused.

I hope this shows you that I'm not the one who is stupid. Don't get high anymore either .... but that isn't carved in stone. ;^)

Vallejo, CA

#15 Jan 25, 2011
wow.. you explained about drinking but never about the drug but 1 simple paragraph. its ok your a beginner we all make mistakes.:)
now on to some real business.
I understand what you ment when you said that yes drinking can be done responsibly and i understand that but YOUR NOT THINKING AHEAD. Doing the drug 1 kills your brain cells... although i can see thats already happened, and 2 can kills lives!
Yes people do it illegal anyways but if you make it legal think of what you will be doing??
people will be doing it while driving or be high and driving or doing it at work. you just dont get it more people will die if this drug passes. Yes SOME people will take it responsibly but realy not many will. you make a good arrugment i can tell you that, but im just saying that doing this is wrong.

Valley, AL

#17 Jan 26, 2011
Jenny, with your writing skills ...I'd be careful about calling other people "beginners." I do well enough that I even occasionally get paid to write ... clearly you don't. "Now on to some real business:"

For the record, Marijuana kills fewer brain cells than alcohol does, not sure what your point was there, but it was weak.

You then go on to say something to the effect of

'Well sure folks do it illegally, but what if we legalize it?' You then go on to site o few random thoughts. I'll address them as best as I can interpret what you were trying to get at.

People already drive high, so legalizing it likely isn't gonna change much there. Note that driving high and driving drunk are much different as far as risk levels go. Further, I'm much more worried about some chick hitting me while texting and putting on her makeup while driving than some dopehead burning joint.

Further I do get it. It's you who don't, Jenny. Far FEWER people will likely die if legalized. When things get legalized, it's FAR easier to regulate than illegal things. One needs look no further back than prohibition to see this. When alcohol was rendered a crime, there was of course no regulatory entities to make rules about who it could be sold to, under what conditions, in what amounts, etc. So was essentially a dangerous free-for-all. Without regulation, the suppliers regulated themselves ...with machine guns, baseball bats, and brass knuckles. Kind of like ...oddly enough ... the way the marijuana trade is presently "regulated" today.

That changed a LOT when the repeal of the 18th amendment happened.(18th amendment=Prohibition)

Legalizing it does a number of positive things: For starters, it loses all attractiveness to drug cartels as a legal substance. Legalization would bring in other market forces, sending the cost of marijuana down as Americas good old capitalism gets mixed in there. The laws of supply and demand simply eat away all potential illicit profits, as it would be fairly easy to supply legally, and things that can be easily supplied by competing companies bring about price pressures from the consumer.

Instead of creating criminals, we'd be creating jobs. Agricultural jobs, distribution jobs, retail jobs, jobs in the sciences, and management, etc.

Not to mention that much like alcohol there would be regulations in place as to who can sell it, and to whom. Right now, with it being illegal, it's actually easier for the average high school kid to get ahold of a dime bag than it is for them get ahold of a fifth of Vodka. This reality is largely tied to the illicit distribution system that is a result of marijuana being illegal. The drug cartels do NOT fine sellers 600 bucks if they are selling to minors.

If legal, since the profits from the illicit sales would dry up, that would pretty much make the consumer sources of marijuana primarily government regulated, and much easier to control the end users. Would kids still be able to get ahold of weed? Sure. But it would be harder for them than it is now, not easier.

Hope this balances out your assertion that I devoted too much time to alcohol and not enough time to marijuana. Frankly, I felt my previous post was adequate, but hey, I'll always be happy to elaborate or clarify, even if under the mistaken accusation of me being some sort of rookie, heheh.

Duluth, GA

#18 Jan 26, 2011
Indeed Woodcutterron..indeed

Phenix City, AL

#19 Jan 31, 2011
great medication

Valley, AL

#20 Jan 31, 2011
Jenny .... cat got yer tongue?

Phenix City, AL

#21 Jan 31, 2011
Marijuana laws are years out of date in the USA. The money put into this is a pointless/endles waste.
How on this earth could you allow boozers to walk into a store... purchase booze and drive away and kill innocent people on the road. It is happening over and over again every second of the day.
We "ALL" add other herbs to our food and eat them daily without a second thought. For heaven's sake people... "it is an HERB that some choose to smoke as well as to cook with".
Alabama is one of the poorest states in the nation. Tobacco was once... one of Alabama's #1 crops. We have farmer's that would welcome the chance to get their heads above water again. Our state NEEDS that tax money as well as any other state in the USA.
We really have to get with the times people. This will have to be controlled and monitored. Our children's future's are at stake here. Otherwise we allow our children to suffer in poverty in Alabama.
Reality is that THEY see the fat money roll from the weed man and they see that as their only solution to the poverty that they live.

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