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#1 Aug 24, 2010
The war on drugs is a miserable failure. When a law causes more harm that the protection that it is supposed to afford, it's time to change the law. If I want to put marijuana in my body and I don't harm anyone else, that is not the government's concern. Legalize now!

Pensacola, FL

#2 Aug 25, 2010
Well u dont here about someone beating their wife or running over a bus stop full of kids after they smoked a marijuana stick like alcohol that is legal matter a fact it happens every day in america

Portland, ME

#3 Aug 28, 2010
james david

United States

#4 Sep 5, 2010
alcohol is legal and it kills more people than anything iv never heard of people killing someone because of the result of marijuana unless were talking about people robbing other people over it but thats why it should be legalized plus dealing with drug dealers is a risky buisness i know id rather go buy pot in an establishment that is legit than on a gang filled street if it could be legalized i strongly believe the crime rates whould go down alot and this country as far is debt goes marijuana could be taxed like california and bring in more money not only benifitting the states but the government could make a killing off this and other marijuana projects id say 80 percent of the people i know enjoy smoking this natural thing
james david

United States

#5 Sep 5, 2010
come on obama, help make this happen
james david

United States

#6 Sep 5, 2010
and i hear alot about "well what if people choose to grow it and not have to pay taxes"this is my take on that"you would still have to buy seeds and lights and all the elements for grow rooms,iv been down that road and it is expensive to set up but buying the seeds and pipes, bongs etc. would still be taxed and why not limit people to how much they can contain on person and limit to people by how much the can and cant buy if you do reasearch on how these buisnesses run its quite interesting to me that they make a killing and bring in alot of money so why not have that everywhere,check out amsterdam and see how their community lives in this culture, you will find out they are doing grat as well"!either way your gonna run out of weed sometime!

Laurel Hill, FL

#7 Sep 6, 2010
You could make it illegal to grow, just like you can't make your own moonshine legally. It would be good for the states economy. james david, write to the governor, not the president on this one.
second home

Evansville, IN

#8 Sep 20, 2010
everybody's doing it already,legalize it and put the efforts toward the meth,and crack users to try to contain the dangerous drugs.
Nee 2 No

Jasper, TN

#9 Sep 24, 2010
I've never done it - smoked either - Not against mj - just never tried it
Jonathan Rivers

Pensacola, FL

#10 Oct 27, 2010
Simply put, if I have the right to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, I should have the right to smoke marijuana.
solar bowl

Pensacola, FL

#11 Jan 6, 2011
yes its way safter than alcohol, when u smoke u dont get wild and crazy, u relax and just enjoy things and lisen to music
a sane person

Panama City, FL

#12 Jan 23, 2011
legalize and tax drugs just like alcohol is.

this solves teh myriad of problems associated with all the illicit drugs:

1. removes the ability of folks to profit from contraband, forcing a change in lifestyle and removing the "need" for violence to sustain the status quo drug dealing lifestyles

2. provides means to effectively identify drug abusers, needed to get them help

3. eliminates the substantial collateral loss of lives and property by those who's neighborhoods are plagued by drug-induced violence (i.e. bystanders to drug turf drive-by shootings)

4. provides source of revenue for dealing with rampant government debt problems

5. provides jobs from expansion of ABC stores, rehab centers, and education programs

besides,,, Americans are supposed to have the right to choose... not be coddled by a nanny state
Richard Mcgee

Yuma, AZ

#14 Feb 1, 2011
Trust your nervous system
flournah smoke

Pensacola, FL

#15 Mar 13, 2011
im in pensacola and i need some marijane, where do i go?

Pensacola, FL

#16 Mar 14, 2011

Pensacola, FL

#17 Mar 14, 2011
It is a drug like all the rest that are destroying the lives of those addicted to it and taking anything and everything good away from them and those that truly care about and love them!!! Those that deal marijuana and all drugs are only vultures preying on those addicted and trying to cause others to be!

Pensacola, FL

#18 Mar 18, 2011
its just time let people be chill and leave them alone. its way better then drinking.

Pensacola, FL

#19 Mar 19, 2011
Simply put...America would SAVE BILLIONS every year on this fictitious "war" we are fighting, which in the last 40 years has made ZERO progress. We would also generate $millions in revenue through taxation of "medical" marijuana.%70 of "drug offenders" in prison are there solely for weed possession. You do the math. It cost on average $62 a day to keep an inmate incarcerated. Say and inmate gets 5 years. That's $113,150 to house that inmate....with tax dollars. Since most state and Federal prisons are now being "privitized"...a loss of %70 of your revenue would not be very profitable now would it? Now... Imagine if someone could "grow" their own medicinein their own home for nest to nothing? How many lobbyist for pharmaceutical company's do you think there are? If you don't think these people have an influence on a politicians decisions then you are either stupid or naive.These people do not want marijuana to be legal because it is TO PROFITABLE for them if it stays illegal. Do you know the Kennedy's money came from their grandfather bootlegging during prohibition? It was also the rise of the Mafia? As a former bouncer, I can tell you with all honesty, I have NEVER had to fight someone who was just "high". THC has a very calming affect. And as a retired veteran, I have fought for everyone's rights in this country. I say if you can grow it, intend it for personal use, it doesn't hurt the environment or anyone else...then it needs to be COMPLETELY legal. Otherwise....your "freedom" isn't really all that "free" is it?

Pensacola, FL

#20 Mar 29, 2011
Hemp is good for all kinds of things.Better than having pills shoved down your throat that are costly.Economy would be better.Can have clothes that say made in America and 100%hemp.People would be more chilled back and not so aggresive as alchol does to people.

Pensacola, FL

#21 Apr 2, 2011
people w/med problems should have the choice.

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