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Valery Prokopiev

Palm Coast, FL

#61 Jul 25, 2012
Marijuana has time and time again been proven to be very beneficial to your health, of course smoking it damages your lungs as smoking anything can do, that being said smoking is not the only way to apply THC into your body. You are born with endocannabinoids in your body, you need cannabis to sustain a very healthy lifestyle because those endocannabinoids need stimulation. Hemp can be used as a much more effective alternate to trees in paper manufacturing, and can be used in manufacturing clothing and an eco-safe concrete that actually absorbs carbon and can lasts thousands of years as opposed to the 60 year lifespan on modern concrete.
chevy george

Palm Coast, FL

#62 Jul 27, 2012
i watched my dad die of cancer and he said it was the only helped him cope with the pain

Hollywood, FL

#63 Oct 15, 2012
Is healthy

Palm Coast, FL

#64 Oct 18, 2012
cuz i do!

Orlando, FL

#65 Nov 12, 2012
because im sick with health problems and maybe it will help me

Tampa, FL

#66 Nov 14, 2012
y not, its not going anywhere
Jeanette Carawan

Palm Coast, FL

#67 Nov 15, 2012
Marijuana would serve the US better as a cash crop. It is no more dangerous than alcohol, and possible even less so.

Bolingbrook, IL

#68 Nov 16, 2012
same as booze

Palm Coast, FL

#69 Mar 7, 2013
I think weed should be legal because either way people are going to do it so you might as well just get it done. But have limits to it though.

Palm Coast, FL

#70 Mar 10, 2013
Why yes...yes I do

Palm Coast, FL

#71 Mar 20, 2013
GOD put all things on this earth for many reasons good and bad and not to be abused .....

“Heart is still in Meriden!”

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#72 Jul 2, 2013
Today on A1A going south from St. Augustine to Palm Coast a black Toyota Corolla backed out of a gated driveway directly in front of me. I swerved to the right and just missed them. I turned around and approached the car. There was a well tattooed young white girl that was the driver and a young black male in the passenger's seat. First I asked if they were okay. The girl said they were fine. In her left hand was a down to the knuckle roach. The black male also had one slightly longer. She did not care about what had just happened. She was concerned however the house where she backed out the gated driveway could not be entered because she had to clean the house and was late. The black male told me to "get on my white ass cracker way" and leave them alone. My wife was standing behind me with her .38 special in her gun purse and I was prepared with my .45 Taurus. Neither of us drew the weapons and it was not needed. The two apologized to me and he for calling me a "white ass cracker."

Personally I do not care one bit if you drink, smoke weed, or do bath salts. Huffing paint or any other toxic chemical. Involve me in your drug use and it may be your last experience. The police did not think this was real funny either. They saw the whole thing and were there with their camera. The car was towed and the cleaning job I can imagine has been lost. Do I care one bit that thee people will serve some time? No. Do I think they will serve some time? No. Until they kill someone that won't happen. Slap the wrist and you are free to try to kill someone else. Do your drug crap on your own time and in your own or a friends place. Do not drive on the street with me or my children.

Brooklyn, NY

#74 Jul 13, 2013
Having had several days to reflect on what I wrote in #72 I felt compelled to write this addition. I do support legal use of this drug as a medical item. I even support it as a recreational use item. I however do not support the killing of innocent people due to the irresponsible use of it. We all are acutely aware, unless we are living under a rock, that people are going to break the law. That what laws are for so we can punish those that do not follow the law. I would hope that people breaking the law would not cause turmoil, pain and suffering, and a complete destruction of people lives because they choose to take drugs, or illegal substances and cause the injury and death of others. I trust it is understood what my position is on this subject and thank you for allowing me to "voice" it here.
Army Dad

Palm Coast, FL

#75 Jul 13, 2013
Legalize it, regulate it and tax the heck out of it.

We waste way too much tax money and way too much prison space trying to stop something people want to do or need to do in the case of medical marijuana.

Palm Coast, FL

#76 Aug 7, 2013
I need weed email me

Palm Coast, FL

#77 Aug 9, 2013
it will boost economy and revenues will go up by taxation

Daytona Beach, FL

#78 Aug 11, 2013
Carolyn G wrote:
I think it's cruel to withhold marijuana from those suffering the pain and nausea of cancer if it would help alleviate it. I have never smoked it because I am a law abiding citizen. But if I had cancer and needed it I would find a way to get it,
Does anyone know how marijuana helps with pain? Does it put them in a sleepy and relaxed state of mind? If it helps with pain in cancer patients I tend to agree but instead of smoking it why can't it be made into a capsule or liquid for transfusion? I can't imagine a person with lung cancer or congestive heart failure smoking a marijuana cigarette.

If this is what marijuana does then I don't agree to legalize it for any other use. If you smoke marijuana, then go to work or drive anywhere, your mind is in an altered state and your reflexes aren't good. Personally, I don't want a doctor operating on me, a pilot flying a commercial plane I'm on, or driving the same interstate of speeds approximately 80 MPH if their minds are altered and reflexes slow or altered. I realize there's some people doing that now with prescription medication, other illigal drugs and alcohol but if it's legalized it will get worse. What you do in your own home is your business but once you leave then it becomes a hazard to me and others.
Michael Baumann

Palm Coast, FL

#79 Oct 10, 2013
the fact that a plant is illegal really shows how messed our society is and i think our time and law enforcement can be spent in a lot of other places because im not sure how many times i have watched the news since moving to florida and a serious crime will be broadcasted but a ounce of weed is a felony?? that makes no sense to me and a score of 95 to 11 shows that some people feel the same way

“Heart is still in Meriden!”

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#80 Oct 10, 2013
Really? 96%% of residents approve of legalizing weed? That might just explain why we have such low turn outs for voting and the high amount of sales of snacks!

Medical use of any drug when properly prescribed is lawful. In Florida we have seen the Pill Mills shut down for illegal prescribing pain medications. It is a joke in California that people can get a script just so they can be in "Legal" possession of weed.

I drove an Ambulance for 3.5 years in St. Louis County Missouri in the early 70's before I went back into the Army. I saw a lot of dead people killed by drunk drivers. Valid argument against legalization of weed? No it is not. It is the person that misuses the substances. They need to be prosecuted as the criminals they are when under the influence they maim and kill people. Legalize weed? Okay, but be ready for really dumb people to kill you with their cars. Like guns are the things that do not kill people so is weed, alcohol, and driving while taking legal prescribed drugs. What say we get back to holding people responsible for what they do? But we won't be able to put them all away in confinement, the prisons are full enough. Good luck with this fight. Consider others rights when you ask for weed to be legalized.
Jane Murphy

Palm Coast, FL

#81 Nov 27, 2013
Stop wasting money on enforcement, trails, and jail sentences

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