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Local Boy

Romulus, NY

#396 Feb 14, 2013
How could there be any connection other than they died in Seneca county? I dont think the Compton kid would have even been born yet. Way, way off course.

Rochester, NY

#397 Feb 14, 2013
Like I said, I was just speculating. I thought perhaps it was a way to segue into a conversation without naming names.

For example : "speaking of peachy, wasn't his second cousin living across the street from the murder in 85, and wasn't he seen throwing a knife in Seneca lake that night".
I was simply guessing at why these other cases were brought up.....looking for someone to make a connection.

Since: Jun 13

Trumansburg, NY

#398 Feb 14, 2013
dontgetpeople wrote:
Thanks, Farm Angel.

Pontus - I found nothing
Compton I found nothing
Hendrix - seems to young at the time to be associated.
The POINT is that there has been more than 1 suspicious death in this community over the last 27 yrs. Seems that there are a few. If Mrs O'Connell gets an answer then God bless her because around here people get away with things all the time.

East Granby, CT

#399 Feb 14, 2013
Thanks Farm Angel - I think I understand, and I sympathize. It shouldn't be that way. I don't like seeing young people die. Especially like Kristin, and the others mentioned here.

The O'Connell case is no more important than the others listed here. But, by virtue of the fact there us much more public information...I think it gets more attention.

Since: Feb 13

Hampstead, MD

#400 Feb 14, 2013
No problem Kristin, I understand. I'll continue to monitor the case and the thread. Who knows, maybe a fresh set of eyes from an outsider, with no ties to the area may come in handy. Good luck with the case.
Why Boy

Elmira, NY

#401 Feb 14, 2013
The point is they were all murders in South Seneca County!!!!!!

Rochester, NY

#402 Feb 15, 2013
Why Boy,

I don't doubt what your saying.

My sense is that those in the community of south Seneca county, feel like a second fiddle - because the other cases mentioned, in this thread are locals and aren't getting the attention that this girl from out of town is getting. I can understand that.

I sense Farm Angel is irritated with me, because I asked if there was a connection between the Compton case, and the O'Connell Case. After re-reading what I wrote (poorly at that) I believe Farm Angel interpreted my questions about Compton, only as a means to learn more about the O'Connell case. This isn't the sentiment I meant to convey. And I apologize.

As I said these are all equally terrible - But where are the friends and families of these other folks? Why do you suppose there is virtually NO information about the other cases?

Lastly - Seneca county isn't the only place with problems. In the Jamestown area there are +/- 20 unsolved murders, unidentified murder victims and disappearances. That have gone unsolved for years.

The main difference between those cases, and Seneca county cases are people advocating for the victims. There are dozens of websites, and threads like this about the victims.

I would have never known anything about the folks mentioned here, if not for the recent posts. There appears to be zero information about these people. That is not to say, I don't care or I'm not concerned about justice for the victims...But there is a lack of awareness.....Right, Wrong or indifferent - The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If you know something about the others for Gods sake express your concerns!

Rochester, NY

#403 Feb 15, 2013
S%%t - I meant to say something else. Farm angel - The other think I wanted to tell you was;

I tend to look for pattern's. There are a lot of crimes that are connected, but separated by years.

It's not unusual to see a large property related crime followed up by a murder. Same with arson, and murder.

Up in Rochester - There was an large armored car robbery, in 1993. This was preceded by a murder of a warehouseman a few years before (1988), that is related to the robbery - and by a body found 2 years later (1995) in watertown, that wasn't identified until last year - that was related too.

Given the small towns in Seneca County - It would seem to me that many of the crimes there would be connected too, even if they don't seems to be at first glance.

Since: Jun 13

Trumansburg, NY

#404 Feb 15, 2013
1. I can't imagine anyone getting upset about an 'outsiders' murder getting a lot of attention. If so screw them. Every one of these parents deserves the truth.
2. I didn't take your Compton questions as only to benefit Kristin's case. I was a little annoyed that you continued to dwell on a connection. But hey what do I know, maybe there are connections that I'm unaware of. Stranger things have happened. Also considering the small size of this community & the large number of people implicated in Kristin's case it's plausible that they could be literally related as in family-ties. Although I doubt there is a direct connection beyond another case of someone getting involved w/ bad people.
3. I too can't help but wonder where are the advocates for these other deaths. Maybe people just want to get on. Maybe they are fearful that the groups who are supposed to protect them are incompetent, or corrupt. Maybe they have no plans to leave this area, so they're avoiding rocking the boat (it won't bring their loved one back). Who knows

Rochester, NY

#405 Feb 15, 2013
Farm Angel,

Thanks for the response. I hope all of these injustices are remedied.

With, any luck the victims won't need advocates. Because the perpetrators will be punished.

Unfortunately, if these cases aren't brought to the attention of the public, the investigators will find something else to concentrate on.

Sad but true.
Local Boy

Romulus, NY

#406 Feb 16, 2013
To any from outside of this area reading this thread Im sure it seems like Seneca Co. is a damn dangerous place to live and raise a family. Not true. We have some very obvious concerns about what has been discussed here but I have to say that after living overseas and several states down south I find life calmer and far safer than any of the other areas I have lived in. Life here for the most part is slow, predictable, and rather boring. You pick any town/county in any state and look back far enough and you will find crimes to mirror these.

Waltham, MA

#407 Feb 17, 2013
For medical reasons totally believe in. For NYS tax reasonjust will help pull this state out if red.

East Granby, CT

#409 Feb 18, 2013
Hey, I was just making an exaggeration. Re read what I wrote.

Since: Jun 13

Trumansburg, NY

#410 Feb 18, 2013
Yes, let's talk about the weapon. I wonder...would the knife have to be something like a hunting knife to inflict that level (near decapitation) of trauma?

Meriden, CT

#411 Feb 18, 2013
That's what I would have imagined. Assuming it was larger than, let's say 4'', does that imply premeditation ?

How many people carry a large knife on them?
Especially in summer when they can't be easily concealed.

They can be kept in a glove box!

Since: Jun 13

Trumansburg, NY

#412 Feb 18, 2013
In rural areas such as this, I think people who hunt might keep a knife on them, year round.

Since: Jun 13

Trumansburg, NY

#415 Feb 18, 2013
The knife could be relevant. I know which ones of MY friends carry knives and similarly...which ones don't. Certain people carry knives for whatever reason. So say one of these 'named' people is always known to carry a knife on their person, or is an avid hunter. Just my opinion. Has anyone else ever thought...well jeez one of the central places linked to this is "The Golden Buck" ...hunter reference.

Meriden, CT

#417 Feb 18, 2013
Kristin, the knife in the lake thing I wrote was not a real depiction of an actual event. I wrote it as an example of why people were posting names on here.

I THOUGHT PERHAPS, some one dropped the maccheyn name for a ulterior reason. I was purely speculating why someone would post the name of a guy with ties to the area - that died in a three truck accident in Ohio. It seemed out of place.

Said another way, I was guessing the person who posted his names motivation for doing so.

And I used an example.

You have taken some heat on here for posting Names....I thought they used this guy to introduce a new name to the mix.

Sorry for the confusion.

Meriden, CT

#420 Feb 18, 2013
Wow these posts are coming fast! Kristin - I have no idea who this guy was, or who he is related to. All I know is - someone said he was burned alive in a car wreck, and I found an old article about a guy named Norman maccheyne that died in a tractor trailer wreck in Ohio.

Since: Jun 13

Trumansburg, NY

#421 Feb 18, 2013
Who was seen throwing a knife...Peachy or his relative that might have lived across the street from the crime scene?

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