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durka durk

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#1 Aug 29, 2010
I used to smoke allot of pot when i was younger and it lead to cocaine ,mushrooms and some acid. Drugs become your whole life after awhile And getting away from them helped me better myself instead of falling farther away from society.
Voter Gal

Elsah, IL

#2 Aug 31, 2010
For medical reasons only.

O Fallon, MO

#3 Sep 2, 2010
Just because some people have problems with drugs does not mean everyone must have the same problems. Besides, I am willing to bet there are far more alcoholics per capita than all other drug addicts combined, yet it is still very legal...and far more deadly.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#4 Sep 9, 2010
y would u legalize a DRUG
Makes Sense

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Sep 13, 2010
Well, lets see now. We legalized alcohol and tobacco. Doesn't it make sense? It's just a matter of time. I for one think it's a great idea. Tax it the same way you do alcohol and tobacco. Think of how much revenue that would generate for the US Government.

United States

#6 Sep 19, 2010
they cant legalize it like they do alcohol and tobacco because they have not found a way to regulate the amount of thc in each marijuanna ciggarette therefore they cannot tax it. once that problem is out of the way then it will be legal
Gene Robertson

O Fallon, MO

#7 Sep 22, 2010
Legal would mean fewer imported drugs. When something is illegal, people, especially young people want it even more.

Latonia, KY

#8 Sep 23, 2010
gives the cops more time at krispy kreme cuz we all know that's all they're good for.

New Baden, IL

#9 Oct 3, 2010
It would be legal if the congress could see a way to get political graft from its sale. The problem is if the government took the risk out of selling weed that everyone would grow it and cut them out. If it doesn't line there pockets then it won't happen.
George Bush

New Baden, IL

#10 Oct 3, 2010
When you make it so congressmen can make something off of the sale, distribution or production then it will be legal. There is no logical reason that tobacco, alcohol, gambleing and hand guns survive legal elimination and not marijuana. The rational is that the abusers need protection... yeah like thats happening.
The Light

Asheville, NC

#11 Aug 12, 2011
Lets put ppl in prison for smoking a plant...Stop being brainwashed please. People may do whatever they want to their bodies. Cannabis and mushies are natural, and great for expansion of oneself but NOT abuse, big difference. sounds like durka durk abused...I love you all, no matter what.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#12 Aug 15, 2011
someone high on pot is better than some one who is drunk they are not as harmful

Asheville, NC

#13 Sep 4, 2011
durka durk wrote:
I used to smoke allot of pot when i was younger and it lead to cocaine ,mushrooms and some acid. Drugs become your whole life after awhile And getting away from them helped me better myself instead of falling farther away from society.
To say that marijuana is a "Gateway Drug" is absolutely ridiculous. Let's think about this for a minute. When you go to buy weed, more often than not you're exposed to other types of drugs such as cocaine, shrooms, ecstasy, etc... If you were to walk into 7-11 to purchase a package of marijuana cigarettes, the chances of the the clerk behind the counter pushing the more profitable product like your average dope dealer are slim to none. Also, just because you're exposed to it does not mean you have to take it. This just simply comes down to weak minded people who are easily persuaded. We have accepted damn near pure caffeine in all these "energy" drinks and 5 hour this and 3 hour that. Break down one of those things and tell me there are no carcinogens in there. Ha! For the record, I don't smoke but I used to. I don't want to smoke and I do t want my kids to smoke but my arguments are based on real life experiences not media hype put out by politicians on a mission to get (re)elected.
Marcia Estep

United States

#15 Nov 25, 2011
Medical use only not for recreation.

Wentzville, MO

#16 Jan 8, 2013
I support legal marijuana
carpet guy

United States

#17 Jan 12, 2013
It's time to arrest the violent criminals and put them in the jails and let theses drug offenders get the help they need to stop using and be more proficient in society
player 1 insert coin

Oklahoma City, OK

#18 Jan 12, 2013
Incarnation vs. Legalization

Now ask yourself which one makes more sense?....Don't forget that our country was founded on individual personal freedoms.
carpet guy

United States

#19 Jan 12, 2013
Anyhow its still just as easy to get if it were legal it would prolly be harder to grab up those funky nuggets so keep it illegal I don't need the government putting extra chemicals in my god made marijuana anyways
Old Timer

Saint Louis, MO

#20 Jan 13, 2013
An individual commented that marijuana and "shrooms"
(certain types of mushrooms) "are natural" and thereby inferring that they they are okay...
Well, now...So is arsenic "natural."...Want to
"snort" or otherwise ingest this stuff ???...
An area in NE North Dakota has a wells into a water
strata laden with TOXIC levels of arsenic...
I have not researched whether or not arsenic is a
CUMULATIVE (small amounts build up within body
more rapidly than excreted) poison...

Furthermore, there are foods/vegetables that are
normally healthy,but toxic when ingested in large

Incidentally, are you aware that the LEAVES of RHUBARB are extremely toxic while the stems are not ???...
Old Timer

Saint Louis, MO

#21 Jan 13, 2013
One additional comment...Legalizing marijuana will
simply put more impaired drivers on our roads/streets...and...impaired workers at their jobs...Would you knowingly be an airline passenger
where the pilot and co-pilot casually "smoke joints"
prior to flight...You certainly would not be a
passenger if you were aware that the pilot and
co-pilot were on a "bender" the night before, or if
you had observed them "sneak" a drink or two prior
to flight...
Finally...The "medical word" as to marijuana being
"harmless"...There are several long-term studies
that suggest irreversible negative effects on the brain...I consider use of marijuana similar to "playing" Russian Roulette...Maybe not as deadly, but eventually diminishing ability of one's brain...Alcohol consumption along with marijuana
"is a double whammy."...

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