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You Know

United States

#1 Aug 26, 2010
Outlaw booze and legalize Marijuana! The world would be a much better (and mellow) place.
The Dodger

United States

#2 Aug 26, 2010
It's the right thing to do.
The Dodger

United States

#3 Aug 26, 2010
I wouldn't go as far as saying the world would be much better, but it would be a lot nicer (and mellow).

I support Marijuana Legalization fully. If we're going to live in this society together, you have to be fair. I don't drink that means I can't have a legal vice? Why should I be denied my choice of 'relaxer' while the redneck clown paints his face red at the bar?

National Legalization WILL happen pretty soon. That's a given. Maybe not next year, maybe not in 3, but the NEW decade that is upon us will bring many different things. The majority of the country supports it..but it's our government who are against losing their quick fix "funds".

And I know some clueless old bat is going to get on here and say "BLAH BLAH BLAH..NO NO NO...IT'S DRUGS!" To the old bat...seriously, find me..we'll talk it over with the peace pipe. EVERYTHING you put in your body IS A DRUG, one way or another. I'm sure that Kinsey Burger is more harmful to your fat @$$ than this little herb will ever be.(well..okay, maybe not, you get high, you get the munchies...Kinsey Burger kinda sounds good...when high..haha)


Saint Louis, MO

#4 Aug 26, 2010
for medicine to cure cancer
steven lawrence

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Aug 30, 2010
i think it would be a benefit to the country to legalize .
not a fan

Saint Louis, MO

#6 Aug 30, 2010
i've never been a big fan of it, but I look at it this way. What is the difference in you being intoxicated on alcohol or being high on marijuana. they both mess with your mind in some way or another. both slow down your thinking. so, why legalize alcohol and not marijuana? but then, you'd have to look at all the other drugs if you do that. so, just make alcohol illegal and it is settled. than, you'd have to make pills illegal. it can be neverending either way you look at it.

United States

#7 Aug 31, 2010
Marijuana isn't a cure for cancer. It is to help cancer patients pain and also increase appetite. We don't have a cure for cancer or atleast if we do the pharmaceutical companies will never let that secret out to the public!

Nashville, TN

#8 Aug 31, 2010
There are many reasons to legalize marijuana, but the way that they are trying to do it now (the camel's nose under the tent method) will not achieve the best results for everyone. Yes, they will get "medical" marijuana legalized, and they will prescribe it for every malady from rickets to the common cold, but the best result would be to simply legalize it for recreational use and tax it similarly to alcohol. The price would still be much cheaper than it is now and the gov't would get the benefit of that huge tax base instead of spending a crapload of money trying to arrest people getting high in their backyards. Also, farmers could grow hemp which would 1) save trees 2) save the land (it's easier on the soil than cotton) and 3) possibly provide a renewable source of fuel. When you think about why something is illegal, always look to see who would benefit from it being illegal. In this case, it's the liquour industry, tobacco companies and gang-bangers/Mafia, I assure you, none of these people want pot legalized.
The Dodger

United States

#9 Aug 31, 2010
Right on 'Chaingang'. As for this new POP UP on legalization, it's really taken me by surprise. It's the new "LOOK OVER HERE" trend for the outlets. Topix, Facebook, CNN, and so many other sights are reporting on this now in mass. Why now? I guess because IT'S TIME.

The truth of the matter is, it should be legal. Some would say "but we don't need ANOTHER vice on the market". To those people I say, "If you can't be fair with vices, let's get rid of them all...give me that alcohol and cigarettes and we'll burn it together." Of course, they always back off when that is said because,'that's their vice'.

Marijuana is not EVIL, WRONG, or DEADLY. Compared to the hundreds of thousands of things people take everyday, it's pretty darn safe. Smoking is healthy, but Marijuana doesn't have to be smoked. It can be baked, eaten, or vaporized. When you live in a society that is ruled by Alcohol, when do you hear about a stoned driver taking cops on a chase? Or a bar fight and stabbing when high?

As for cancer treatment. It's ONLY good as a method to ease pain and calm the patient. To help them eat and feel comfortable. It CAN NOT CURE cancer, so let's just put that aside. I know, as we all know, this Medical crap they have is just an excuse to get high. And I'm okay with that, but I wish they were more honest. Those people who smoke it for medical forget to tag on..."oh, and it gets me high" after they finish their sap story.

But I digress.

I advice many of you who are against Marijuana to watch 'Reefer Madness' from 1936? It is the film that nailed Marijuana's Coffin. Watch it, and tell me that is not the stupidest thing you've ever seen. "Oh no, people are dancing and playing no no, we must stop Marijuana!"<<< Seriously, those are real excuses for it being illegal...back in the 1930's!!!! Remember Alcohol prohibition? Yeah, it's still doesn't work for Marijuana.

The world it is ah'changin.
Need some

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#10 Oct 17, 2010
Can I get some now please. if you live in New Madrid we should get it free cause this place sucks ass!!!
Thc girl

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#11 Oct 17, 2010
It's safer than alcohol and it's legal!!
mr cool

United States

#12 Oct 18, 2010
some people need it for pain.
Im Getting High

Saint Louis, MO

#13 Dec 18, 2010
Everytime you turn on the news all you hear is our "FINE GOVERMENT" bitching about the debt that they have created.First of all alot of that debt is from the 40plus% of prison inmates that was and has only been charged with pot possession and each one cost tax payers almost $26,000 a year and thats just in the state of Missouri.Just imagine what that total amount would be for every prison in the U.S. all because greedy ass Uncle Sam cant figure out how to tax it and get their dirty little fingers in it like everything else."LEGALIZE POT" and help the country recover.One day im sure it will be but until then me like all the rest will continue to get "HIGH" AMEN!!!!!!!!!!
Preston Lafon

Saint Louis, MO

#14 Nov 25, 2012
Stop sending our tax money over seas. Legalize Mary jane. Goverment money problem solved.
oh geez

Poplar Bluff, MO

#15 Nov 25, 2012
some more potheads, posting just after taking a hit. Anymore of this great intel and I think I'll have to start smoking crack to 1 up them.
sounds like another moron

Saint Louis, MO

#16 Nov 25, 2012
oh geez wrote:
some more potheads, posting just after taking a hit. Anymore of this great intel and I think I'll have to start smoking crack to 1 up them.
sounds like your some kind of an expert on pot .....not....better stick to your crack pipe.. just saying
Big guy

United States

#17 Dec 4, 2012
Use for pain
back in the day

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#18 Dec 6, 2012
i agree smoking is better than drinking and the hard core stuff. Every body say's that's its a gateway drug but i dont thank so. But what hapend to the old days about just geting one typ of pot why is there so many.
older then dirt

Saint Louis, MO

#19 Dec 6, 2012
but still think marijuana should be legal.

Saint Louis, MO

#20 Dec 7, 2012
back in the day wrote:
i agree smoking is better than drinking and the hard core stuff. Every body say's that's its a gateway drug but i dont thank so. But what hapend to the old days about just geting one typ of pot why is there so many.
Why do we have so many different whiskeys? How many types of domestic beer do you see? Why is there a new mixed drink invented every day? Choices. Some people like a Kush, others wants White Widow. And some people just don't know what the difference is.

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