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Discuss the national Marijuana debate in Madison, WI.

Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

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Madison, WI

#1 Aug 31, 2010

Madison, WI

#2 Sep 7, 2010
if alcohol is legal, pot should be legal. It can't possibly do more damage than alcohol has.

Lisle, IL

#3 Sep 8, 2010
Of Course, This has been a dumb Drug war !!!!!!!!!! Their is no Harm in It, I guarantee you.

Madison, WI

#4 Sep 11, 2010
Nov. 2nd is my birthday and I will be there for sure !! You ever seen a toker rob a store to get more grass ?? I didn't think so.....**420**

Columbia, MO

#5 Sep 11, 2010
I think an important consideration is one of inforcement. Unlike alcohol which clears the body once the affect has worn off, marijuana can show up in tests for a long time after the affect has worn off. In our overly litigeous society, this can be a very important point. If someone who smoked the night before is involved in an accident (at work or in a vehicle) how can we asses fault accurately. If it were any other drug, its presence in the bloodstream would give us this info. That stated, I do support its legalization, provided the legal implications could be cleared up.
Dan K

Madison, WI

#8 Sep 28, 2010
It is a healing herb. It does more damage to imprison people than it does to let them medicate themselves with something that is harmless. It will also stimulate the economy in tuff times.

Madison, WI

#9 Sep 28, 2010
The list is long and I don't have enough time at the moment to go into detail. However, when you realize that the Drug War is a complete and utter failure that has moved large amounts of money into the hands of violent criminals all at the same time that many non-violent, otherwise law-abiding citizens are thrown in jails and prisons, you can easily see why legalization is a better approach. Not to mention the tax base and jobs that it would create for a suffering economy and the money, court and police resources that would be saved by not putting millions of people in jail for the possession of a harmless plant.

Madison, WI

#10 Sep 30, 2010
Marijuana has a bad stigma attached to it because there are a lot of people out there that abuse it. Much the same way that people abuse alcohol. Yet, there are many well-educated professional people out there that have learned to use it responsibly. I myself am a successful graduate student at UW-Madison and at the end of a long day I would much rather relax with some marijuana than alcohol because I don't end up hung over the next day. I support legalization across the board.

Madison, WI

#11 Sep 30, 2010
It was introduced to society as a project to see what medical purposes can be produced of it, When then was achieved by the lab experiment long time ago, it was then CLASSFIED ILLEGAL when they had their medical professionals tell what problems it does to the body.

MOST NORAML people get it form their medical PROFESSIONAL it is either cmoked or pill form but it is almost 100% pure qualtiy an dperscribed for purposes only. SOme times heart and reality(chamber of the mind) needs to be switched. Sometimes VETERANS to keep them on medicated speed of what happened in the wars. AND sometimes DRUG ADDICTS to equalise system and slowy ween off the medicine when reality in moral again.

IF you did NOT know this your a DRUG ADDICT and should check yourslef into the nearest hospital for HELP!

Madison, WI

#12 Oct 18, 2010
We need this not just as a State but as a Country! The more States that induct this into Law the better. Imagine the job market openings once this comes to fruition. Our Country was founded on Hemp Documentation! Imagine the Lumber used in household construction made from Hemp as well (taking the cue from cork and bamboo) Then we also look into other manufacturing Products ~Clothing, Safety Equipment, Search and Rescue Gear, Fuel Source, Cooking Oils, Animal Feed (livestock) There are way too many Opportunities out there knocking at our door to ignore the possibilities. I am but one voice, But I am urging each and EVERY ONE of you to make your voice heard! THIS DECISION IS OURS TO MAKE! WE THE PEOPLE!

Madison, WI

#13 Oct 18, 2010
I dont know... I think if I remember statistics properly, it was around 20% of this nation that were chemically imblanced on drugs.

and only a small percetnage are Voters 60% are other time speed so are not allowed to or refuse to hire someone that does not fit the job titles.

Get that 60% to Vote and We dont do drugs but will Vote agaisnt legalization of drugs.

Medical PRofessionals HAVE those drugs legal for medical purpose coma, heart patients, and some drug addicts needed to ween off drugs for rehailitation -medical purpose. and with that knowledge why legalize It is legal for those medically necessity Obviously a drug addict would want vice vers and with self-admission what happened to the rescue crew that you to asylum them and rehab
Field of dreams

Madison, WI

#14 Oct 18, 2010
Just say YES!!!

Madison, WI

#15 Oct 19, 2010
WHy Vote yes, why not the solution.

Having full knowledge throughout history people were mentally ill and brain traum because of toxis, air, water, pollution, no refridgeration for food containments or preservations, Harmed them throughout history, DONT LOOK DONT

Having Full knowledge of plant and drug testing experimentations with medcine for pharmacutical purposes and that your parents checmically enhanced may or may not of been through their own accord. SOme may have had Pepsi prodcuts form pre 70s teaspoon of WHHHAT in your soda pop, now who was that dink that suggested it will boost energy 1/2 a teaspoon at what level of purity WOOWEE were boomers jiggy or what, then they foudn the mistake and had to stablize all of society to a normalcy

Then Generation X genetically mutated race of humans birthed in a differnt brain chamber, without knowledge of history because parents were BEEEEEEP programmed to behavioral and industrial achievements programmed with or without thier knowledge.

And thier kids saying ha I had the cool parents that to my mind to differnt levels. Yeah I watched the FBI videos at 13 of the resutls of their minds exploration in holding cells with wires stickied to their heads and got to see how they thought they were living life with thier chosen ideal partner or worse nightmares and all they were doing was walking in circles in the corner of a 3 foot 5 padded cell.

and you want to vote to do drugs if you have a death wish ask your doctor and congressman to uthinise you so you dont effect the whole. MY WAY OF SAYING GET HELP I told my college professer I refuse to work with AODA issues I cant, genetically altered minds of birth stressful but yes I will work with them, but self inflicted brain death -menain brain functions in the chamber of the mind we can not assist without compromising our safty NO

Madison, WI

#16 Oct 19, 2010
Sit at hoem and watch the musicals from childhood. Priate movie, xanado, unsinkable Molly Brown, Swiss Family Robinson.

By your self without society and friends get back to a normal speed of mind family and longing of non affiliated drug related drug dreams of a partner, of your own minds exploration and life climb. Its not lonely when you do it to HEAL keep informed with your doctor and maybe have a touch base care worker from a local charity, church, family memeber or freidn you HATE being with because they dont do drugs. HEE mee it would be nice to see yo all sometime before life is ended but we dont exist on the same brian chamebr you dinks wheres my heros you all are zeros yell at me becasue i loved you and wanted to xcall 911 or get you to a hospital and beat me because i tried to take you from your crowds you make me fart

Madison, WI

#17 Oct 19, 2010
I wasnt staring to freak you out or snitch people, Im watching you breeth and your eyes move to know when it is safe to move in and remove you or watching vitals to call for ambulance I try to get your dealers from you so when your eyes roll back and I jump yoour friends I can tell so you dont have to while they are transporting to the hospital to save your lives.

Madison, WI

#18 Oct 19, 2010
And dont forget to NOT misuse vtiamins. I did, and I guarentee it is no differnt. Your electrical concsiousness goes into another brain chamber. And you misuse vitamins which is a medicine(drug) daily. Read a daily dose, it substitutes a whole days full balanced meal. Cut that pill in half and eat regualr without snacks.

SOme men do drugs because of bodily size. Protein shake and sit ups push ups pull ups, no sense going into depression and using drugs because you feel skinny. work out for 2 years and youll have those buff prison looks, GOULOSH and LOTS OF bread and daily excercise, keeps your mind from talking so you dont think your going nuts. THey were skinny to when they went in. I had worked with a man at Cousins Subs he got shot in the head I think ??? nobody would tell me, his physique was impressive I siad white boys I went to school with are trying for that frame, he said 2 years prison Lots of goulosh and bread and work out everytime you can.

DId I mention He died. Drug related crime. NO DRUGS NO DRUGS Man was ambushed working for his mother, trying to get street samples to get to labs to make counter agents for hostpitol use, to save lives. NO DRUGS


Since: Apr 07

Madison, Wisconsin(The Town )

#19 Nov 27, 2010
I am allergic enough to the second hand smoke that it can cause me to seizure. My herbal reference book also says that it shouldn't be used without medical direction. This usually means that it is unsafe to use.

Madison, WI

#20 Dec 6, 2010
phoenixcat wrote:
I am allergic enough to the second hand smoke that it can cause me to seizure. My herbal reference book also says that it shouldn't be used without medical direction. This usually means that it is unsafe to use.
You're kidding right?
who cares

Erie, PA

#22 Feb 20, 2011
How many persons do you know who go out and drink then go home and beat the crap out of their family members compared to a person who smoke marijuana? How many traffic deaths are from alcohol, etc. Alcohol should be illegal.


Since: Apr 07

Madison, Wisconsin(The Town )

#23 Mar 14, 2011
Bud wrote:
<quoted text>
You're kidding right?

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