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Liam Newsome

Lancaster, PA

#103 Jan 4, 2012
i feel like that legalizing marijuana on a state basis for medical use would be a great thing benifitng lancaster in a numerous amount of was from putting more money into our education system (witch we DESPRETLY need) to restoring local land marks Etc.

Lancaster, PA

#104 Jan 4, 2012
brenda Moran wrote:
I think it is opening pandoras box. It does not work in California or Amsterdam.
what do you mean by this?

Orlando, FL

#105 Jan 26, 2012
Weed is not no gateway drug..if you don't smoke you should weed calms you down when your stressed

Orlando, FL

#106 Jan 26, 2012
Marijuana is great
Sam Crystle

Lancaster, PA

#107 Jan 31, 2012
Marijuana has a huge potential to pull this country out of the debt crisis with taxing and regulating it similar to alcohol
dosent want needs some

Lancaster, PA

#108 Jul 18, 2012
ametystmyst wrote:
I smoke, I vote
Can anyone help me in need of some previous dealer left for college need new one
James diffendarfer

Lewisberry, PA

#110 Aug 3, 2012
marijuana also known as cannabis a very helpful yet non addictive medication. like wise compare marijuana and xanax one xanax destroys peoples lives and is highly addictive whereas marijuana helps many different medical and mental issues and is non-addictive.

Lancaster, PA

#112 Aug 19, 2012
it will help the economy and it doesnt really hurt you.
farout liberal

Ford City, PA

#113 Sep 18, 2012
Tea Party Patriot wrote:
<quoted text>
Really "Moron" Wow!!!! How old are you anyway??
You need to #1. Get off your parents couch,#2.go barrow your parents car,#3. Sell some of the food you buy with your food stamp card for some cash,#4.Now go buy more dope, from the illegal Mexicans, to get more stoned, to sit on your parents computer and argue your "point about joint" with me!!! I thank God I was born smarter than you are doper! Go ahead and light up another joint, and burn up a few more of those liberal brain cells!
I gotta get going now, to go join up now with Sheriff Joe's officers and learn how to arrest illegal Mexicans that are here in my country stealing my tax dollars!
Yea "real issues" not about supporting rights to get high on a person's drug of choice!
Get a life "moron" and maybe you wont have to smoke pot to escape yourself!
Perhaps if you smoked, you would realize you spelled borrow wrong. Nice job stereotyping anyone supporting cannibals. Perhaps if we were more like you we would stereotype you for being racist against anything involving Mexico and expose you for being so materialistic over your beloved possessions. Hope your car never breaks down and someone that smokes offers you help. We all know you wouldn't do the same. Next time smoke a j or atleast find the brain cells to use spell checker.
farout liberal

Ford City, PA

#114 Sep 18, 2012
Obviously auto correct just made my point moot considering I wrote cannibals rather than cannibus. Hey atleast I called out my own mistake. If only tea party lady's parents would have realized their mistake and corrected it before she found this forum.
farout liberal

Ford City, PA

#115 Sep 18, 2012
F m all
Marissa T Girl

Reading, PA

#116 Sep 19, 2012
I love to smoke a dube and prance around the house in my french maid outfit.

oooooooo la la

Lancaster, PA

#117 Sep 19, 2012
Unfortunetly, I Don't think weed will become legal, due to misconceptions. People on this forum, on both sides, are ignorant. If someone chooses not to use marijuana, that's there choose, just like drinking or smoking tobacco. Marijuana has absolutely no adverse physical effects. It does not lower processing skills, nor does it kill brain cells. It does not harm the lungs, or any other part of the body. Usage within teens can reducebrain development. That's it. As for claims made, people who use marijuana are just like everyone else. It is a desision we all should have a right to. And people have been receding to it as a drug. Marijuana is not a drug in any way shape or form. It is just a natural herb that has effects on the body, like most herbs. People who smoke weed are NOT more likely to use other drugs within there lifetime, nor are they less likely to graduate college, or own a home. We all live in Lancaster, and believe it or not, lots of high standing members of our community use marijuana regularly. And for anyone who feels the need to insult me, call me a "stoner" or "leech on society" I happen to be an MIT grad, and do very well for myself, and am involved in the community in lots of ways. If you are opposed to marijuana usage, that is OK, you have that right. But, your beliefs are not shared by everyone, so please, be consiterate of others opinions.
Marissa T Girl

Reading, PA

#118 Sep 20, 2012
Tea Party Patriot wrote:
"Everyone loves pot"! Wow! I must not be living on that same planet as you are?
I have never and will never touch the stuff along with toxic tobacco products or alcohol!
I choose to enjoy my life sober!
If people need pot for relief from cancer let their doctors prescribe it, and thy can get it from a pharmacy.. Problem solved!
Anoer Right wing tea bagger that wants to impose laws on s due to their beliefs. MORE right wing regulation and govt control. The right is about MORE govt control and regulation.

Since you also poster you dont like to lickher how about we get together and I will put on one of my sissy outfits. You can then lick my stump and I can, well whatever you want.

You sound real butch and that is sexy.

Mountville, PA

#119 Oct 21, 2012
brenda Moran wrote:
I think it is opening pandoras box. It does not work in California or Amsterdam.
It works GREAT in California AND Amsterdam...I've been to both places and know first hand!
Frank Schaeffer

Mount Joy, PA

#120 Nov 26, 2012
I suffer from chronic pain from injuries as well as anxiety.

Pittsburgh, PA

#121 Nov 30, 2012 colorado legalized cannabis for recreation use and at that time all States should legalized together..

“Help a young guy out..”

Since: Nov 12


#123 Dec 14, 2012
I support it for so many reasons it's not even funny....

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#124 Dec 20, 2012
If you need a drug for pain or sickness, it should be provided from a written prescription from your doctor and dispensed from a pharmacy!

At one time all drugs were legal.

Cannabis is a drug. Opium is a drug.. All drugs have side effects.

Legalizing any substance that people are dependent on has consequences.

Marijuana should only be used by people who really need it for pain relief, or the side effects of cancer treatments. Most of the young punks on here are not in pain! They are in need to become high- intoxicated, and want to do it legal!
It's not legal, all states can deem it "legal" but the Federal gov still says it's illegal. So all you back yard growers, watch out the feds will get you sooner or later! Try living life sober, unless you are in chronic pain and have a valid reason to take a drug!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
joe r

Lancaster, PA

#125 Jan 9, 2013
cause it not harmful and it puts alot of people in jail unnecessary

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