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Momence, IL

#43 Nov 5, 2011
Yo Daddy wrote:
People who smoke weed are NASTY! Weed is for welfare hos and chocolate city welfare residents a.k.a scumbags!
So your calling over 90% of the world nasty? a

Navarre, FL

#44 Nov 12, 2011
its stupid whatz the point to smoking

Since: Nov 11

Gulf Breeze, FL

#46 Nov 15, 2011
great for bipolar disorder when you can't afford the prescription meds n all the dr appts

Irvine, CA

#47 Nov 17, 2011
should have been legalized a long time ago
Bubba Leroy Artifus Jones

Jefferson City, MO

#48 Nov 17, 2011
I say legalize Marijuana and outlaw cigarettes, people wouldn't bitch about second hand smoke because they would be to high to bitch. Hell we could just light up a joint after dinner in the fanciest restaurants in town.
Kevin M Healey

Gulf Breeze, FL

#49 Dec 11, 2011
Why should I have to explain my vote, who's asking?

Westphalia, MO

#50 Dec 14, 2011
should not be illegal
nancy botwin

Westphalia, MO

#51 Dec 14, 2011
marijuana should be legal for waaaay too many reasons to list. wtf is wrong with the rednecks who think alcohol is more dangerous than weed? if weed were legal in MO for one week, over a million bucks would be saved in legal fees alone (cop, court, clerk, judge, attorney, jail fees). What more do you need?
nancy botwin

Westphalia, MO

#52 Dec 14, 2011
Your Daddy wrote:
weed is for scumbags
you are an idiot. what kind of shit are you on?
nancy botwin

Westphalia, MO

#53 Dec 14, 2011
nancy botwin wrote:
marijuana should be legal for waaaay too many reasons to list. wtf is wrong with the rednecks who think alcohol is more dangerous than weed? if weed were legal in MO for one week, over a million bucks would be saved in legal fees alone (cop, court, clerk, judge, attorney, jail fees). What more do you need?
whoops, those two beers i just drank made me misquote myself! i MEANT, rednecks who think WEED is more dangerous than ALCOHOL. my bad. it was the alcohol talking.
smoke another

Clinton, MO

#54 Dec 15, 2011
reduntant wrote:
<quoted text>
Heres a few "potheads" who are smart enough to be worth millions.
Sir Richard Branson Owner Virgin Mobile
Rick Steves Host of Travel Channel Renowned Author
Aaron Sorkin writer and producer of The West Wing
Barack Obama President of the US
Michael Bloomberg Mayor of New York
Ted Turner Yet he is a mega-mogul. He single-handedly invented the 24-hour news cycle with CNN,
was named Time’s Man of theYear in 1991, is the largest private land owner in America, and also owns
a few other TV stations, and the Atlanta Braves
Montel Williams Talk Show Host Activist
Stephen King Award winning writer
Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor of California
Stoned Presidents: U.S Presidents that Smoked Marijuana
Before marijuana prohibition began in the late 1930’s, many people, including some of our nations leaders
grew cannabis for a variety of reasons. It’s fairly well known that cannabis has thousands of industrial uses,
and has been grown for thousands of years. While simply growing cannabis is far from proof that someone
smoked it, there is still evidence showing many would-be U.S Presidents enjoyed it for recreational and medicinal uses.
George Washington
Washington routinely smoked marijuana to alleviate the pain from his ailing teeth.
Washington’s diary recounts his efforts to better cultivate and enhance his crops of marijuana.
Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson grew cannabis on his plantation and smuggled Chinese hemp seeds to America. He also is
believed to have given specialsmoking blends out as personal gifts which is why he makes the list.
James Madison
Madison once remarked that hemp gave him insight to create a new and democratic nation.
James Monroe
Monroe began smoking it as Ambassador to France & continued to the age of 73.
Andrew Jackson
Jackson has been documented to have smoked cannabis and tobacco cigars along withthe troops he led.
Zachary Taylor
Like Andrew Jackson, Taylor is said to have smoked with his troops in one or more of the
many wars he was in.
Franklin Pierce
Continuing a popular theme of the era, Pierce also smoked with his troops as a general in the Mexican-American War.
In a letter to his family, he says cannabis is “about the only good thing” in the war.
Abraham Lincoln
Quotes (real and fake) about Lincoln enjoying hemp are all over the internet. While some debate if Lincoln
sparked up, manyresources point to yes.
John F. Kennedy
Close acquaintances say Kennedy used cannabis regularly to control his back pain (even during his term) and
actually planned on legalizing marijuana during his second term.
Jimmy Carter
Along with his efforts to legalize marijuana, Some say Carter also hosted many marijuana smoke filled events
at the WhiteHouse. This leads most to assume Carter at least tried it at some point in life.
George W. Bush
Bush publicly refused to answer the marijuana question. He was later caught saying he refused to talk about it
“because I don’t want some little kid doing what I tried”.
Bill Clinton
Clinton famously stated that he smoked but “didn’t inhale”. He has been known to bend the truth every now and then,
so he still makes the list
Barack Obama
Even though he joked off many American’s wishes to legalize marijuana, Obama has been very open with his own marijuana
smoking in the past, once saying “I inhaled frequently. That was the point”.
Some Pretty Smart People huh copy n paste
You are a dumbass. Half can't be prove or are stretched truths. I have heard this for years. I have smoked pot and know many that do. And to think this is evidence for legalization is exactly why it will never be legalized. I think it should be legalized.
get a job

Chicago, IL

#55 Dec 21, 2011
One it stinks horribly n yea I know plenty that does it but really I think its stupid n a copout for living a life so many people would b lazy n do nothing which ='s more welfare cases

Jefferson City, MO

#56 Feb 1, 2012
I think there are a lot of people who have issues with addicts, or people who socially use. I am recovering from heroin addiction and think that some of the stuff said on here is repulsive..get right.
Daniel James Ehlers

Euless, TX

#58 Aug 17, 2012
Never killed anyone! Take the alcohol and switch it with marijuana, the death rate would decrease significantly! Helps with arthritis and with eating. Can't overdose on it and not everyone will smoke it if it was legal, it would be treated as a great opportunity for business and can make many fine products.

United States

#59 Oct 13, 2012
I suffer from chronic pain and I'm in favor of mdical marijuanna.

United States

#60 Oct 13, 2012
Its legal for medical purposes in 16 states. Not all americans are backward inbred rednecks. I also vote conservative and conservatism means gov out of my life. You would rather see people with chronic pain poison there livers and suffer other side effects from pharmasutical pain killers as if their lifes are not bad enough. Now you rednecks that don't suffer with tremendous daily pain and the DEA make it almost impossible to get narcotic pain killers legally through liscensed DR. So we just suffer and you rally through life with your better than though attitude no pain no worrys able to work and enjoy life and screw the people who can benefit from medical marajuanna.
Kevin Healey

Gulf Breeze, FL

#61 Oct 14, 2012
At least for medical uses.
michelle kelsey

United States

#62 Feb 19, 2013
Don't believe in drugs drugs are bad stuff

Linn, MO

#63 Feb 20, 2013
i am a collage student and have all A's and i work and everyone around me seem to get along with me just fine. why is smoking marijuana in my down time such a bad thing if i have my priorities straight and i know what i have to do when im done hanging out then i see no problems here

United States

#65 Apr 4, 2013
Hell yea!!!

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