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Saluda, NC

#21 Mar 16, 2012
and Tax the shit out of it

Hendersonville, NC

#23 Jan 4, 2014
Marijuana has a lot of medicinal purposes that we could use to treat illnesses in Hendersonville NC and why denie patients with these illnesses a medicine that is natural and less lethal than prescription drugs.

Hendersonville, NC

#24 Jan 4, 2014
Also I would like to add to my previous comment that pot never makes people go insane or makes them go on a violent rage. And the DEA tells us that this drug is so dangerous then why can they not show us one death account of direct use of marijuana. Also I would like to clear one myth for everyone, marijuana does not kill brain cells. I can't explain every lie the DEA told about weed. So if you have Netflix look up the documentary "The Union" or some people have recorded on YouTube under the title "The Best Marijuana documentary you'll ever see" under the channel of DOCUMENTARY TV.

United States

#25 Jan 14, 2014
Let's save our tax dollars to fight 'real crime'.
Stoney Browning

Saluda, NC

#26 Jan 18, 2014
Marijuana has been proven in several studies in Portugal and Spain to interrupt the growth, and in some cases completely kill cancer cells. Yet the DEA will not allow research on marijuana unless it serves their own agenda.

My mother died of bone cancer, and my sister in law is dying of it right now! Yet the medicine that could be saving her is held down by Federal Bureaucrats to protect their own agenda! Marijuana is safer that aspirin, yet the DEA will not allow research to be done on it, because it threatens their bottom line! Time to get the Government out of the drug business!
Sroney Browning

Saluda, NC

#27 Jan 18, 2014
Once again Medical Marijuana has been struck down by the North Carolina Legislature!

Still The DEA prevents research from being done on the cancer killing abilities of marijuana compounds discovered in Spain and Portugal, because it threatens their cash cow, and bottom line! Not only that, but Bush gave this bureaucratic entity legislative power! So much for "small government"!

Ah! But be not smug Oh Democrats! Obama promised not to go after states with medical marijuana laws, but instead busted more clinics than Bush!

58% of Americans want this product legalized! A product that is safer than aspirin! A product that the DEA could not attribute one direct fatality to! in congressional hearings! A product that could save MILLIONS of cancer victims if only research was allowed to be done on it! A product that, if taxed, could help get this country out of debt, and reduce law enforcement expenditures.

And by the way, Stoney is my REAL name, and I'm a Certified Nurses Aid, and do not smoke marijuana! My mother died of bone cancer, and My sister in law is dying of it now! How long will we allow the DEA to put their bottom line over the sick and dying?

How long will people fall on their knees and pray, "Oh God, if you're going to take them, please take them soon! I can't bear top watch them suffer more!"?
Michigan grower

Dallas, TX

#28 Jan 29, 2014
I just moved here to the Hendersonville area from Michigan which is a legal mj state. And I just want to say that people here need to wake up and quit being such ignorant old fucks. I can assure you that med marj helps any state that passes the law HOW you ask well it has single handedly rebuilt the economy of the state of michigan which has seen the hardest times in the country after the auto industry leaving the state. over a 100 million dollars generated for the state of michigan in taxes from med mj not to mention all the jobs that have been introduced to the state because of med mj whether its a bong or smoke shop or a hydroponics store that caters to the mj growers you can get hired to just trim up buds with a grower for 10 to 15 dollars an hour. lets flip this to the law side no more will tax payer money go to incarcerating and policing marijuana users and growers. Growers get at the min 3500 dollars a plant just for the bud being sold thats not even talking about the hash that can be made from the trim and leaves left over. I can also tell you that people dont walk down the streets with lit joints there isnt infants on every street corner asking you to buy pot there isnt kids running up to people blowing smoke in there faces and yelling im high man im fuckin high you cant even really tell its legal there unless your looking for it it remains in the shadows as if it were still illegal honestly. anyone who isnt a conv felon can be a grower/caregiver and under mi law a caregiver is allowed 5 patients or buyers each grower is allowed 60 plants to be growing 12 plants for each patient I know friends up there making close to 100K a year growing med MJ people I urge you to wake up and get going with educating people on med MJ and how it helps growers patients and the state its a win win all around. the economy of NC would be sent through the roof and NC already grows tobacco that kills millions every year but thats ok but marj has NEVER killed a person yet it doesnt cause lung cancer 100% fact smoking marijuana actually stops cancer and groth of cancer in cancer patients that 100% fact quit being STUPID NC this is a beautiful plant in so many ways folks just EDUCATE those who are ignorant and EDUCATE yourself.....

Hendersonville, NC

#30 May 4, 2014
Understandably, the concerns with inhaling smoke are certainly justified. However, to get the medicinal benefits of marijuana, one does not have to smoke it. There are eatibles, which do get one high, but is also very effective in treating pain from MS, lupus, fibromyalgia and of course stimulates appetite in other terminal illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. There are tinctures and other extraction methods that pull out the medicinal ingredient without intoxication that treats pain. All it would take is a quick search on Google Scholar to read reports, real scientific reports, to see the numerous ways that cannabis can help. Even if someone with a terminal illness doesn't make it, with the use of cannabis they can at least have some semblance of a life in their last days.

My grandfather, who was a minister, had cancer. As he was elderly, chemo did nothing but worsen his condition. It was the chemo that ultimately killed him and not the cancer. I begged my family to let me get him some marijuana. They eventually did relent. We gave it to him in a vaporizer, which has less harmful effects than smoking. Before the chemo he was a hearty eater, and eating was one of the joys of his life. When he had finally gotten down below 120 lbs (as a 6'1 tall man), we gave him the marijuana. The next couple rounds of chemo did him in, but at least he was able to eat in those last days and had the energy to smile.

As others here have mentioned, hemp, which has virtually no THC (the active intoxicant) can be used for clothing, replacement of paper products, and other building materials. Hemp is extremely strong and durable. Besides, at some point we're going to run out of trees to cut down.

I also do not have a problem with recreational use. As a Psychiatrist, I see many issues arising from other forms of recreational substances, especially alcohol. When I was in med school, we were shown brain scans of various substance abusers. The one that was the worst, that effected most of the brain was alcohol. Mind you, I have nothing against alcohol, either, if used in moderation. My point is that we are demonizing a plant whose reputation was proliferated by a 1930's mindset, from a world where cocaine and methamphetamines where legally prescribed and promoted.

The overwhelming support as evidenced by this forum post does not surprise me. When my Christian, straight edge, baby boomer parents are for legalization, it only serves to show that these years of criminalization have been in vain.

New York, NY

#32 Jun 20, 2014
Yes isn't it about time already people for goodness sakes how backward can a country be?
alonso carbajal

Hendersonville, NC

#34 Dec 28, 2014
Its good for ppl that are sick and its a miracle

Mountain View, CA

#37 Jan 6, 2015
Medical reason

United States

#39 May 16, 2015
If its being taxed in many other states and has been proven in the help of many sicknesses I see no reason for this medicinal plant to not be legalized.

Flat Rock, NC

#40 May 19, 2015
I think there is a lot more money to be made for the people vs the government if it were made legal and regulated. There are a lot of medicinal benefits, but like any other substance it must be used properly.
Aside from that, I honestly don't see how it could be any worse than the scourge that alcohol has brought. But then again, there are plenty of responsible alcohol drinkers so I don't want to categorize those tho are moderate drinkers. It's the same with marijuana use IMO. If you are responsible, then I don't see a problem.

Etowah, NC

#42 Aug 31, 2015
Try living in my old neighborhood for a month and you'll see why.

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