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Can it

Murphy, NC

#44 Oct 28, 2011
Nope no reason to legalize it.

Sylva, NC

#45 Oct 30, 2011
aunt bea wrote:
It makes people lethargic and they don't want to work. We have enough of that around here. It should only be used for medicinal purposes not for the general public. Cancer patients yes but only them.
Wheres the jobs

Sylva, NC

#46 Oct 30, 2011
For legit medical only

Sylva, NC

#47 Oct 30, 2011
wtf wrote:
Then you do not know many of your Dr's, lawyers,teachers,counselors or closest friends true nature hundreds of people write anonymously into medicinal marijuana organizations and voice that if it were not illegal they would support it but because of the "taboo" ignorance they cannot for fear of idiots like you taking their jobs. Pot is a far cry from crack,meth, or even pharmaceuticals! It is a god given natural herb,doesn't have to be smoked may be ingested in several manners but does not make people shitty people! Alcohol has destroyed innumerable lives through addiction yet have you ever met a "strung out" pot head who has to go through withdrawals to recover? NO! you haven't because marijuana is physically impossible to become addicted to. Get your f-ckin facts straight. Sounds like you're looking for someone to blame low income living on.well look in the mirror and on your tv because if we as a nation took compassion on the homeless or the dire need of humanity within our borders we'd fund living quarters and classes for those who cannot instead of sitting in your house bitching,we'd give empty buildings to be used for living instead of sitting empty and condemned because people are unable to "pay" We watch T.v. and support endless accounts of stupidity and moral decay, and wasted money just for entertainment! I bet when your doctor prescribes you medicine you take it because they are "acceptable" yet you don't know what its made of-haven't a clue.a "doctor" said its what you need.You more than likely consume 90% of this genetically altered food that is mass produced today with hundreds of chemicals and will have some disease in old age simply due to diet,yet natures own herb is bad?In Mendocino county CA proctor and gamble (who is a major corp producing everything from soap ,toothpaste,to toilet paper look them up they make damn near everything guarantee at least 40% of your household goods) just purchased 1000's of acres in the emerald triangle for growing marijuana because it can save a country in recession-it IS capable of being distributed wisely. Ignorant people like you have been so long in the dark with the idiocies handed to them by the media and governmental campaigns that you have no idea where the true harm stems from. Whats killing our youth is being pumped into households daily by legit doctors and gov. Meth will make people live in squalor,cocaine will make people live in poverty without notice,heroin will make your honor student a whore but marijuana has been scientifically proven repetitively that it soothes the nerves naturally,it has served as a god send for those dying in agony from cancer treatments because it gives them an appetite when NOTHING else has or will! You seriously think that all those people who are using medicinal marijuana are lying just so they can be lazy pot heads. Go research and read some FACTS for yourself,get educated before you want to blame potheads for poverty and squalor in these hills. Look to doctors and the government (who funds methamphetamine clinics) if you want to blame someone.[
<quoted text>
Well said!
sanford barber

United States

#48 May 22, 2012
high cost of enforcement!!
The Radio Star

United States

#49 May 22, 2012
The truth about marijuana the government doesn't want you to know.

&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player
Niki Patterson

Sandy, TX

#50 Jun 4, 2012
Makes me sad that people are so fucking ignorant and ill educated that they do not recognize that hemp ( marijuana) is a fuel, clothing,medicinal and multifaceted tool. This plant alone could revolutionize our economy. If you want to talk about drugs driving people to things look at the pharmaceutical industry and the governmental drugs "experimental years". Not one solely (meaning isolated) marijuana related death has ever been documented- always there was another drug or alcohol at play. In fact google marijuana lab rat studies. you will find that "THC" administered at 10,000 times the "lethal" dosage of marijuana intake does not.. Cannot kill these creatures. It puts them to sleep. Recent studies in marijuana have proven that it does not kill the brain cells, it temporairly inhibits them for up to 24 hours after use. The same brain cells that the "war on drugs" government said would never regrow. Bullshit. Since the movie "reefer madness" society has taken this role that we must avenge our youth before marijuana destroys them, really the government is milking your tax dollars, using a tv you pay for to convince you that these "dealers,terrorist, and bad guys" are out to get you. Wake up, think outside your fucking television.

P.s. I never get on here, I used my real name so you can bash away. I don't fucking care. I'll be out changing the world keep flipping channels you'll see the change.

Cleveland, GA

#51 Oct 7, 2012
Luv Nikkie!!
Donna Keller

Fort Myers, FL

#52 Oct 11, 2012
Unless a medicinal need exists for using this drug, i am against it. With all the beautiful things in life to enjoy I do not see a need to legalize marijuana. Don't need to encourage people to live in a mental fog.

Copperhill, TN

#53 Oct 12, 2012
Way too much trouble all the way around. There are other ways to combat mental and physical pain. Most marijuana users are not responsible individuals, it goes with the territory. There are other ways.
Liberation Wave

Toccoa, GA

#54 Oct 13, 2012
No one has the right to legislate what a person puts into their own body..The biggest trick ever pulled was to convince you that they do have such rights..

Every arrest and murder in the name of the so called "drug war" has been in fact a WAR CRIME. It will not be far down the road when restitution is sought and the record set straight.

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