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buzz kill

Oakvale, WV

#22 Dec 5, 2010
they proved it helped with cancer an glockcoma god put it on earth for a reason and they cant make tax on it cause of all the people would grow it them selves and the goverment could not have any control over it and if they did the knock the thc so down where it would not do shit aint it funny that the stuff that kills you the quickest is over the counter and shit thats timed base is illegal
i say legalize it all and let it be a form of population control

Hamlin, WV

#23 Dec 6, 2010
i support it, dont do it but i have friends tht do because of back pain and cant sleep and there is nothing wrong with them. i rather deal with a pothead then a drunk. lol
Reed and Speedy

Red House, WV

#24 Dec 6, 2010
well i love the shit,,,not only do i smoke it ,,,i jurk to it to haahaah.........LongDongSilver
Timmeh is amusing

Los Angeles, CA

#25 Dec 6, 2010
Timmeh wrote:
It's not needed. It doesn't help. If it's not medical, it serves no purpose. Everyone argues for medical reasons, yet I bet none of them use it for that. I wish people would quit worrying about smoking and instead focus their attention on important issues at hand. They care more about altering their brains than the welfare of our country. It's truly sad.
But all those alkyl nitrates (aka poppers) are ok?

Maybe you should trot out your "important issues at hand" agenda so we could get on board, Mr. Timmeh.

I don't support weed use but preoccupation with it is no worse than the incessant waving of a rainbow flag.

Proctorville, OH

#26 Dec 7, 2010
why keep it illegal if people are guna use it either way ?
there hasn't been one person yet to die from it .

Hamlin, WV

#27 Feb 10, 2011
Its a drug
for fun

Rupert, WV

#28 May 6, 2011
zappo wrote:
worthless potheads why don't you tell this man that he is a worthless pothead.
it helps

West Hamlin, WV

#29 Jun 11, 2011
in my opinion weed does help people...for instance if u have a sleeping problem it helps u sleep...for 2 it helps ALOT with nerves..and it actually makes life easier.
o yea

West Hamlin, WV

#30 Sep 4, 2013
Beer whiskey and shit will make a person stupid and not remember thinks at all but yet it is sold nation wide daily. Weed does not do that to a person might make tje lazy and hungry whats wronk with that. As a smoker i meet alot of hamlinites that as known me for a long time and thinks the world of me and they talk down to pot smokers and they are none the wiser if they dont lile it and they cant tell i smole on a hourly basses then what that tell you about weed and how it affects a person

West Hamlin, WV

#31 Sep 4, 2013
Timmeh wrote:
<quoted text>
Lol, I said nothing about that sort of "Welfare". I was referring to the well-being of our nation.=/
if the nation would smke it then there wouldn't be as many crimes navada leagelized prostitution and rape % s fell so weed could stop or slow the use of pills
Sneek Blee

Oklahoma City, OK

#32 Sep 4, 2013
Janet wrote:
Its a drug
...then what's a plant?
travis hanshaw

Hurricane, WV

#33 Sep 4, 2013
i vote yes!!!!!!!!!!

Pittsburgh, PA

#34 Sep 4, 2013
I was in riverpark and they had me on silexa and trazodone. I got out smoked weed and now i dont have any anger or depression problems. It helps you sleep, eat, laugh, cut loose and it still wont effect your driving unless you get paranoid and even then it still improves your driving bexause you pay more attention. I just smoked 30 min. ago and i cant think of a day this year i havent smoked. I am a proud user of marijuana!
Makes Sense

Hamlin, WV

#35 Sep 6, 2013
Marijuana isn't needed? Well for one it is a plant. Meaning natural from our earths soil. It is frowned upon/criminalized because our government says it is. Think about "our"government first and foremost. Giving aide/aircrafts/military supply/etc to other countries.. Millions upon millions of dollars that we could be using to better our own d*** country instead of being everyone else's big brother. Spying on us,Lying to us, and god only knows what else we don't know about our "so called government." Why is weed slowly becoming acceptable and decriminalized? Because we help every other country,owe trillions of dollars that we borrowed just to give it away to Egypt and other places. It makes no sense what so ever. We have always known our economy has went down the sh***er. Now they are going to use taxes on weed to earn more money from the American people to send to these other countries for god knows what reasons. You all know weed wouldn't even be considered to become legal unless Obama and the rest of the Dumb***es in congress where literally out of ideas to bring in money. Alcohol and tobacco that kill thousands every year is ok, but a plant that studies show have not been the cause of anyones death isn't. I call BS on that and I personally stand by our right to freedom. I be damn if the government is going to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body. Against the law or not, I will do what I want with my own body. Legalization may make it easier for me to smoke the herb I love so much, but being illegal hasn't stopped me one bit. There isn't a thing wrong with it and most people with a level head will tell you the same. If anything alcohol should be what is illegal. It has destroyed and killed so many lives over the years it is flat out ridiculous. The numbers are insane. Yet you can buy it almost anywheres. Our country has been heading in a bad direction for a long long time.I am truly scared of what our future holds. Wouldn't be surprised to see Martail law in effect in my lifetime. The sad thing is, We as American people have the power to change and make this country a great place to live and raise our children and yet we are brainwashed by media and influenced by those with the money to alter the media in their favor. We could put in a candidate that actually gives and d*** and make changes for the better.. getting us out of these petty fake wars they want to call just. They are unjust is what they are. We are in war and have been because of oil and if you think our government isn't behind bringing in drugs that should actually be punishable to the highest degree then you have haven't been paying attention to what has really been going on. Wake up people, Stop being influenced by money and media. You where given a mind the think with, actually use it and refuse to be a puppet on our governments strings.

Columbus, OH

#36 Sep 8, 2013
yes, absolutely great for chronic pain, BAN alcohol , legalize marijuana !

West Hamlin, WV

#37 Sep 18, 2013
zappo wrote:
worthless potheads
you are just like the rest of them antipoter hemp was the main ssource of paper rope cloths and many other thing that got this country on its feet and could do it again if done in the proper way
Sneek Blee

Oklahoma City, OK

#38 Sep 18, 2013
zappo wrote:
worthless potheads
ignorant prohibitionist

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