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SomethingAboutTh atLogic

Beaverton, OR

#21 Jun 18, 2011
@BeenThereDidTHat: "Marijuana IS a gateway drug."

By the same underlying logic, air is a "gateway drug." You did breathe air before you smoked your first marijuana, yes? Therefore, breathing air caused you to smoke marijuana and we should make breathing a felony.

K. Ford

United States

#22 Jun 26, 2011
It is time to quit spending the money on the persecution of marijuana users. The dollars could be better spent on education. Tax the sale of marijuana and create a much needed revenue stream.
The Rick

Eugene, OR

#23 Jun 29, 2011
the so called drug war is based on racists laws from the last century, and we have way to many people locked up in this country. People will always smoke..

“Smart liberals question Obama”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#24 Sep 5, 2011
None of your business wrote:
Having tried it as a youth I am absolutely against it. Legalization will bring in criminals to invade crops, and crime will rise on account of it. The side effects are tremendous and generally ignored. Marijuana as a script is a joke. It is people looking for a reason, and a state desperate for an income, but in the long run more costly than it solves.People who support it, usually already illegally do it. What is wrong with this picture?
Your opinion seems to be based on nothing but your own experience. Who do you think you are, telling an entire society what to do?
You're part of the problem because you don't THINK.
Why are they going after pot, instead of spending that much time and money going after meth labs? Pot has been made a political issue and has nothing to do with reality.
I hope the people win this battle and many others, although I don't see them actually fighting -- that would be too much like work.
m. douglas

United States

#25 Sep 18, 2011
between alcohol and marijuana. the lesser of two evils

Eugene, OR

#26 Sep 20, 2011
should have been done back in the 70s

Eugene, OR

#27 Sep 20, 2011
the gateway drug is mother's milk

United States

#28 Sep 23, 2011
It's time. All the "problems" caused by marijuana are due to the laws, not the substance.

Eugene, OR

#29 Sep 24, 2011
It is so clearly not a S 1 drug.

Eugene, OR

#30 Sep 25, 2011
People say it is not having effect on someones brain development. But, has anyone stopped to think that the reason that the US High School Students test so low is the wide acceptance of this drug? Also, test workers in the positions that actually have to use their brains at work. Not Sales or service and you will see that there will be a number of around 10% come back positive for pot. Just something to think about.

Since: Sep 11

Eugene, OR

#31 Sep 26, 2011
I can understand it having an effect on a developing brain. It is the same reason one is not allowed to drink until 21. All I'm saying, for an adult, I see no problem.
Midwest is best

Coffeyville, KS

#32 Oct 8, 2011
Obama promised change and your gonna' get it! LMAO!

Wounder how many dope smokers have guns and like to hunt...

“Cat got your tongue?”

Since: Mar 07

Location hidden

#33 Oct 21, 2011
Midwest is best wrote:
Obama promised change and your gonna' get it! LMAO!
Wounder how many dope smokers have guns and like to hunt...
Oregon Supreme Court: Medical pot users can have guns

GRANTS PASS, Ore.(AP)ó The Oregon Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that retired bus driver Cynthia Willis can have her medical marijuana and a concealed handgun, too.

The ruling issued in Salem, Ore., upheld previous decisions by the Oregon Court of Appeals and circuit court in finding that a federal law barring criminals and drug addicts from buying firearms does not excuse sheriffs from issuing concealed weapons permits to people who hold medical marijuana cards and otherwise qualify.

"We hold that the Federal Gun Control Act does not pre-empt the state's concealed handgun licensing statute and, therefore, the sheriffs must issue (or renew) the requested licenses," Chief Justice Paul De Muniz wrote.....

This is a states rights issue. Why do you find the prospect of sick and disabled folks getting busted funny?

Chronic pain and cancer patient
convicted felons on probation
charged with marijuana cultivation

Ya...real funny!

Portland, OR

#34 Nov 26, 2011
It is harmless and also a great medicine all around.
Dialysis Patient

Eugene, OR

#35 Dec 3, 2011
I am a long term dialysis patient.

I have serious neuropathy in both of my legs. Neuropathy is very painful. So painful that I can hardly walk. It is nerve disease that is very difficult to control and/or treat. I have been prescribed many types of drugs , none of which are very effective.

Dialysis makes me very ill. However, I dialyse and still manage to work full time . There are 75 people in my dialysis. ALL of them are either retired or are on disability. I am the only one who still works.
I am not irresponsible. I am not a "pot head". I am not an "addict' I am a human being that is in chronic pain.
People and their 'rules". that judge or legislator or politician or some other person who has been charged with the responsibility of "protecting " our society is not the person existing in a state of chronic pain . They can sleep at night , I cannot, because of the pain.
They can enjoy life without drugs. I cannot , because of the chronic pain and nausea and exhaustion.
I am always amazed at a human's ability to stand fast in the idea of " If it's not happening to me, then it doesn't exist". The idea that someone else can refuse me the comfort that medical use of marijuana provides because of their fears or ignorance is just more than I am able to accept or understand.
Drugs do not work well on my issues. Google neuropathy , and every source will tell you that neuropathy is extremely difficult to treat adequately. Their rules equals my pain. NOT ANY MORE!!! I have a friend who is a carded user and grower. He gives me pot because he knows about my situation and he loves me and wants to help.
Two "hits" or half a joint and 2 minutes later , all of my pain is gone! Instantly! Better than any drug I have been prescribed. It is truly a miracle treatment. it works very well for me! I can walk , I can sleep. I can FUNCTION!
I am not a carded user. Why? Because I would be refused a transplant if "they" found out I smoked pot. Other people in their ignorance and inexperience have control over life and death issues in MY life. Note the lack of quotes around life and death . These are real life and death issues. THe idea that they can refuse me a transplant because I have discovered a way to control pain and improve the quality of my life and get results that health care professionals cannot is absurd. Let me remind you that i am the one suffering , not them , and because they are not suffering , it is not a problem.
LEGALIZE MARIJUANA and do the humane thing by allowing those who need it to use it. All of u are subject to the failure of our physical bodies. Show some compassion , and allow those wqho need it to use it. Your rules versus my pain? Your rules will lose every time! I WILL DO WHAT I NEED TO DO TO SURVIVE AND EXIST IN A PAIN FREE LIFE. Judge or no judge , law or no law.
Amir S

Eugene, OR

#36 May 28, 2012
Legalizing it will weaken the drug dealing business. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and smoking.
The Radio Star

United States

#37 May 28, 2012
In a 2010 report by the Common Sense for Drug Policy Organization, the American annual causes of death were classified under the following categories:

Tobacco Related 430,700
Alcohol Related 110,640
Prescription Drugs 32,000
Suicide 30,575
Homicide 18,272
Drug Induced Deaths 16,926
NSAIDís (such as Aspirin) 7,600
Marijuana 0 deaths

Before you start to wonder about the veracity of the figures above, you should be aware that no one has ever been officially declared dead from direct or indirect marijuana consumption.

Edinburg, TX

#38 Jun 11, 2012
Google the ranking of countries by % of citizens in prison. USA =#1!

Eugene, OR

#39 Jun 22, 2012
Sick and tired of people getting locked up for no good reason over a plant that wont kill you! Help narrow the war on drugs by legalizing marijuana.
Joshua brown

Eugene, OR

#40 Mar 16, 2013
fallin asleep drunk, usually ending in some strange place an cant remember what happend and why. fallin alseep stoned ends in a bed an never causes any harm to people. legalize the shit!

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